If you are looking for a bike rack for your pop-up camper, the chances are that you will not find a good one by searching on your own.

To be honest, there is a very small number from the general population that owns a pop-up camper. Out of them, there are even fewer people who are looking for a bike rack for their camping trailers.

This article will be focused on finding the best bike rack for pop up camper. I have researched entirely and have made sure that the listings on this camper will be the top ones that money can buy.

1. Quick Products QPRBM2R Bumper Mounted 2-Bike Rack

Before we carry on with this article, I must warn you that it is extremely rare for people to find fancy features on racks designed for campers and RVs. This one, for example, does check all the boxes that most people require from a decent bike rack.

With over 500 positive ratings, this Quick Products QPBM2R Bumper Mounted 2-Bike Rack can be used with up to 2 bikes. Whether it be friends or couples, they can easily mount and safely transport their two bikes on this bike rack.

It is compatible with all pop-up campers that have a square bumper of either 4 or 4.5 inches. It can fit bicycles that are up to 30 pounds in weight. So, a maximum of 60 pounds can be used at one time.

One great feature that the brand has included in this rack is the adjustable mounting mechanism. This ensures that it will be able to fit any type of bicycle on it. You will not have to worry about your kid’s bicycle or your own not fitting on this rack.

Let’s talk a little about durability. This rack is made from steel. It has an all-steel construction, which means that it is extremely durable.

It will not fail on you, no matter the environment. Whether you are on a plain highway or a bumpy road, you can rest assured that this rack will last through thick and thin with you.

Another great thing is that it has been fully powder coated too. This gives it complete corrosion resistance. Even humid weather will not have an impact on this sturdy rack.

There is one issue that a couple of buyers faced. They complained that it did not come with the complete hardware. They had to spend additional money to get hardware such as nuts and bolts. The company should focus on its shipping department so consumers don’t have to face this problem.
  • Adjustable mounting mechanism
  • All-steel construction
  • Powder-coated for rust resistance
  • Can carry up to 2 bikes
  • Missing hardware

Apart from this minor inconvenience, there are no major issues with this rack. Buyers were happy with what they received.

Quick Products QPRBM2R Bumper Mounted 2-Bike Rack
Quick Products QPRBM2R Bumper Mounted 2-Bike Rack



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2. Swagman ROAMER RV Approved Cross Bars Roof Bike Rack

The best thing about a pop-up camper is that it has tons of space on the roof. So, why should we leave it empty? This is a question that came into the mind of the people behind Swagman. They came up with an excellent idea of creating a rack that allowed you to transport your bikes on the roof of your camper.

They finally came up with this ROAMER RV Approved Cross Bars Roof Bike Rack. You will surely appreciate its feature set. The best thing about this bike rack is that it is not limited to use with bikes only.

It can fit all sorts of bike and water sports accessories. That is a huge list. You can even mount solar panels on top of this rack.

With it being installed on the roof, there is a zero chance of you getting any fitment or incompatibility issue. You do have to assemble this product. I know some of you may find this a bit disappointing, but believe me when I tell you, the result is worth it.

The installation is simple and easy. The manufacturer has included a manual in the box, making the installation easier for people who have questions or are confused.

Moreover, the brand has included all necessary hardware in this bike rack. They have included the bolt-down hardware and the rubber pad mounts.

The inclusion of these parts means a guaranteed perfect installation. The manufacturer states that the crossbars can also be cut to suit your specific needs for added convenience.

This is perfect for people who don’t want the rack to take up additional space. The crossbars themselves are made of steel. They are sturdy, durable, and will not break. The manufacturer has even powder coated it to improve rust resistance. So, the rack will look just as good, even after years of usage.

As expected with a product that is as simple and practical as this one, this rack has no drawbacks. Buyers had no issues with it.
  • Installs on the roof
  • Easy to assemble
  • Hardware included
  • Made of steel
  • None

This rack is an example of clever engineering. You don’t need fancy features to please customers. Instead, the product should be reliable and easy to use.

Swagman ROAMER RV Approved Cross Bars Roof Bike Rack
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3. Stromberg Carlson CC-275 Bike Rack

If you are looking for a rather simple bike rack that will get the job done without any issues, you should check out this Stromberg Carlson CC-275 Bike Rack.

I admit that I have not heard of the company before, but we are discussing a category that is already almost non-existent. So, you are bound to run in a few unheard names.

The brand claims that this is the first track on the market that attaches to the trailer’s tongue. If this is true, then I appreciate the unique thought process of this brand. This rack has been designed to be used with almost all A-frame trailers.

So, there is a very small chance of it not being compatible with your trailer. It is even adjustable, which means that you can adjust it according to your trailer’s dimensions. The rack can handle up to 100 pounds of weight.

