Trucks like all things get older; their systems become worn down, heat up faster, and produce a lot more noise than usual. Owners of a Dodge Ram 5.7 Hemi, like all truck owners, will want to maintain their truck to keep it running smoothly for a long time.

The Dodge Ram comes with its standard factory exhaust, but people may want to change the exhaust to better control the exhaust sound, or they may wish to replace the exhaust becomes it has become old and worn.

The best sounding exhaust for Ram 5.7 Hemi is the Flowmaster 817568 Direct-Fit Exhaust System in my list. Keep reading to see the other contenders on my list.

10 Top Best Exhaust System For Dodge Ram 5.7 Hemi Comparison

1. Flowmaster 817568 Direct-Fit Exhaust System

Starting with the latest and best option for your truck, I have the Flowmaster 817568 Direct-Fit Exhaust System for you. Due to its stainless steel construction and high strength, it has been marked as the most reliable and convenient direct fit exhaust system.

If you are new to the terminologies, direct fit means they do not require any more wielding or fixation. And if that makes you wonder that a muffler would suit your ride more in this aspect, let me enlighten you that it is not.

The highly efficient operation can easily distribute the noise generated by a large number of exhaust users. Which in return produces a low sound; some have even denied it to be noise.

Now coming to the exterior or this exhaust, even though the light humming sound is moderate to minimum noise, it is not enough to disturb the driver. I chose this exhaust for obvious reasons to be my top choice.

Some customers have complained about the complicated external hardware installation and that it is for intermediate use only.
  • Easy internal installation
  • User friendly
  • High strength with stainless steel
  • External exhaust only makes a moderate sound
  • Longer route use can be improved
  • Complicated installation of external hardware

They provide excellent performance along with the tuned dyno and making this 2.25-inch output diameter and 3-inch input diameter exhaust one of my first choices. With a very user-friendly and eco-friendly use, I recommend it as it allows you to improve the dodge performance as well.

Flowmaster 817568 Direct-Fit Exhaust System
Flowmaster 817568 Direct-Fit Exhaust System



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2. TOTALFLOW 314633 (14 Inch Long) Muffler 1500 Direct Fit Exhaust Muffler Kit

After making genuine efforts, I came across a Y-pipe exhaust, which I would prefer for the 2009-2018 Dodge Ram 1500 vehicles. Looking into the specs, they do provide a higher forceful expelling of poisonous gasses but also lower the trucks rumbling due to the high-quality silencer structure within.

The manufacturers proudly own the product as their best and are confident about the advantages the customers will have. These are simple to use and resists corrosions as well.

Their stainless steel construction makes them very durable, and their life is also extended. When you add this TOTALFLOW Muffler 1500 Direct Fit Exhaust to your truck, you can feel the difference in the sound, the rumbling soothes down, the fuel consumption saves a few bucks, and you will get a smooth ride.

Zooming on to the specifications, this is a dual-pipe exhaust with a diameter of 2.25 inches. It has a silencer welded in it, a 14-inch stainless steel muffler welded inside it that inhibits the sounds and only gives a soft humming sound internally.

Many truck drivers and enthusiasts have shown remorse that these exhausts are made only for the dodge models, and they would want one for other models.
  • Simple and fast installation
  • It inhibits the loud rumbling.
  • High-quality stainless steel parts
  • Y-pipe, dual pipe structure
  • Not available for other models

Imagine having a dodge model of the truck; how lucky can you get. I find this exhaust amazing in terms of size, function, and structure. The manufacturer provides everything that they promise, even in terms of function.

TOTALFLOW 314633 (14 Inch Long) Muffler 1500 Direct Fit Exhaust Muffler Kit
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3. Flowmaster 817706 Outlaw Extreme Kit, Base Product

As a child, I was always fascinated by a monster truck; the roar and aggressive exterior were always a source of an adrenal rush for me. But as the trucks went on from generation to generation, the sounds were toned down or tried to soothe. So, this choice of mine lets the truck rumble like it’s supposed to.

The Flowmaster 817706 is an exhaust that, among other specifications, provides an aggressive sound to the engine, which might be likable for some. It excels in different ways by providing the driver a powerful drive than before, better and easier acceleration, smooth drive, and fuel consumption.

The manufacturer uses a stainless steel body that is dyno tuned with high-quality materials. The installation is very easy because the company understands the importance of easy and manageable installation.

