An ignition switch is also known as a starter switch. It helps to activate, controlling and managing the central electrical system. The switch also activates the starter motor. I consider it an essential part of any automobile technology. The starter is often found on your dashboard, besides the steering wheel. Now, the matter is ‘How to remove ignition lock cylinder without a key?’ You’ll have to remove the ignition lock or switch in case. The process can be done with a screwdriver. Try our steps below!

Replacing the ignition lock cylinder without key (Simple steps)

Whether you’re drilling out the ignition lock cylinder for the F150, Dodge Ram or Harley, it’s similar. Follow the simple steps below!

1. Do drilling to the key slot

How to drill out a lock cylinder? At first, you’ll have to make a large hole in the ignition cylinder (key slot). For the drilling process, we recommend using a power drill. Drilling to the key slot should be done for inserting a screwdriver or paper-clip!

2. Turn the key slot to the left

Inserting a paper-clip or screwdriver into the ignition lock cylinder and then turning the key slot to the left side will lock the cylinder and resist it from startup.

3. Loosen the cylinder

The last thing to do is turning the cylinder itself to the left side with a screwdriver. It will hang loose, and then you can fix it to the correct spot and replace the ignition lock cylinder successfully.

Removing the ignition lock cylinder without key F150 (A bit extended)

It would help if you took a wrench of 10 mm, a screwdriver, socket, and paper-clip for the process. A small knife will help to detach the terminal. Let’s get into the process:

Firstly, you’ll have to specify the negative terminal to remove it from the battery. The process is easier to do once you remove the airbag system from its place.

Getting into the ignition lock cylinder in a Ford F150 is easy! Please remove the lower dash cover and the steering column. Please, unclip the panel cover and unscrew the organization.

The following process is to insert the key into its place and pull the key handle and the cylinder out of the space. While removing the cylinder, keep the pins, tumblers, and snap-ring in a safe place.

Once after unpackaging the new lock, please compatible it with the original key. You can try with tumblers (old vs. new) difference. If all matches, try reassembling the cylinder.

how to remove ignition lock cylinder when key won't turn

how to remove ignition lock cylinder when key won’t turn

There are some specific things to do with the ignition lock cylinder when the key won’t turn! Let’s see what you can try before calling a locksmith-

It would be necessary to consult the nearest dealership to make you a new mechanical key. The new key will help to turn your ignition lock cylinder. A worn-out key can’t do this to a faulty ignition lock cylinder.

If you see the ignition lock cylinder is not turning with the new key, you better spray some WD-40 inside the lock cylinder. It may jiggle the ignition.

The next thing if you still can’t jiggle the ignition turn simply, it will better bumping the ignition lock cylinder after spraying the WD-40 inside the ignition lock cylinder. Then, please insert the key part to the cylinder, and the rest of the key should be bumped the lock from turning. Bumping a few times will kill the jammed wafers and free the ignition lock efficiently.

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How to avoid getting locked out of YOUR VEHICLE?

Salon Auto Sport mechanics include several things to avoid getting locked out of your car. What are they?

  • An automatic car should be made for safety purposes, and keeping it in a safe place will help you get out of the vehicle in a critical situation.
  • The spare key should be kept to a reliable person who delivers you the access when necessary. We recommend having a locksmith’s number with you.
  • We know about the on-star service that offers to unlock your car remotely. Many market alarm systems available in the market will do the best work for your vehicle. You can lock or unlock your car using the phone app.

You can check the best alert system for your car below:


We have tried writing all about removing  and replacing the ignition lock cylinder without a key. Are you benefiting from our article? The ignition system is mandatory to create a consistent spark. We found three types of systems in a modern car: ‘ Battery ignition system,’ ‘Distributor ignition system’ and ‘Electronic system.’ Our article shows ways for F150, Dodge Ram, and more other options. Why not giving a dominating boost to your car engine? However, a professional works best to do the replacement. Hopefully, you repair and overcome the lock system.