I can guarantee that no single bike can ever cross that limit. Even if you use two, there is very little chance of the weight limit being crossed. So, whether it is your kid’s bike or a full adult one, you can be sure that you will stay under the weight limit.

Another great thing is that it is extremely close to your vehicle’s suspension. This means that your bikes will receive the least amount of shock if you drive over a jump or drive through bumpy terrain. This ensures that your bikes will not be damaged if the camper does drive through an area like that.

Unfortunately, this rack does require drilling into the trailer. Many of you may not like this, but it ensures a solid installation. Some buyers also got into installation issues with it.
  • Attaches to the tongue
  • Compatible with all A-frame trailers
  • Can handle up to 100 pounds
  • Bikes will receive a little shock
  • Installation issues
  • Requires drilling

If you do choose to buy this rack, I advise you that you get the drilling done by a professional because the process is not as easy as it seems.

Stromberg Carlson CC-275 Bike Rack
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4. Let’s Go Aero 429756 Double Bike Carrier System

Coming at 4th position is the 429756 Double Bike Carrier System by the Brand Let’s Go Aero. With over 400 positive ratings, it is one of the more popular options in this article. Let me walk you through its feature set, which you will love.

I honestly love the way the manufacturer thinks. It thinks with the mind of the consumer. They start the product listing to question if users want to see their bicycles from the rear-view mirror. Indeed, many users want that.

So, they made that happen, thanks to their use of the patented Jack-It design on this rack. The carrier is designed to transport two bikes safely and securely. The cradles on this rack are adjustable, which means that you can use them on all sorts of bicycles.

Just like the previous track, this one can easily be installed on the tongue of the trailer. It is compatible with all A-frame campers, so compatibility with a pop-up camper should not be an issue at all.

Plus, the tongue is the only area on the whole camper that receives the least number of shocks. So, that is a huge plus for you.

The rack has a capacity of 80 pounds. This is ten pounds over what most manufacturers offer. The weight of your bike should not cross 40 pounds.

I assure you that there is a very small number that can cross this limit. The best thing about this whole rack is that it has a patented design. This means that you won’t find a similar product elsewhere.

Buyers had issues while putting their bikes on this rack. They complained that even if one bike was secured, it became impossible to use the rack with the second flaw. It looks like the product has a design flaw that must be addressed by the brand as soon as possible.
  • Patented design
  • Fewer shock impacts
  • 40 pounds per bike
  • Adjustable cradles
  • Difficult to use

Although Let’s Go Aero has created a genuinely impressive product, it should look into and resolve this serious design flaw that makes mounting bikes a difficult task for users.

Let’s Go Aero 429756 Double Bike Carrier System
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5. Pro Rac Systems 4-Bike Carrier

Earning its rightful fifth spot is a product from a brand called Pro Rac. This is the only brand on this article whose name coincides with the products they make. Jokes aside, this Pro Rac Systems 4-Bike Carrier is another excellent option that users love.

You may have guessed from the title; this rack can carry up to 4 bikes. Yes, that is right. It is perfect for a group of friends or family looking to go on a biking excursion. The uprights on this rack can be completely adjusted. This allows you to get the perfect height, according to your camper.

The load bars on this rack consist of an integrated T-SLOT. This allows this carrier to achieve a clean and sleek look which is something 99% of the products on the market cannot say for themselves. It will look attractive and even better when you have mounted your stylish bikes on top of it.

Unlike the Stromberg Carlson rack, this one does not require any drilling in order to install it. This may be great news for most of you because the install has become much easier, and the margin for error is also significantly reduced.

Another thing is that drilling does void warranty for most four-wheelers, so avoiding that is another great benefit of this product.

Now, if you are wondering about the installation of this rack, it attaches directly to the frame of the trailer. There are no complicated steps, and you will be ready to go within a matter of minutes.

The thing with this one is that the strapping for the bicycles is not an easy job. You may have to spend quite some time to fully secure your bikes. There was one user that worked in a strapping company, and even he found it difficult to use.
  • It can be used with four bikes
  • Clean and sleek look
  • No drilling required
  • Attaches to the frame
  • Difficult strapping

Pro Race has undoubtedly created a brilliant product. But it must revise the design, so strapping the bikes is a much easier task than it is currently. If you are up for the challenge, then you will surely be impressed with it.

Pro Rac Systems 4-Bike Carrier
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6. Swagman RV Approved Original 4-Bike Rack

Taking up the sixth spot is yet Another Bike Rack from the Brand Swagman. If you didn’t like the previous 4-bike rack, then you are hard to please.

But I assure you that you will appreciate this rack once you get to know what it has to offer. For those who don’t know what RV approved means, you should definitely check out the FAQ that I have published at the end of this article.

