A coil pack is a set of ignition coils. Coil packs to existing because when one coil goes bad, you need to replace the entire pack. This way, there is no risk of new and old hardware having compatibility issues. As a coil is responsible for creating the spark that helps convert gas to energy; a good aftermarket one can make a huge difference.

In this article, I will be trying to find the best coil pack for 5.4 Triton. There is a buying guide too for those who cannot understand something.

1. MAS Ignition Coil DG508 & Motorcraft Spark Plug SP479

Taking up the first place and easily overtaking all competitors is this MAS Ignition Coil DG508 & Motorcraft Spark Plug SP479. The manufacturer makes some amazing products, and this set of coils is no different.

With over 3000 satisfied buyers, this coil pack is surely an awesome product. Let’s see what it has to offer and if it is worth it. One thing that impresses me about MAS products is that they have been built with OEM standards in mind.

This means that the individual coils have been designed to be similar in shape and size to the factory ones, but they still pack in a punch. The company also guarantees that its products undergo strict quality control protocols, allowing very few faulty products to leave the factory. Let’s talk about what is different in this coil pack as compared to the original ones.

Well, for starting, the company uses a much thicker copper wire to improve the energy transfer. Unlike the original ones, these have been built to take a beating. They can also handle high temperatures in a better manner. Thanks to the highly tested design, the company promises that this coil pack will significantly improve the mileage of your truck.

The manufacturer also promises that these coils will handle high temperatures in a much better manner. They also promise that its products are very easy to install.

This means that you will not need to make any modifications to make them fit, thanks to the company following OEM regulations. The manufacturer has even included a one-year warranty, which makes the buy completely risk-free.

Some users complained about the coils failing after a very short while. It looks like the company’s quality control is not what it claims it is. Regardless, MAS should look into these reports and fix these issues to ensure that users will not have to face them again.
  • The thicker copper wire used
  • Better mileage guaranteed
  • Easy to install
  • Meets OEM specifications
  • One year warranty
  • Some units may give up early

Apart from a very small number of people who complained about the coils failing, most of the 3000 people were more than content with what they received.

MAS Ignition Coil DG508 & Motorcraft Spark Plug SP479
MAS Ignition Coil DG508 & Motorcraft Spark Plug SP479



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2. ENA Set of 8 Curved Boot Ignition Coil Pack

Coming in second place is a product you should go for if you rely more on user ratings than the brand name. That said, ENA is not a bad company at all. It has attained over 7500 content buyers, which is easily more than double that of the MAS coil pack. Taking a closer look into its features will give us an idea of what makes it so good.

Just like the first product, this ENA Set of 8 Curved Boot Ignition Coil Pack has been designed with OEM specifications in mind. In simpler words, the manufacturer, ENA, has managed to pack in much more performance in roughly the same package.

This means that you can expect considerable improvements in the product. This also makes the installation easy, as no modifications are required.

The thing with factory coil packs of the 5.4 Triton is that they are prone to too many issues. What I mean by this is that they can misfire, cause a hard start, and can even cause an increase in fuel consumption.

Well, most of those kinks have been completely worked out by the company, giving you a product that will last you a long time and provide you with a reliable experience. The coil pack has been designed to work in all sorts of conditions.

Whether you are an off-roader or a normal driver, this product will not fail you under any circumstances. The manufacturer is so confident that it has even included a lifetime warranty with it, which is another great addition.

This means that you will not have to worry about the coil packing failing on you. If it is a fault that originated from the factory, then you will be able to get a replacement unit without any cost.

Unfortunately, some users complained about the coils misfiring repetitively. This was reported by a small minority of the buyers, but the issue is something that ENA should not ignore. There were no complaints about the build quality or the functioning, except for these misfires.
  • Meets OEM specifications
  • Reliable performance
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Designed to work in all conditions
  • Misfire issue

ENA has impressed me with this coil pack, but it needs to make sure that the products leaving the assembly line are not faulty. Other than that, if you do receive a proper product, which is more than likely, then you will have a satisfactory experience.

