What does the best tuner for Camaro SS do? Well, to put it simply, a person might require a tuner to make changes to their car. The specifications it was bought with might require updating by the person driving. To bring new and improved changes to the optimization of the vehicle, a tuner is used.

This feature is enhanced to make the engine perform better. It tunes the engine bringing about changes and enhancing the working of the car. In this case, I will discuss with you some of the excellent tuners available for the vehicle Camaro SS.

Let me continue by mentioning the specialties of some of the finest devices available in the market presently.

1. Jet 15008 Performance Programmer

Available with three different tunes for efficient performance, the Jet Jet 15008 Performance Programmer is present in the market. It is available in color black and weighs about 363 grams. This product was manufactured on the 6th of 2017 in May.

It comes with a warranty of 1 year, with a ten-day returnable or refundable policy. These features ensure the customers’ trust. Further, it arrives with a built-in scanner for code entry. This part reads the code, scans it, and then produces output. The device is easy to handle and easy to use.

Moreover, it also has a built-in speedometer used for reading gear movement. Anyone with a fixed budget can fix it and purchase it easily. With just a few modifications, it can increase the driving force of the Camaro SS.

The number of miles per gallon is also increased with this item. Tuning the car yourself is a great option if you are easily able to locate the problem. The best feature of this is that you can always start from step one if a problem arises. The amount of speed can be set depending upon your requirement and comfort.

Finally, the only issue which presents itself as a non-issue, in my opinion, is that this is strictly used for simple tuning. However, special features can attract more customers. It does not come with any extra special features that make it stand out greatly. But still stands at the top due to its functionality.
  • You can always go back and make changes
  • Code scanner and decoder option
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable for most customers
  • Strictly used only for tuning

With advanced built-in features, this tuner takes the top spot. Due to its quick setup and easy-to-use options, customers purchase it often. It’s program for power production in the car and provides much durability and makes the car system steady. What more could one ask for.

Jet 15008 Performance Programmer
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2. Innovative Performance Chip/Power Programmer

The Innovative Performance Chip/Power Programmer is compliant with the Chevrolet Camaro model. It is known to save gas and produce more horsepower. This product is also capable of gaining miles per gallon of petrol. It also improves fuel mileage.

It comes in the form of a chip. This chip is then inserted into the engine. How the chip works is that it sends signals. These signals travel through the engine. And help to produce more horsepower depending upon the fuel.

Moreover, the process of installing the chip is a minute-based task. It does not require much effort. One year warranty is present for this item. The company also allows returns and refunds. The item weighs about five ounces and has been available in the market since April of 2015.

The company policy reads a hundred percent money-back guarantee. The estimated installation process can be up to ten to fifteen minutes. The product arrives as a kit, which means that all the parts needed for installation are readily available for you.

The results of the chip depend upon the model of the Camaro. Hence, the functionality is not always top-notch. Customers often reject this product for this reason. This is why one must be fully aware of the specifications of their car and what the chip might be able to enhance in it. If one does not have enough knowledge of the chip, then they must make sure to look towards sources for help and guidance.
  • Easy to install
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • It arrives as a kit
  • Produce more horsepower
  • The difference in functionality depending on the vehicle’s model

The items come with so many options that add to their work—the refund and lifetime warranty options aid customer experience. The increase in mileage, horsepower, and easy placement of the item makes it superior to others. Fit in the right vehicle; this product can vastly elevate car performance.

Innovative Performance Chip/Power Programmer
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3. SCT Performance 4416 Wireless OBDII Programmer

With perfect tuning, the SCT Performance 4416 Wireless OBDII Programmer will provide a lot of horsepower and torque for the Camaro. For sturdy turning, it will manage the gas consumption and increase the response of the throttle.

It can connect wirelessly to any android or apple device. The only requirement is a mobile application. With the application, you can connect this tuner to your handheld device.

Bluetooth connection is also an available option to connect this device to any other. This can easily be installed into your car system through the OBD-II interface.

Any sort of error code is easily read and cleared by this tuner. One can compare before and after results of tuning the car for a better understanding of how well the device works. Since it provides wireless connectivity, there is no need for additional things such as wires or fixing tools.

Moreover, it is known to cover the functionality of an engine monitor. Meaning it monitors everything in the car. You can test the performance of your car as much as you require with it.

