Having an F150 truck without the best sounding exhaust is inappropriate. A maximum person experiences the standard exhaust with poor performance. In case our suggestion may get you a shock! Experts from Salon Auto Sport decide to introduce you to the 10-best sounding exhaust for f150. Through the top products, you’ll be benefited with louder sound. Car manufacturers worldwide are genuinely helped by our reviewing guide. Hope, you stay by our side.

It’s a curiosity from global traffics, how can I maximize my F150 sound legally? An expert suggests you modify the exhaust’s framework as the exhaust is called to be the best sounding option in a vehicle. Plus, it is legal. An exhaust with great-sounding feature develops manufacturing strength and vehicle’s performance.

best sounding exhaust for f150

Basic Components of an F-150 Exhaust System

An F-150 exhaust system is combined with some essential parts. We discuss these parts as they’re upgraded with the premium sound profile. In this reviewing guide, we ensure top-10 products with the latest configuration. You must know how an exhaust system is featured for the F-150 owners. It inspires your truck with top-notch performance.

  • F-150 Headers; the beginning of an exhaust

The header of an F-150 exhaust is called the start of the system. It is usually attached to the engine block and consumes the exhaust gases. Then, the header channels the gases down to a condensed pipe. Therefore, an exhaust system is connected and utilizes its impact for a classical sound. Be noted that, F-150s (V8 and V6) uses two headers to synchronize the cylinders.

  • F-150 Mid-pipes; it is called the bridging gap

Mid-point connectors of an exhaust system are called the Mid-pipes. It is also known as the bridging gap. This bridge connects the headers and the cat-back system, including the axle pipes. Mid-pipes have different styles and variations of X, H, and Y design. These designs are named after the letters also.

  • F-150 Cat-Backs; backup to the back of the truck

The cat-back system is run by the catalytic converter, by the way. This process happens in the back of a truck. An exhaust’s sound mostly depends on the cat-back system, and it has a great impact on the performance also. You’ll see our top products below as they are constructed for a louder exhaust note. Moreover, these cat-backs get you 10-20 HP/TQ.

  • Axle-Backs; last part of the exhaust system 

Axle-back is situated at the corner of an exhaust system. Though it’s not a sharp point as the cat-back, the axle-back is structured for an excellent sound upgrade. This part is considered as the exit of a vehicle but not the central location for the gas circulation exactly. Undoubtedly, Axle-back is an essential component for any F-150. It helps your truck with a final exhaust note.

  • F-150 Downpipes; An EcoBoost system 

The downpipe is structured in a pipe that encourages piping from the headers to the catalytic converter, finally accelerates the turbo. The downpipes are upgraded in the Ford F-150 as the latest component. It helps the turbo systems and performance through the EcoBoost technology. It’s glad to know you that we keep the best sounding exhaust for f150 EcoBoost in this reviewing guide.

  • Catalytic Converter

During an exhaust rundown, it’s necessary to filter out the pollutants besides producing a great sound. Catalytic converters are engineered with a platinum metal that helps to filter the gases through the exhaust. Aftermarket F-150 cats help an exhaust to produce sounder, power, and performance than an OEM exhaust.

How to Choose an Aftermarket Exhaust System for F150

  • Structure

A good exhaust is a mostly Stainless Steel designed and constructed with advanced technology. Our top-picks are renowned for the iconic sounding quality and ensure you the maximum performance. If you’re bored with a quiet sounding exhaust, you must replace it with the newest performance products. Take a look below how top-10 products are engineered as the air intake kit.

  • Installation

The easier an installation process is, the more exhaust is qualified to the clients. You, me, and us whoever has a concern about installing the best sounding exhaust for f150 will look for the convenient installation? As far as experience, ‘MBRP S5262AL’ and ‘ROUSH 421985’ saves your time and energy. They fit almost all F-150 from 2011-2019. Sometimes it may need additional welding to do though you’re provided necessary hardware and instructions with these products. Note that maximum exhausts are enlisted here require no drilling.