Many customers have objected to the exhaust being very noisy and had many complaints from the surrounding drivers.
  • Aggressive and loud sounds
  • Dyno tunes construction
  • Stainless steel body
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Aggressive sounds might disturb others

I love this product because it makes me feel like driving in a truck. In my opinion, a truck needs to be a little more aggressive and rumbling but should have a strong working exhaust.

Among other specifications, the exhaust has been proven to be Outlaw muffler technology and has been preferred for those driving in an extreme lifestyle. In other words, it keeps you awake.

Flowmaster 817706 Outlaw Extreme Kit, Base Product
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4. Borla 140307 Stainless Steel Cat-Back Exhaust System

Treat yourself or treat your truck, whichever will be a wise choice for you because my search has brought me to the Borla 140307 Exhaust, made for a Dodge Hemi.

These have a split rear exit, and provide the excellent operations. Some of you find it a little costlier than other options but wait till you get to know this all-rounder.

They have a single style round roll angled cut tip for its body; it is almost 5 inches and is made out of corrosion-resistant stainless steel. Other than that, it helps in expelling unwanted combustion gasses from the bumper exhaust.

The installation is very quick and easy; all you have to do is follow the manual and the kit. It fits easily in the Dodge Hemi engine without an issue.

Each stainless steel part is made with higher quality and precise technology, which are highly resistant to blows and thuds, and are very durable. On the plus side, they save up a lot of bucks on your fuel consumption as well.

Customers have been reluctant to buy this item because it is a little expensive than other choices on the market.
  • High-quality stainless steel parts
  • 5-inch diameter tip
  • Round roll style
  • Highly efficient in operations
  • Expensive for many

In my opinion, though some might find this exhaust to be expensive, it does save you on a lot of fuel. That makes it a long-term investment. The money you pay on buying it is saved on the fuel.

Borla 140307 Stainless Steel Cat-Back Exhaust System
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5. MagnaFlow Exhaust Products Performance Exhaust 11219

If you are looking to give your Ram 5.7 a whole new style and personality with the better operative feature, this is the right pick for you. The MagnaFlow Exhaust 11219 has been mistaken for a muffler, but it is not indeed.

Among other amazing features, this exhaust has a 3-inch inlet diameter and 2.5-inches of outlet diameter. Moreover, it does not bypass the emission system that can withstand a higher engine workload.

Due to their highly efficient construction and high-quality stainless steel structure, they are known to resist high workloads.

The product is for those who want a highly efficient exhaust that polishes the overall truck’s operations. You can see the difference once it is installed.

The installation of this masterpiece is easy and quick, all the bolts, clamps, and pipes are included in the kit and lastly, it is a universal fit.

Many buyers have complained about the exhaust having lower resistance to shock.
  • High functioning stainless steel parts
  • Strong, loud, and aggressive sounds
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Universal fit
  • Does not by-pass the emission system
  • The shock-absorbing feature can be improved

I like this simple fashioned exhaust for its design, the right physics used to make it highly appreciated and makes the aggressive truck sound if that is what the driver wants. Other than that being a universal exhaust already makes it popular on the market.

MagnaFlow Exhaust Products Performance Exhaust 11219
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6. MBRP S5259AL 4″ Cat Back, Single Exhaust System (Aluminized Steel)

Looking for the outstanding exhausts out in the market, this selection had me rooting for it. The MBRP S5259AL Exhaust System is all about its durability and corrosion resistance due to the aluminized polish on the 304-t stainless steel body.

If you are on a budget and still want to give your truck a new look, you should try this item. Being highly durable and resistant to corrosion is just one of the features; they are shock absorbent, the design is appalling. It is known for optimizing the vehicle’s overall operation.

Furthermore the exhaust provides highly comfortable drive on longer and tough routes by increasing the engine’s horsepower and easy acceleration. All this makes the Dodge Hemi consume less fuel. In other words, it is highly economical and on a budget.

Adding to the perks is the easy installation and resistance to shock; there is no need for added wielding and extra bolts and clamps for the installation. The method is simple. Just follow the manual and use the provided kit.

Many buyers think that there is room for improvement and object to the single output system.
  • Aluminized polished stainless steel body
  • Economical
  • Durable and corrosion-resistant
  • Stylish and well designed
  • Room for improvement
  • Single Output exhaust system

Though the exhaust has plenty of room for improvement, it is on the market for its easy installation and complete kit provided with it. The installation process is simple and quick, providing the driver a complication-free experience.