The weight of it is about 9.6 ounces. The product is continued by the manufacturer. It has been available in the market since June of 2012.

A drawback worth mentioning is that sometimes the functionality of the tuner is not compatible with every model of Camaro SS. Customers have complained about having to get additional services to get it to work. A custom tune file might need to be built to make it work. Or the function itself might need to be deleted. This requires some waiting and time.
  • It works like a handheld device
  • Provides wireless connection
  • Arrives with pre-installed custom tunes
  • Additional services to get it installed might be required

The best option about this tuner is that one can check the before and after working of their Camaro SS. It is found with already installed tunes. And one can connect it to any sort of iOS and Android device to check stats. And no need for additional tools, I felt to get this to work with the car.

SCT Performance 4416 Wireless OBDII Programmer
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4. Bully Dog 40417 GT Platinum Tuner

The Bully Dog 40417 GT Platinum Tuner is among the best seller tuners in the market. It is not just suitable for the Camaro SS but a lot of other models of car. With its wide build and perfect fit, it is compatible with the Camaro.

You can save a lot of fuel and money with this tuner. It contains many other downloadable features as well. Like the jet tuner, this also has a heads-up display. It decodes any errors and gets rid of them to ensure the good working of the car engine. It has ten built-in custom files that can be accessed easily.

The item weighs about 1.02 pounds. Hence, it is extremely lightweight, and this comes as an advantage for your car. It has been available in the market since august of 2014 and is still being sold by the company. For better mileage, this tuner is a decent option.

It provides many other extended features such as adjustment of the shift point, removal of the speed limit, monitoring of the gauge, correction of the speedometer as well as diagnostics of the car. To ensure the working abilities of the tuner, you can simply check the after results of tuning.

After installing the tuner in the car, it might cause problems for other systems, such as tampering with the functions of other devices attached to the car. However, if one has the will to tweak things, this device can be an asset. With these problems, this tuner can be a pain to install.
  • Availability of extended features
  • Provides better mileage
  • Bestseller in the market
  • Additional tempering is required to resolve newer issues

To conclude, this contains some outclass options that do not go unnoticed. Such as it saves up to ten custom tunes and provides the ability to download updates using any device free of cost. Customers mostly buy it to improve the fuel mileage of their Camaro SS.

Bully Dog 40417 GT Platinum Tuner
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How Much Horsepower Can I Get Out Of A Camaro SS?

According to stats, the amount of horsepower you can get out of a Camaro SS is estimated to be around 20.37.

The Camaro provides great shifting techniques and can provide road surface reads a thousand miles per second. Such horsepower makes it so that even in tough situations, the Camaro keeps working to the best of its abilities.

How Can I Make My Stock Camaro SS Faster?

To answer this question most effectively, I would say that the less weight there is, the better. By removing all or any unnecessary things from the car that weigh it down once can make the stock faster.

This is a natural phenomenon that the perfect balance makes any vehicle run the best. Hence, removing any weight without compromising functionality speed can be achieved.

How Much Does It Cost To Tune A Camaro SS?

The average cost for tuning a Camaro SS is around $500 depending on the brand you are going to choose. It comes at a reasonable price and does not exceed customer expectations in this regard.

One can simply try and hook up the tuner themselves. This will decrease labor cause (labor cost also vary from state to state) and save you from a trip to the mechanic. A little insight on how to fix a tuner can go a long way.

Do Tuners Hurt My Camaro SS Engine?

Not at all! The right tuner is a great investment for the Camaro SS. It does not harm the engine in any way, shape, or form. Instead, it boosts the engine working and increases speed as well as power.

Making the Camaro work to the fullest of its abilities. The perfect tuner can go a long way for the right model of any vehicle, not just the Camaro.


A device that goes into the diagnostic port of your car is defined as the best tuner for Camaro SS. It improves car working and controls different features of the car. The imperfect tuner can mess with the car function, which is why I have compiled for you a list of the finest tuners for the Camaro SS.

To say these products enhance the features of the vehicle is an understatement. Moreover, it saves engine oil and can last to a certain amount of power for a long time.

A personal recommendation by me would, without a doubt, have to be the Jet 15008 Performance Programmer due to its best functionality and specifications.