  • Warranty

The warranty of a product plays an important role when you choose a product. It let you buy confidently, isn’t it? For being that case, we bring you those exhausts that have almost a lifetime warranty. Depending on the client’s review, we found ‘MagnaFlow 19054’ more realistic. This brand keeps its door open whenever you purchase from them or report a lousy product. Therefore, before choosing the best sounding exhaust for the f150 Ecoboost system, take a pause and look for a trustworthy warranty.

  • Price

Flowmaster’s 817522 Cat-Back-Exhaust-System is the most premium product in our reviewing guide. If you have got a tight budget, go for it. Otherwise, we’ve nine more different products that are compatible with an F150 truck. Note that we enlisted those exhausts with top sounding range, besides they’re preferable at that price.

Moreover, our second choice is ‘ROUSH 421985‘ cat for the 2015-2019 F-150. This exhaust has an upgraded look and improved sound. Plus, it has an affordable cost. We ensure all our products to be the best worldwide.

  • Sounding Performance

You must be looking for a rich sounding exhaust, right? We appreciate you. Considering the global platform, we choose the exhausts between mild, moderate, and aggressive performance. Amazingly, our top-picks will satisfy you, besides they don’t taunt your neighbors. With 100% Ecoboost system and street-legality, you can install one of them today! You’re just one step behind. A great exhaust is combined with the harmonic preference between where you’re driving and what you’re driving. In case our priority is Ford F150 this time. BORLA 140616BC is our top recommendation if you need an ear-worthy sound.

How to Choose an Aftermarket Exhaust System for F150

Top-5 Brand That Develops Sounding Exhaust for F150 Ecoboost

  • Flowmaster

Flowmaster Inc. is a technology company and situated for three essential purposes; Exhaust design, Exhaust manufacturing, and Exhaust distribution. Would you believe Flowmaster is nominated as the world-leader recently? It’s a fantastic success from them, by the way. Besides producing 350 exhaust systems for trucks, muscle cars, SUVs, and foreign cars, Flowmaster releases their best choice for the Ford F-150. Do you know what the top-reviewed product is worldwide from them? It is ‘Flowmaster 817522’ as the best Cat-Back Exhaust System.

  • MagnaFlow

MagnaFlow is recognized as the extension of car sounding exhaust and started its journey as the parent of an automotive company. The company is specialized in the F-150 exhausts with a superior of the catalytic converter and USA exhaust technology. Within 35+ years, MagnaFlow got to be an international market leader. Concerning its value, we keep ‘MagnaFlow 19054’ and ‘MagnaFlow 15461’ in our reviewing guide.

  • MBRP Ltd

Since 20 years of revolution, MBRP Ltd. is delivering the most customized exhausts to the global, primarily global enthusiasts. B&B technology is highly appreciated behind their success as this technology provides the best-selling products all the time. MBRP has more than a vision for the F-150 trucks, so they offer forefront supplements to the Ford models. Unquestionably, MBRP is recognized for the top-rated exhausts for F-150, and MBRP S5262AL Exhaust System is one of them. We also sponsor ‘MBRP S5260BLK’, a black coated cat-back system in this review guide. Have a detailed further down.

  • BORLA®

Beyond the shadow of a doubt, BORLA® is established as the top performance industry. This brand gets pioneer and world-leader based on its exhaust quality. All the exhausts are engineered from BORLA® is with stainless steel construction. Besides, BORLA® is recognized as the first company to provide exhaust systems for Rolls-Royce and Ferrari cars. This time, the brand introduces to such a great extent for the F-150. We sponsor ‘BORLA 140616BC’ as the fastest installed exhaust worldwide.

  • ROUSH 

ROUSH’s F-150 exhausts are made for improving sound range, power, and fuel efficiency. The best part of this brand is built for quick installation technology as the technology has well-structured bed configurations comparing to the F150 trucks. You’ll love its proper (stainless steel) construction, also how it is chrome-flashed. Get a look at ROUSH’s best-selling F-150 sounding exhaust ‘ROUSH 421985.’