ENA Set of 8 Curved Boot Ignition Coil Pack
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3. Megaflint High Performance Ignition Coil 8 Pack

You know a company means business when it includes the words high performance in the product title. This Megaflint High Performance Ignition Coil 8 Pack has managed to get ratings that are just shy of the number 1000.

With most of them being positive, I wanted to know why it is so popular. What I found impressed me, and you will be too. The choice of materials is one of the main things that can alter the performance of a product.

In the case of the factory ones, not much focus was given to them, which is clearly evident by the fact that they cause various issues. But Megaflint has used top-of-line silicone magnetic steel and a German copper wire.

The coil pack is combined using epoxy, which will not give in, even at extremely high temperatures. The coil pack meets or exceeds the OEM specifications.

It has been designed to be a direct upgrade over the stock ones, requiring no modifications at all. The company has thoroughly tested its products to make sure that they will have optimal performance. From normal to extreme conditions, these coils have been put through all sorts of tests. And guess what, they succeeded with flying colors.

A common issue with coils is that they start corroding due to the spark from the spark plugs. Well, Megaflint accounted for that too and made sure to keep the electrical resistance of this coil pack high.

This helps the coil to be corrosion resistant and increases its lifespan by a lot. Its structure will not be compromised, even years down the line, allowing it to work smoothly and without any issues.

Buyers complained about some of the coils being defective on arrival. It looks like the manufacturer should focus more on quality control so that users don’t have to face this issue again. Due to them being faulty, users also reported about them misfiring.
  • Meets OEM specifications
  • Tested in all sorts of conditions
  • Top of the line materials used
  • High electrical resistance
  • Faulty coils in the pack

Apart from this issue, most of the users had no complaints about the product. They would happily recommend it to others. This Megaflint product definitely deserves this spot on the article, and if you do receive the correct one, which is highly likely, you will have a memorable experience with it.

Megaflint High Performance Ignition Coil 8 Pack
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4. ENA Set Of 8 Straight Boot Ignition Coil Pack

Arriving in fourth place is yet Another Product from the Company ENA. The manufacturer has earned two spots on this highly curated list. I don’t know about you, but I am pretty impressed. Let’s see what features it has to offer and if it is actually worth it. This ignition coil pack has been designed as a direct replacement for the original ones.

You will not need to make any modifications to make it fit. That is not all. The performance is significantly better than the original ones. You are gaining many things in this coil pack. You don’t have to worry about long crank times, hard starting, and even misfires. You can also expect improvements in the fuel economy of the vehicle.

The thing about ENA, which makes it so good, is that it tests its products extensively. Their products are tested in all sorts of scenarios, making sure that they will not fail on you under any circumstances.

Whether you are driving at slow speeds or at the maximum, this coil pack will work reliably and without any issues. The brand even claims that misfires will be the least of your issues with its high-quality coils.

This is a bold claim, even for ENA. The manufacturer also offers a lifetime warranty with this coil pack, just like the first ENA product. This not only shows you how confident the brand is in its product, but it also makes the buy completely risk-free.

You don’t have to worry about any faults that may have shipped from the factory. If there are, then you will be eligible for a free-of-cost replacement.

Just like the previous product, users complained about some of the coils failing in a short while. ENA should focus on this issue because this makes the coil packs completely useless. Other than that, there were no problems reported by users.
  • Lifetime warranty
  • No misfires
  • Reliable performance
  • OEM certified
  • Some coils may fail prematurely

ENA has done it yet again with this amazing pack of coils. The manufacturer has to focus a bit on its quality control, but overall, they have continued to impress me. This coil pack will give you a more than satisfactory experience, given that they don’t fail on you.

ENA Set Of 8 Straight Boot Ignition Coil Pack
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5. Bravex 8 Pack Straight Boot Ignition Coils

We are almost at the end of this list, but the competition is still strong. The fifth product on this list is from a company called Bravex. The manufacturer claims some big things, which, when compared to the 1300 positive ratings, seem to be true.

