Replacing the air filter for 7.3 Powerstroke is like maintenance that should be done often to eliminate a negative effect on the car’s performance. The negative effects such as dust, dirt, fine particles, and other environmental contaminants get into the engine if not used proper filtration. Today’s modern cars are using dual air filters. That’s for real safety purposes.

Once after a time, when the air filter gets dirty and clogged, it must be changed periodically. Be mindful of replacing the air filter on a different schedule. Indeed, a vehicle’s engine health mostly depends on the air filter’s performance. If not purchasing from authorized manufacturers, you won’t be much benefited but affected with engine cranking! For being a live solution, please choose from the ‘Best Air Filter for 7.3 Powerstroke’ listed in our reviewing guide.

What Is the Best/Cheapest Cold Air Intake for a 7.3 Powerstroke?

Napa 6637 Gold Air Filter

OUR top pick

Best Air Filter for 7.3 Powerstroke

  • Is to prevent dust
  • Get rid of environmental contaminants
  • Saves an engine from a dirty and clogged situation
  • Improves car’s performance
  • Beneficial for vehicle’s condition and mileage
  • Increases fuel economy
  • Designed to prove optimum filtration performance
  • High-grade air filters help to remove a minimum of 99.97% particles
  • Large debris gets trapped by the fiber

When to Change Air Filter 7.3 Powerstroke Engine?

You will notice a few signs of a clogged air filter. It happens for a lot of performance air filters do. A car engine is combined with air and gasoline as they remain in the combustion chamber to create power. The air filter keeps debris, contaminants, and bugs out of the engine. An air filter should be assisted with maximum airflow to get the fresh engine air so that your car’s overall performance is increased. A real enthusiast changes his vehicle’s air filter between every 10,000 to 15,000 miles. What tells us that you need to change the air filter 7.3 Powerstroke? Read below.

  • The first thing to understand a bad air filter is through ‘Reduced Fuel Economy.’ Consuming more fuel for sufficient power is not natural. Through the clogged air filter, the fuel economy goes down tremendously. It is high time to replace air filters. Most of the ‘Reduced Fuel Economy’ cases happen for carbureted cars made before 1980. Fuel-injected engines are mostly connected with an onboard computer that calculates the amount of air taken into the engine. Get a look if the fuel flow is natural or decreased into the engine.
  • Unusual engine sounds are noticed in normal circumstances, even in the sweetest mood of driving a car. You’ll sense the smooth rotation of the engine when driving your vehicle and listen to subtle vibrations. Sometimes, the car’s vibration is increased excessively, and it happens due to damaged coolant or damaged spark plugs. However, the source of these damages is often a clogged air filter.
  • If the air filter of the 7.3 Powerstroke throws a spanner in the air supply works, it results in unburnt fuel exiting the engine. There is a possibility that the engine will be having misfires and jerks to combust the air-fuel mixture roughly if not replaced with aftermarket air filters. Choose from our recommendation.

Best Air Filter for 7.3 Powerstroke Reviews in 2021

1. Napa 6637 Gold Air Filter

Napa 6637 Gold Air Filter view on amazon

Key features

  • It leads the engine to breathe a little easier
  • Better than the stock set up
  • It holds 53% More Dirt than a standard filter

Napa is a renowned brand to provide its HD Air Filters with ‘Hot Melt Stabilization Beads.’ This feature of Gold Air Filter establishes contaminant capacity for the engine and improves its efficiency by 99.9% Contaminant Removal. You are recommended to replace Napa air filters as the OEM Air Filter replacement. What’s unique about ‘Napa Gold Air Filter?’ These air-filters last 40% longer and eliminate 53% more dirt than local brands.

Professional’s Thought:

Incredible creation for the 7.3 Ford Diesel! I think it’s just the placebo effect and throws better capability than the stock set up. Be mindful of purchasing an extra pre-filter sock for it. It will extend the filter’s life.

One of the positive reviewers says that this product is something that worked like a dream. You need a short working process to accomplish the installation. Sometimes, You may face a slight increase in turbo noise. The noise is not annoying. However, You’ll enjoy it! Check this air filter as a cost-effective solution.