The 10 Best Sounding Exhaust for F-150

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This is a friendly system for Ford F-150 4.6L/5.0L/5.4L V8 Engine. One thing that impresses you as the ‘Flowmaster 817522’ is made for an accurate fit and finish. You’ll be provided a very decent instruction guide. Why is it an appropriate exhaust for the F-150, by the way? As the sound exterior exhaust tone, this model of Flowmaster produces a moderate performance. The stainless steel is engineered in the exhaust system, and it has Mandrel bent 16 gauge bridging gap. The exhaust kit gets installed nicely though you may need a bit of weld on each connection as the weld keep hangers and hardware from twisting around.

Click here to purchase the product on Amazon. You must consider ‘Flowmaster 817522’ as the all-in-all kit that provides you with side or back exit. The sound is like pure heaven and worth the price it has.

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Key features

  • Half-way decent mounting
  • Well-protected design
  • 3″ Tubing (Mandrel-bent)

You can go compatible with this model of MBRP with 2015 – UP Ford F150. It is known as the MBRP’s XP Series. Besides, it has a well-protected design and a bent support bracket behind the rear tailpipe. You get the exhaust with a lined up choice and full of sixteen gauge T409 construction. It looks normal with 3″ (Mandrel-Bent) Tubing. Plus, the Pre-Axle outlet makes it’s system attractive. What about its sound quality? ‘MBRP S5262AL’ is engineered for unusual sounds until you are in the cabin. Over time, people experience mellow out of the exhaust, and it’s heart-throbbing actually. You may need some finagling during the installation process. Whatever, you’ll get a half-way decent mounting.

Click here to buy ‘MBRP S5262AL’ on Amazon. You love its look and the sound. Besides, the instruction guide provided with correctly lined up, and you’re recommended the statement.

3. MagnaFlow 19054 Cat-Back Exhaust System

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Key features

  • Structure: 100% All Stainless Steel
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Gains in Horsepower

This is an excellent KitMF series exhaust system. Brian, an Amazon reviewer, says it gets compatible in his 2016 F150 with the 5.0. It sounds like heaven and maybe too loud. You’ll love the product with an easy installation process. We’ve tested it and found the installation process time-soothing for 2 hours. Someone who loves not crazy sound but a bit more sound than a factory exhaust, he/she can consider this cat system from MagnaFlow. You may experience a crazy startup, but the sound gets mellowed by time, actually after warm-up. Stainless piping structure brings a beautiful look and keeps the exhaust from rust.

Click here to buy the ‘MagnaFlow 19054’ on Amazon. This exhaust provides intense sound with no drone effects. Just follow the directions that are concluded with the product, and you will get an easy installation.

4. MagnaFlow 15461 Exhaust System Kit

MagnaFlow 15461 Exhaust System Kit

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Key features

  • Quick, easy and Dyno-proven install
  • Stainless steel design
  • It’s straight and constructed besides muffler

This exhaust is also engineered by MagnaFlow and ensures you about ‘Large Stainless Steel Performance.’ Maximum clients love this exhaust for being great-looking. Besides, it has an easy installation process. We’ve met those car enthusiasts who installed this in 2011 and UP Ford F150 5.0L. You must also be looking for a premium cat-back exhaust system for your F-150 truck, right? We recommend ‘MagnaFlow 15461’ as this exhaust is not too loud nor too raspy. Once purchased, you’ll receive the system kit with the factory resonator adjustment. Later, you can adjust the setup with a smaller resonator if necessary. On average, the installation process requires an hour and 15 minutes.

Click here to purchase ‘MagnaFlow 15461’ on Amazon. If you’re concerned about a perfect growl, you’ll be pleased by purchasing it.

5. BORLA 140616BC Exhaust System

BORLA 140616BC Exhaust System

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Key features

  • Best in performance
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Leashed horsepower and stability

The BORLA is recognized as the sound of power. This exhaust is specialized with the high-performance motoring and engineered with the patented straight-through technology. It is mainly a Cat-Back exhaust system with a Black Chrome feature. By far, a person loves it for being the best exhaust for 2.7 EcoBoost F150. Inside the cabin, it has a gentle tone and cruises down the main road. But, once your vehicle is breaking down, it roars amazingly. You can adjust this ‘BORLA 140616BC’ to the ’17 F150. Through the installation, you get the truck idle and shift low. When the exhaust range reaches about 2k RPM, the sound gets even louder. Note that, ‘NO HIGHWAY DRONE’ is constructed in this exhaust system.