The rack, as I said before, can handle up to 4 bikes at a time. So, whether there are friends planning a trip or just your family, you won’t have to worry about leaving a bike behind or compromising on your trip just because you couldn’t transport enough bikes. Well, all of those things are worries of the past. The weight of each bike cannot exceed 35 pounds.

All in all, the rack can handle a total of 100 pounds in weight. As I have said before, there is a very small number of bikes that can actually cross the 35-pound limit. For most buyers, this will not be an issue at all.

The cradles on this rack have rubber padding. This is an excellent design choice because the bikes will not only be securely placed but will also not get damaged during the process.

This is something that many vehicle manufacturers miss, and users are too late to realize that. The manufacturer has also added locking knobs that make sure that the bikes will not move once locked in.

Buyers were informed of some serious design flaws with this rack. Some complained about wobble issues, while others noticed that their bikes were getting scratched up. This is a matter that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.
  • It can be used with four bikes
  • Rubber padded cradles
  • Locking knobs
  • Wobble issues
  • Bikes may get scratched

These are issues that must be looked into by the manufacturer as soon as possible. Buyers trust the company to make reliable products, so it should meet their expectations; otherwise, what is the point of buying from it.

Swagman RV Approved Original 4-Bike Rack
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7. Pro Series 63124 Eclipse Bike Carrier

Finally, arriving in the seventh and final place is this 63124 Eclipse Bike Carrier from the brand Pro Series. I must clarify that although this rack has earned the last spot, it is definitely not the least. There were more than a dozen products on the market, but only these ones made the cut.

So, for me, they are all very impressive. Yes, this rack is one that installs using a hitch. It has been tested by users who own campers, so you should not have any compatibility issues.

This rack is also the only one on this entire article that allows you to choose a variant to buy. You can choose from a 2-bike, 3-bike, and even a 4-bike option.

It has been primarily designed for vehicles and SUVs, but it will work just fine with pop-up campers. It has some great features. For example, the tilt feature allows you to fully stretch the carrier.

You won’t have to worry about removing it whenever you want to use your trailer in a proper fashion. The rack is also very easy to use.

After you mount the bike, the hook and loop straps make the securing process much easier and quicker. The manufacturer has made sure to make it super comfortable and convenient for users.

Moreover, the manufacturer has even added a rear reflector, so buyers behind you know how much distance they have to maintain. You really don’t want your camper to be rear-ended, with your bicycles becoming all bent up during the process.

Buyers complained that the hardware used in this rack was of very poor quality. Some even noticed that the welded bolts stripped off while using. This is something that renders the product completely useless. So, the manufacturer should resolve it as soon as possible.
  • Can choose from three variants
  • Hitch compatible
  • Easy to use
  • Poor quality bolts

The company Pro Series should live up to its name and act professionally when making products that people buy. They must improve the quality of their hardware to ensure they will handle everyday wear and tear.

Pro Series 63124 Eclipse Bike Carrier
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This FAQs has been written for people who still have questions and confusion about their purchase. I have handpicked these questions from online forums, and I hope that they will answer at least a few of your questions.

Let’s dive right into it.

Can I Put A Bike Rack On My Pop-Up Camper?

Do you really think I would have written this whole article if a rack would not have fit on a pop-up camper? You can rest assured that a pop-up camper can easily be used with a bike rack.

You can choose from a two bike one to a four bike one. All of them work flawlessly. If you jumped directly to this guide, then I suggest that you check out the list above.

Can I Put A Hitch On The Back Of My Pop-Up Camper?

Now, this is an excellent question. There are a few hitches that are available for pop-up campers, but unfortunately, they are not reliable. Or else I would have listed more than one rack compatible with them in the article above.

If you do find an excellent hitch, then the task becomes a whole lot easier for you. You can get any good rack from brands like Allen Sports.

What Size Hitch Do I Need For A Pop-Up Camper?

If you really are considering buying a hitch to install it on your pop-up camper, then there are options such as a 2-inch one and others too. I would recommend that you get the 2-inch one as almost all racks are compatible with them.

You Mentioned The Term RV Approved With Swagman Products. What Is That?

RVs are camping trailers that drive differently. They react differently to shocks and impacts. So, you need a rack that takes into account these matters. The fact that Swagman has used the word RV approved in their products means that they have tested their racks to ensure they will handle such usage.


I must admit that researching for this article was one of the hardest tasks I have done for this website. Whether you turn to Google or any other search engine, you find one product out of ten irrelevant ones. This makes the search job even harder. This is what salonautosport Automotive is all about.

I always try to make sure that you won’t have to waste your precious time and research the best bike rack for pop up camper. Each and every single one of these products is guaranteed to work with your trailer.

Out of all of them, I personally recommend that you buy the Quick Products QPRBM2R Bumper Mounted 2-Bike Rack. It is one of the most reliable ones and has also been tested by a number of people.