MBRP S5259AL 4" Cat Back, Single Exhaust System (Aluminized Steel)
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7. Flowmaster 817609 American Thunder 409S Dual Rear Exit Cat-Back Exhaust System

This selection is from the same company that I chose for my third choice. This company has produced several exhausts with varying prices, features, and specs depending on the buyer’s budget.

The Flowmaster 817609 has a 409S stainless steel construction that gives all the previous model features but with better optimization. This exhaust is for those drivers who like the rumbling and aggressive sounds of the engines.

These are having a dyno-tuned stainless steel engine but with the modification of dual rear engine outlets which improve the overall emission and engine efficiency. This newer generation is much more stylish and aesthetic; better to show off a little.

Having a deep performance sound, this product has a limited lifetime warranty and economical use that lowers the consumption of fuel and is highly corrosion-resistant.

The installation of this item is pretty easy just like the previous version. Moreover, entire kit is also provided along with the hardwear and these have similar dimensions of 2.5 diameters of the outlet.

They normally provide a louder and aggressive sound to the drive so for drivers who are looking for a more truck-like sound should opt for this exhaust.

Many customers have shown concern for the higher noise that disturbs the driver and surrounding drivers as well.
  • 409s stainless steel construction
  • Dual-rear exit
  • Economical friendly
  • Aggressive and loud sounds
  • Highly durable and stylish
  • The loud sound may be the cause of disturbance for many drivers and passengers

I am personally all in for this exhaust; I like a little more aggressive touch to trucks. And for a RAM 5.7 Hemi, this one is the right choice, giving your entire new look and style to your truck.

Flowmaster 817609 American Thunder 409S Dual Rear Exit Cat-Back Exhaust System
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8. Mufflex DOD14M Classic Dual Exhaust Retro-Fit

Do you have a budget and want to get the excellent option available in the market? Here you have the Mufflex DOD14M with a 14-inch muffler attached to the stainless steel body that controls the engine’s sounds. As I looking at different brands; I find this product highly economical and easily installed.

The manufacturer provides the driver with the option; either have the muffler on and get a soft mumbling sound internally or remove the bolted muffler and have a high traffic roar that many truck owners admire.

Other than that, these exhausts are highly durable, corrosion-resistant, and also rust-resistant. It is known for effective emission gas exhaustion and reducing fuel consumption. These also increase the horsepower of the Dodge Hemi and make the acceleration easy.

Now, coming to the installation, like every good quality exhaust; this item comes with a complete kit of bolts, pipes, clamps, and pipes that must be fixed according to the instructions.

Many customers have had a hard time understanding the bolts for the installation, and some have also objected to the aggressive rumbling.
  • Highly sturdy and strongly clammed to the body
  • Stainless steel body
  • Highly fuel economical
  • Assured warranty by the company
  • Technicalities of the bolts must be understood

The company has finally outdone themselves; the exhaust comes in three variations of aggressive sounds, depending on the driver’s preference. These are durable and provide exactly what the manufacturer promised—making them a personal favorite.

Mufflex DOD14M Classic Dual Exhaust Retro-Fit
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9. BBK 4009 1-3/4″ Shorty Tuned Length Performance Exhaust Headers

As I move to the ending of the article, I tried to make sure that I have mentioned the excellent ones. For this, I have selected the BBK 4009 Exhaust, which is special due to its construction with high-quality CNC Mandrel Bent Tubing for almost 35% more flow.

It provides a greater horsepower to the engine, improves encountering of torque and overall performance. These serves better as a replacement for better resilience and overall optimization.

The product’s look is a little aggressive as well, with a heavy-gauge, tubing, and cut flanges. Also, what marks them special is the large bore design patterned on them. They sure are one of a kind.

These exhausts’ surface is shiny, rust, and corrosion resistant due to the heavy chromium finish. This makes it aesthetically approving. Apart from that, the pipes and gaskets are wielded strongly and precisely through robotic hands.

Their precision and resilience have won the hearts of many on the market and are widely used. The installation is easy and comes with a complete kit of all bolts and clamps to fix it in place.

Many customers have objected to the internal structure’s noise, which is a little off-putting for many drivers.
  • Chromium finish
  • High-quality stainless steel body
  • Mandrel bent tubing promoting more flow
  • Easy installation
  • Noise can be improved

This is a personal favorite of mine; even though there is not much evidence on this product, I see potential here.