The price of the ‘BORLA 140616BC’ is comparably prettier, but the product lasts longer. The sound doesn’t usually haunt your neighbors, but you must discuss it with them before getting this model if you care what they think.

Click here to buy ‘BORLA 140616BC’ exhaust system as the system is combined through the patented technology. Using this product may get you maximum sound, flow, and power.

6. Flowmaster 817707 Outlaw Extreme Kit

Flowmaster 817707 Outlaw Extreme Kit

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Key features

  • Perfect exhaust with a more aggressive noise
  • 30 minutes Quick and Easy installation
  • Featured with cruise control

The Flowmaster is a brand of a pioneer in the design. This time, you’re assured with an extreme outlaw kit, and it is ‘Flowmaster 817707.’ Extreme sound is the sign of an extreme lifestyle. Flowmaster encourages those enthusiasts who are concerned about different vehicle applications. ‘Flowmaster 817707’ is constructed for F-150 trucks. You can terminate the sound range from a mild, moderate, and aggressive version. Similar to the 350 exhaust systems, Flowmaster confirms this kit to be in Stainless Steel constructed. Undoubtedly, this model of Flowmaster brings a louder tone in your vehicle. The best part of Flowmaster exhaust is being compatible even in cold seasons.

You’ll be happy with the sound of ‘Flowmaster 817707.’ Within an hour, you get all the installation process done. Then, you’ll gain an aggressive tone to your engine. It is the best alternative source instead of the factory’s quiet noise.

7. MBRP S5260BLK (Black Coated) 3″ Cat-Back system

MBRP S5260BLK (Black Coated) 3

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Key features

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  • Bolt-on Installation
  • You get 4″ OD Tips included
  • Professional choice

MBRP brings their Mandrel-bent aftermarket exhaust that is structured with T304 Stainless Steel. You can easily install the exhaust system, and screw the two tailpipes together within minutes. The whole installing process requires almost an hour. Then, you get the exhaust system much louder. It’s beyond your expectation sometimes. Nicklaus Frost, CEO of Salon Auto Sport, says that he has experienced this cat-back system on a 2017 F-150 (5.0 engines). Depending on his expressions, we must say the ‘MBRP S5260BLK’ sounds “Awesome.” You can also adjust a half volume through the stereo. The faster you get on the highway, the louder it gets. Be noted that, the sound is not haunted but lovable.

If you own many vehicles or a car mechanic, MBRP is probably your favorite choice. At length, MBRP exhaust lines up with excellent quality, fitment, and sound.

You shouldn’t spend more on expensive systems as the ‘MBRP S5260BLK’ is considered to be the great sounding exhaust. Click here to buy this on Amazon. I’m sure you won’t deliver it back.

8. CORSA 24392 Cat-Back Exhaust kit

CORSA 24392 Cat-Back Exhaust kit

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Key features

  • (RSC) Technology structured the exhaust as Custom Tuned
  • Easier to install, then control
  • 5X lighter than a stock system

CORSA’s aggressive exhaust note is like a disaster. Who doesn’t love this kit for a Ford F150 3.5L? Reflective Sound Cancellation (RSC) Technology encourages a drone restricted sound, and ‘CORSA 24392’ is their successful invention towards the global community. You must choose it for an aggressive rumble that performs better than stock. Let’s talk about its fuel economy and performance. Instead of a resonator delete kit, you must use an existing factory resonator. Isn’t it much easier? Whatever, we’ve liked the setup. It takes approximately 45 minutes to get installed. Be careful putting your truck on the park and do emergency brake engaged. You’ve not to test it early in the morning, but it has a pretty good sound compared to the stock on both day and night. You can replace the resonator delete pipe and OEM resonator easily. You can do it without spending an extra dollar.