Click here to check ‘Napa 6637 Gold Air Filter’ on Amazon.

2. ECOGARD XA5446 Premium Engine Air Filter

ECOGARD XA5446 Premium Engine Air Filter view on amazon

Key features

  • Provides fast acceleration and power
  • Compatible with 7.3L DIESEL engines
  • Easy Installation process

You recommend visiting the EcoGard Store and checking their ‘Premium Engine Air Filter’ for 7.3 Powerstroke. Get a look at what’s this ‘Engine Air Filter’ fits for. You’ll get the ‘ECOGARD Air Filter’ compatible with F-250, F-350, F-450, F-550, and Excursion Super Duty 7.3L DIESEL 2000-2003 engines. You’ll get improved in the vehicle’s performance. Try changing the vehicle’s air filter to achieve at least 12 000 miles more acceleration. The vehicle’s engine is accelerated once if used high-grade air filter as the air filter provides clean and efficient airflow to the engine. No more grimes and particles get into the engine now! Purchase from ‘ECOGARD Air Filter’ and get more acceleration and power when driving your vehicle. It is a built-in factory fitment for easy installation.

Professional’s Thought:

I don’t see a reliable air filter other than ECOGARD’S Premium Air Filter as the air filter works like damaging particles and enriches the engine with fresh airflow. The appearance of the air filter looks good and keeps air flowing very smoothly. You’ll notice that the air filter catches a lot of junk from the air. It Will fit your truck perfectly! Get these for the future.

Click here to check ‘ECOGARD XA5446 Premium Engine Air Filter’ on Amazon.

3. K&N Universal Air Filter

K&N Universal Air Filter view on amazon

Key features

  • Capable of going through highway driving conditions
  • Quick performance gains
  • Made in America

K&N Air Filters are reliable to make high performance and a premium vibe to the vehicle. This manufacturer is America’s top manufacturer to bring State-of-the-art filtration. You will be benefited from the following air filter. We have noticed 50% more airflow is provided with K&N Air Filter. We recommend staying away from disposable paper filters. A high-grade air filter can increase the power and acceleration of a vehicle’s engine. As per an expert’s suggestion, the K&N air filter develops a vehicle’s acceleration by up to 10%. The attractive thing about this air filter is being built with a clamp-on design. You’ll get an easy installation. Why not spend some penny for quick performance gains? K&N provides you the most cost-effective upgrades. Choose from K&N high-flow replacement air filters.

Professional’s Thought:

As per our old mechanic’s experience, we have known that K&N air filters last long and will save you $250 over ten years. You can go along with this product. Be mindful of avoiding disposable filters, or you’ll receive all harmful contaminants that will affect your engine significantly. Using air filters from `K&N manufacturer will allow your vehicle to go through highway driving conditions. The manufacturer announces that K&N air filters last 5X longer than disposable filters. Get protected from harmful contaminants.

Click here to check ‘K&N Universal Clamp-On Air Filter’ on Amazon.

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4. Motorcraft FA1757 Air Filter

Motorcraft FA1757 Air Filter view on amazon

Key features

  • Easy to install
  • Warranty of 12 months
  • Trucks will be breathing as it should

Motorcraft Air Filter is reliable with awesome filter swap. You can make it adjusted with the 7.3 Ford Diesel. Most people feel the air filter as the placebo effect even though the air filter is proved to have better power. A vehicle goes through various dust conditions and withstands damage from oil and moisture. What are you waiting to be a frank off-road driver? The Motorcraft Air Filter is the only thing to get you through the miles and miles. The price is reasonable. You will find this air filter as the best damn filter. Read the professional’s thoughts. What do experts say about this air filter? Get a look!

Professional’s Thought:

Motorcraft is a renowned brand to establish its air filters with all OEM parts. I want to remind you that you’ll receive this ‘Air Filter’ with excellent fitment. One of my friends bought the Motorcraft filter for his old work truck. Compared to all manufacturer’s product such as Napa, I get my money well spent in this Motorcraft air filter. Let alone my friend, and it’s, of course, correct for my F-250.

Click here to check this ‘Motorcraft FA1757 Air Filter’ on Amazon.