BBK 4009 1-3/4" Shorty Tuned Length Performance Exhaust Headers
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04/17/2022 12:25 am GMT

10. Flowmaster Direct-Fit Muffler 409S – Flowfx – Moderate/Aggressive

Lastly, I have selected the Flowmaster Direct-Fit Muffler 409S as this company has outdone itself and amazed me with the products. This exhaust is for those who like to drive around their RAM 5.7 Hemi but like the noise to be low-tuned.

These are made of 409s stainless steel construction that is highly durable and corrosion-resistant. Having it on the list, this product has awesome reviews, and the manufacturer proudly provides a lifetime warranty.

Making a moderate to aggressive sound depending on the driver’s desire, this exhaust has a cold roar when the engine starts, but then the tone lowers and does not affect the driver’s drive.

Their aim is to remove the poisonous gas emitted by engine combustion, promoting better acceleration and increasing horsepower. All that you can get in a budget and they give a very economical friendly experience throughout their life.

Many customers have objected to the cold rumble of the engine when it starts.
  • 409s Stainless steel bod
  • Increased flow and durability
  • Affordable
  • Moderate/aggressive sound
  • Room for improvement

I like the economic aspect of this exhaust which makes it easily affordable with the specs of any branded and expensive exhaust. I do recommend it to all truck owners.

Flowmaster Direct-Fit Muffler 409S - Flowfx - Moderate/Aggressive
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04/17/2022 12:19 am GMT


What Exhaust System Sounds The Best?

There are a variety of exhaust systems available for users in today’s market. The exhaust system you choose needs to fit your truck/car’s specifications and have the best sound quality.

I find that Flowmasters’ exhaust systems have the best sound quality. They produce a range of exhaust systems made to suit many cars and trucks.

What Is The Loudest Type Of Exhaust?

Some people would like to have a loud exhaust equipped for their car or truck. The loud noise of the exhaust can provide a thrill and a sense of power that the truck or car has in its engine.

There are a wide variety of exhausts you can add that will increase the sound of your exhaust. The use of glass packs, straight pipe designs, and straight-through exhausts greatly increase sound. One of the loudest types of exhausts is the American Thunder series from Flowmaster.

What Is The Most Aggressive Sounding Muffler?

Mufflers are usually used to reduce the amount of sound that is emitted from an engine. They are also known as silencers for this very reason. However, some mufflers can be used to increase the sound of your engine rather than reduce it.

You can equip a muffler to your car or engine to have it sound as powerful as they are. The most aggressive muffler you can attach to your vehicle is the American Thunder series Flowmaster.

Is It Ok To Install A Dual Exhaust System On My Ram 5.7 Hemi?

It is important to consider whether your truck is compatible with an exhaust system before attaching the exhaust system. In addition, it is important to take the truck’s specifications into account when buying an exhaust system so that you do not harm the vehicle.

The good thing is that most Dodge Ram Hemi 5.7 models can be equipped with dual exhaust systems if they meet the truck’s specifications.

What Type Of Exhaust System Is The Best For My Ram 5.7 Hemi?

There is no exhaust that you can state is the best; it is all a matter of opinion. The exhaust system you choose may not be the choice of someone else. All the available exhaust systems have their benefits and disadvantages.

My preference was the Flowmaster, but you may prefer a different exhaust system. Whatever you choose, the most important aspect is that it fits your Dodge Ram 5.7 Hemi.

What Should I Consider When Buying A Sounding Exhaust System For Ram 5.7 Hemi?

When buying a sound exhaust system, there are several things to consider so that you make the best possible choice for your Dodge Ram 5.7 Hemi.

  1. The most important point- Is the exhaust system compatible with your truck?
  2. How durable is the exhaust system?
  3. Will it increase horsepower and torque?
  4. Does it come with a guarantee?
  5. Installation method- can you do it yourself, or will you need a professional.


Now that you have read the entire article, you might know which system you should go for and what are the top 10 options available. The list I made includes the best sounding exhaust for RAM 5.7 Hemi, especially for you.

I hope my hours of research pay off. Among all of my selections, I recommend you the Flowmaster 817568 Direct-Fit Exhaust System for your vehicle.

It is highly durable and has a promised functioning for life. I hope you invest better and smart after getting to know about the top choices in the market.