Get the product on Amazon clicking here. The kit sounds like a racer; besides using a set of hands, the installation process can be done within 35 minutes. Get your F-150, no worse ass.

9. Gibson 60-0034 Cat-Back Exhaust System

Gibson 60-0034 Cat-Back Exhaust System

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Key features

  • Perfectly lined up to the tailpipe hanger
  • Performance is a bit similar to ‘Magnaflow Cat-Back’
  • Through the torque gains, a vehicle’s acceleration is improved

It’s time to get crazy with Mulisha Performance, isn’t it? Now, ‘Gibson 60-0034’ comes with Stainless Metal construction and baffled & chambered design. You’re probably not experienced such kind of action produces from this Gibson model. It is considered to be one of the finest motorsports exhaust in the world. Besides having great sound quality, Gibson ensures more power, fuel mileage, and Craftsmanship in their exhaust. Gibson exhausts are made for performance. The price is comfortable comparing the performance through you may think if it’s worth buying! Firstly, you get a bit lacking in the sound range, but it gets admiring gradually. Installing this exhaust may return you the power you’ve been craving.

By including the horsepower, acceleration, and fuel mileage, you’re appeared to gain better than expected performance.

Click here to buy ‘Gibson 60-0034’ on Amazon. You get a lifetime warranty with this mandrel-bent tubing kit. Undoubtedly, this model is nominated for the best sounding exhaust for f150 Ecoboost recently.

10. ROUSH 421985 (2015-2019 F-150 Cat) Exhaust Systems

ROUSH 421985 (2015-2019 F-150 Cat) Exhaust Systems

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Key features

  • Construction: Mandrel-bent stainless steel
  • It has standard clamps on
  • 3-year warranty

It is mainly a Back Side (Exit) Exhaust System. ROUSH is a world-renowned brand and recognized for expressing sporty and aggressive sound to the F150 (2015-2020). This exhaust is developed by high-quality stainless steel and made for eternal durability. Another essential reason behind loving the exhaust is being engineered with chrome-flashed technology. It is chrome-flashed and designed to be compatible with all cabs. Plus, the bed configurations are appropriate for the F150. We recommend you ‘ROUSH 421985’ for increased airflow so that your trucks go through less back pressure, and then experiences a maximum horsepower and torque.

You don’t need additional tools to install this exhaust on your vehicle as you’re provided necessary hardware, instructions, and techniques.

Click here to buy ‘ROUSH 421985’ on Amazon. This exhaust deletes the factory resonator and replaces the exhaust system with a straight muffler design.

Difference Between Cat-Back and Header Back?

Well, the cat-back exhausts are abounding with an aggressive sound, and one step advanced than an axle-back system. Comparing the exhaust systems, a cat-back brings the upgraded horsepower and torque improvements in a car. Besides, it makes your car look expensive. A cat-back system can be replaced up to bottom, like from the catalytic converter to the Downpipe system.

Header-back exhausts are known as the premium kit of a whole exhaust system. And, when you’re deciding for a replacement, you’ll go through the entire stock exhaust. It is an operation done with almost every aspect of a vehicle. If you’re not a mechanic, we won’t suggest installing such an exhaust as it requires critical modification. A header-back system involves the mufflers, mid-pipes, tailpipes, and catalytic converters.

Final Touch

This guide is written to benefit you with the best sounding exhaust for F150. A standard exhaust genuinely has a quiet sound quality. But, we select those exhausts are best-sellers in the global platform. However, you must know some techniques to get confirmed with the top preference for an F-150 truck, here they are:

  • You should prefer a brand with its top-notch design.
  • Secondly, an exhaust should improve the vehicle’s horsepower and torque.
  • Then, durability is a big concern. In case we prefer exhausts with a lifetime warranty.
  • Stainless steel structure gets the exhaust rid of rust and corrosion.
  • Finally, premium exhaust impacts fuel efficiency.

If you’ve not yet chosen an exhaust from this reviewing guide, don’t be late. We ensure you gaining 10X sounds, plus horsepower in a row.