5. AFE 46-10061 Bladerunner Manifolds Intake

AFE 46-10061 Bladerunner Manifolds Intake view on amazon

Key features

  • The new blade runner manifold kit
  • A direct bolt-on system
  • All hardware and brackets included

Do you expect more high flow and increased performance in your vehicle? A top-grade ‘Air Filter’ or ‘Manifolds Intake’ will do the work effectively. AFE brings its power intake with ‘Cast A356-T6 Aluminum’ construction and lowers EGT’s. Your vehicle’s engine will achieve an increased mileage and faster turbo spool up through the blade runner intake system. We recommend a professional installation. Great Fit!!! You will be amazed to know that the AFE manifold kit is constructed popular 7.3L Power Stroke. The patented MDV (multiple directional vanes) technology helps the ‘Manifolds Intake’ increase airflow and improved MPG. Within a purchase, you’ll be provided with all hardware and brackets that help you for an easy installation. AFE Intake is made for a direct bolt-on system.

Professional’s Thought:

One of the Amazon reviewers says that this AFE 46-10061 Manifolds Intake provides unbelievable results even at the idle. The difference between the stock air filter and the AFE manifold kit is to be seen. Even when you go through the road under heavy acceleration, you’ll see no unexpected smoke with the custom tune. The AFE Intake deserves 5 stars for performance. We read a few peoples are saying that the mounting bracket needs its proper fitment. Everything else fits appropriately. No complaint.

Click here to check ‘AFE 46-10061 Blade runner Manifolds Intake’ on Amazon.

6. Spectre Performance High-Performance Air Intake

Spectre Performance High-Performance Air Intake view on amazon

Key features

  • 50% more airflow factory air filter
  • It goes up to 100,000 miles
  • Improving throttle response

Recently, the ‘Spectre Performance Store’ is being popular day by day. Compared to all popular manufacturers, Spectre air filters are designed with a polished aluminum intake tube. Besides, a black powder-coated heat shield allows the air to filter a long lifespan. Indeed, the Spectre Air Filter is designed to increase horsepower and torque. Let me share a feature! An Air filter that is Dyno-tested can usually increase 50% more airflow than standard equipment. Get the air intake for better towing and better acceleration. Who doesn’t want to improve throttle response? It is every enthusiast’s dream, isn’t it? You’re requested to check the product review as the maximum reviewers praised this air intake for its ‘Improved Engine Sound.’

Professional’s Thought:

Undoubtedly, Spectre Air Intake is improved in world-class protection! The uphill performance of the air filter will impress you. The Spectre has its capability to protect 7.3 Powerstroke and all engines from high damaging contaminants. If you’re in the hassle to increase the vehicle’s engine’s horsepower, check this low-restriction Spectre air filter for a better opportunity.

Click here to check ‘Spectre Performance High-Performance Air Intake’ on Amazon.

7. Pentius (PAB7438) Ultra Flow Air Filter

Pentius (PAB7438) Ultra Flow Air Filter <view on amazon

Key features

  • Very reasonable price
  • Direct replacement
  • Achieve more miles & power gains

Get this ‘Pentius Air Filter’ for Ford Trucks 7.3L Diesel (94-98). The air filter of Pentius Brand is improved in maximum efficiency. You’ll achieve maximum fuel efficiency and power output throughout the engine. As a top-grade air filter, this air filter removes impurities from the air and gets the vehicle’s engine fresh air. You should choose this Pentius air filter for a very reasonable price and achieving more miles at the drive. Get it direct replaced with the stock air filter. Don’t consider Pentius as a new manufacturer. This manufacturer has been providing the cheapest air filters for a wide range of US vehicles.

Professional’s Thought:

You won’t get a real option than ‘Pentius Air Filter’ as the air filter is specified at a very reasonable price. A thousand world reviews say the same line about this product, and it is that ‘Cheapest source for good filters.’ One of our regular reviews said that he felt the Pentius filter very “light” compared to his Motorcraft thing! It meets original equipment (OEM) specifications and all quality management system.

Click here to check ‘Pentius Ultra Flow Air Filter’ on Amazon.