Let’s take a look at its offerings. The manufacturer offers this Bravex 8 Pack Straight Boot Ignition Coil Packs in two colors. That is strange because I have never seen color options in such a product before.

But it is a unique offering, and, to be honest, they look stunning in the color yellow. Black does not look bad either, but you should always try something different. Bravex claims that this coil pack will be able to produce 15% more energy than the factory ones.

That is quite a huge difference. The fact that the company has mentioned this difference, and not other brands, is another thing that tells you that you can trust them.

They also use excellent quality control protocols, which mean that every product that leaves the assembly line will be of high quality. You will not have to worry about the choice of materials being of low quality.

Just like all other items on this list, this one uses good quality materials. Read below to find out. This huge performance upgrade is possible, thanks to the use of a highly conductive coil and a good quality epoxy.

The copper coil used has been imported straight from Germany. With it being almost pure, the conductivity will be unmatched. The choice of good quality materials means that there the coil will have reliable performance, no matter the environment.

You will have to worry less about engine misfires, and the acceleration hesitation will also be reduced, allowing you to enjoy your rides more.

There were many users who were unhappy with this coil pack. Some coils were faulty on arrival, while some of them became faulty soon after use. Bravex should work more on its quality control to make sure that the coils are at least functional when they reach the users.
  • 15% better performance than the stock ones
  • Yellow and black color options
  • High-quality materials used
  • Faulty coils

If Bravex wants to compete with companies such as MAS, then it needs to look into these reports and fix them as soon as possible, because what is the point of making a good quality product when users cannot experience them.

Bravex 8 Pack Straight Boot Ignition Coils
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What Are The Symptoms Of A Bad Coil Pack?

A bad coil pack can be identified via several means. You need to have an eye out for a rough idle, louder engine operation, drop in performance, and the engine checks light turning on.

Normally, most of these will happen at once, which indicates a failing coil pack. You could also connect a tuner to the OBDII port and check if there are any error codes. You can look them up on the internet to be sure.

Should I Replace All Coil Packs At Once In 5.4 Triton?

Now, this is an excellent question. As a coil pack contains all of the coils that are needed in an engine, you should replace the entire pack instead of one or two. As coils wear evenly, there is a high probability that the others are close to the end of their lifespan too. This is the whole point of a coil pack, allowing you to change all coils at once.

Are Cheap Coil Packs Any Good For 5.4 Triton?

No, they are not! I have emphasized several times during the above article that cheap coil packs don’t have high-quality materials. Even the factory ones fall into the same category.

Decent quality ones, like the ones I have listed above, use the highest quality materials, such as pure copper and high-temperature epoxy. This is why they are able to provide such amazing performance while still being OEM certified.

Will A New Coil Pack Improve 5.4 Triton Performance?

Let me clear up one thing; coil packs are not a part that you need to replace if you are looking for horsepower gains. They have been designed to improve the fuel efficiency and the overall reliability of the engine in things such as starting up and idling.

Although these are not performance gains, they will make using your truck a lot easier and more convenient. They should be replaced only when the old ones are worn out.

How Long Do Coil Packs Last In 5.4 Triton?

Although the original ones are not reliable, in terms of performance, they do last a long time. Ford coil packs generally last 100000 miles. This is with normal usage.

If you are one that drives on rough terrains and in bad weather, then you can expect them to give in much quicker than this. But, still, they will give you at least 80000 miles, which is more than enough.


There you have it, guys, my take on the best coil pack for 5.4 Triton. The competition got pretty heated on this article today, but I was able to sort each of these coil packs out properly. Although all of them have excellent performance, there is one that stood out among all, and that is the MAS Ignition Coil DG508 & Motorcraft Spark Plug SP479.

Although it does not have the most ratings out there, it has a solid performance and is extremely reliable too. This has been verified by me using a detailed analysis of user ratings. If you want my advice, then you should go for these MAS coil packs, without any question. They will last for a long time and will provide you with a memorable experience.