8. Donaldson B085011 Air Filter

Donaldson B085011 Air Filter view on amazon

Key features

  • Better filtration
  • Improves fuel mileage and engine performance
  • It keeps the engine’s air clean

Donaldson Air Filter is much familiar to today’s enthusiasts. People who have been running their F-350 turbo diesel know more about the air filter. You’ll notice how amazingly the engine breathes right off the bat once installed the Donaldson kit. Why not choosing from popular aftermarket air intake systems? It makes more power and spools up the turbo faster. What are you waiting for more than a better economy? You are recommended using filter wear over it. We have found the ‘Donaldson Air Filter’ does a better job than the original airbox. Filters great, love it!

Professional’s Thought:

I picked this air filter as my 3rd! I have replaced the Donaldson filter with the original airbox and made it useful against some residues and particles. The main task of the air filter is keeping the air very clean. It’s made exactly like its purpose! Your vehicle’s fuel mileage and engine are worth a lot more performance, and for that being happened, ‘Donaldson B085011 Air Filter’ is like a right replacement.

Click here to check the ‘Donaldson Air Filter’ on Amazon.

9. WIX Filters – 46637 Heavy Duty Air Filter

WIX Filters - 46637 Heavy Duty Air Filter view on amazon

Key features

  • Compatible with 7.3L Powerstroke
  • Durable and reliable maintenance
  • Easy installation

WIX Air Filter is a new addition to the present technology. The air filter is featured ‘Low airflow restriction.’ Besides, you’ll be benefited from its pleated paper filter. As with proficient innovation, the WIX Filter catches more air pollution and grimes. It will increase the excellent value of the engine. You can get it compatible with the 7.3 Excursion. I have seen some positive reviews that people converted the air intake on a 7.3L. You will notice, it has a larger surface than other heavy-duty filters. Choose this air filter if you want something highly durable and reliable.

Professional’s Thought:

After purchasing WIX Filters, we saw the air filter has ‘Mesh Support Screening.’ Loved it! People purchases from the WIX store as this manufacturer’s air filters are created for easy installation and maintenance. It seems to be the best air filter for my 7.3L Powerstroke! Probably, WIX makes the air filters reusable filters. I recommend purchasing the filter on Amazon. It is the most affordable. An air filter from a renowned manufacturer will be causing limited engine breathing and the correct amount of air.

Click here to check ‘WIX Heavy Duty Air Filters’ on Amazon.

10. K&N Universal Clamp-On Air Filter

K&N Universal Clamp-On Air Filter view on amazon

Key features

  • Made for standard tapered filter
  • Gets your engine rid of harmful contaminants
  • Built-in clamp-on design

K&N keeps an alternative Clamp-On Air Filter for regular enthusiasts. The price is like a few pennies! People love it for its high performance and premium durability. Indeed, this K&N product is improved in premium state-of-the-art filtration. No worries! You can conquer all highway driving conditions with this air filter. Why not getting the vehicle’s acceleration by up to 10%? Because of its affordable price, the K&N air filter can be a cost-effective upgrade to your vehicle. Your engine will be provided fresh airflow and get your vehicle ready for quick performance gains.

Professional’s Thought:

Even though the ‘K&N Clamp-On Air Filter’ has a low maintenance design, it can continuously go through 50,000 miles. No worries, you won’t get harm your engine. Compared to the original tapered filter, K&N Clamp-On Air Filter has more quality to work well as the quick replacement. It is one of the easiest upgrades to install in your vehicle and gain a fast performance.

Click here to check ‘K&N Universal Clamp-On Air Filter’ on Amazon.

What’s the Best 7.3 Powerstroke Air Filter Protector? 

  • Check this ‘FILTER WEAR’ Air Filter ProtectorCheck this 'FILTER WEAR' Air Filter Protector

Using shocks on the air filter is like protection over the air filter. It reduces maintenance costs and extends filter service intervals. Replacing air filters is essential if the existing air filter is unable to catch more grimes and pollutions. It’s a professional’s work to use ‘FILTER WEAR’ to add more protection against debris, dirt, and water. This ‘FILTER WEAR’ works like an effective barrier against bigger particles of .005 inches. There is a rumor told among the enthusiasts that using filter wear reduces functionality in freezing temperatures. It’s not true! Choose from this standard ‘FILTER WEAR’ as it’s improved in hydrophobic fabric.

Click here to check this popular ‘FILTER WEAR’ on Amazon. It can be a great addition to your truck and filter modification.

How to Choose the Best Air Filter for 7.3 Powerstroke

  • Certification is the essential thing to consider if looking for the best stock air filter for 7.3 Powerstroke. As you know, a well-renowned manufacturer will provide all their products with a couple of certified or authorized labels so that it becomes easy to justify a product’s standard and model. We have listed all the top manufacturer’s products that have the ‘Certification’ logo on themselves. When you shop online, be careful to choose from the original manufacturer. A trustworthy reviewing guide helps you to get Certified Auto Parts (CAPA). As per CAPA’S quote, If it isn’t CAPA certified, it isn’t a genuine replacement part.
  • Cost is an important consideration to purchase the right 7.3 Powerstroke air filters. Most of the top-grade products are constructed for going through 50,000 miles. Comparing to the standard equipment, we recommend purchasing aftermarket air filters at a very affordable price. You can save up to $50 or $100 on aftermarket air filters, saving up to $250 repairing cost. Besides, your engine will be provided with fresh airflow and performance. Make your drive easier!
  • The construction of the good air filters is mostly improved in premium art filtration. Why not having premium durability if spending more on a good manufacturer’s product? The air filters in our recommendation are improved in maximum throttle response. You’re committed to achieving 50% more airflow than a factory air filter if purchased from Napa Gold Air Filters. The air filter took me up to 100,000 miles. Get improved in throttle response and engine function. Read our recommendation. 

How to Install Air Filter for 7.3 Powerstroke

We have worked a lot to install an air filter in a vehicle. Sometimes, the air filters remove odors and sometimes filter out the ventilation systems. Have you got your cabin air filter necessary to replace it? Installing an air filter on a 7.3 Powerstroke is easy and takes 30 minutes to understand the steps.

  • Open the vehicle’s hood and check the place where the air filter is installed. The air filter box is usually shaped rectangular. You will find the box installed near the front of the engine.
  • Unlatching the hose clamps is essential to uncover the air filter. The cover works as a protector shield. After lifting the veil, keep it aside safely.
  • You’ll see the air filter after unmasking the cover. Remove it, pulling from the interior gently.
  • You must be ready with the new air filter. Please clean the dirt from the housing using a vacuum cleaner or a compressor.
  • Insert the new air filter now! Be mindful of keeping the rubber rim faces upwards and finish the replacement.
  • At length, keep the cover on the air filter and fix the clamp firmly. After adjusting all screws and clamp properly, close the hood. You’re done!


  • Does a high-grade air filter make a difference?

A good manufacturer’s product or a very high flow air filter lasts long and reduces pressure to change it every year. Plus, your engine gets more fresh air, and gets performance increases. What are you waiting for more than replacing the stock air filter with aftermarket filters? You’ll achieve a high flow of air, horsepower, and torque as well.

  • What problems does the 7.3 Powerstroke have?

The main problem we indicate that the 7.3 Powerstroke is ‘Overheated Engine.’ A rusted thermostat, a Worn radiator, and a bad air filter are responsible for the engine’s failure. We recommend replacing the bad air filter with an aftermarket product. Choose from our recommendation!

  • Are K&N Filters better than stock?

K&N air filters make noticeable performance in oriented cars. We keep K&N products in our reviewing guide. K&N filters are made to meet all requirements of your vehicle. You should purchase from a K&N manufacturer if you expect it to last much longer. You’ll achieve better airflow and restriction to catch more grime when driving out with your car.


You probably have written our reviewing guide written on the ‘Best Air Filter for 7.3 Powerstroke.’ All these products are from a renowned manufacturer. You’ll be benefited from maximum airflow to your engine. An air filter with durable construction keeps impurity and pollutants away from the engine. Make a sensible purchase from our recommendation. Thanks for being with us!