Performance Engine Tuner helps the vehicle’s maintenance, modification, performance, fuel optimization, and acceleration at a time. Purchasing a tuner for 6.4 Powerstroke will be considered as the easiest way to improve a vehicle’s performance. Real enthusiasts love improving vehicle’s strategies like that!

In this reviewing guide, we have tried showing you the ‘Best Tuner for 6.4 Powerstroke.’ Don’t get addressed to the wrong shop. We care for our readers and write about important vehicle characteristics. A reliable tuner would be amazing to perform great tuning of the engine. Get diagnosed with a vehicle’s existing issues and troubleshoot them with high-quality programmers or tuners.

Read below! We mention Top Tuners for 6.4 Powerstroke in a row. All the recommended products are from high-grade manufacturers and great for fuel economy.

Bully Dog 40417 GT Platinum Tuner

OUR top pick

Best Tuner for 6.4 Powerstroke

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Key features

  • Constructed with ten custom tune files
  • A dynamic LCD mounted
  • Encourages proper engine operation

Bully Dog (40417) GT Platinum Tuner is a perfect modification to improve the vehicle’s fuel mileage. You’ll be getting a wide make & model fitment for Ford, Dodge, and GM gas models. The performance tuner is the number-one product among all the 6.4 Powerstroke tuners in 2021. Thanks to ‘Bully Dog’ for bringing us such a tuner to pick the vehicle’s power utilizing 10 custom tune files and multiple preloads. Get the tuner as beneficial as the performance needs. Fuel optimization is being used for both long-haul and town driving. Heads up, a display of this stuff is engineered with 15 performance parameters and made to mount on a pillar, window, or dash! At length, the ‘Platinum Tuner’ clears diagnose the engine and fix the trouble codes accurately; thus, you’ll get proper engine operation.

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Why Use a Tuner?

An individual wants an extra bit of power in his/her vehicle, especially for the tow rig. What are you waiting for more than having better mileage? If expect an acceleration in your vehicle, please choose from the best tuner or programmer, even for the 6.4 Powerstroke. Choose from our recommendation if you want something incredible to happen next on your list. A tuner is essential to communicate with the vehicle’s computer via the OBD2 diagnostic port and maintain the ride control. Besides taking control of your ride, it benefits your vehicle with speedometer correction, gauge monitoring, and transmission diagnostics. As with all vehicle tuners, 6.4 Powerstroke tuners are considered the most robust tool. The simplicity of installation and transmission shift point adjustment makes the tuner right for you. Check our Top-pick in a glance on Amazon and know more!

Programmers vs. Tuners



Small electronic device to fix the engine’s performance Electronic devices improve TQ, HP & Fuel economy
Fix errors to adjust engine’s tune Can adjust your speed limiter
Mostly purchased as an aftermarket product Download engine’s vitals and maintains them
Fairly easy to install Installation with no tool required
Installation can be done on the ECM by the OBD-II adapter Built-in high-speed processor
Contains data for ECM’s modification Fast updates, uploads, and tuning ability
Improves engine efficiency Encourages Multiple adjustable options

Best recommended programmer for 6.4 Powerstroke

Best recommended tuner for 6.4 Powerstroke

Why Choose From These 8 Best Tuners for 6.4 Powerstroke?

  • We are fun to research with!

Anyone can write a reviewing guide, but the experience of the world’s best mechanics helps you choose from the right products. Make sure the guide helping you should be reliable and maintained from an old mechanic’s school. Salon Auto Sport writes top-notch products for its clients. You’ll be benefited from our top-recommended 6.4 Powerstroke tuner. 

  • They are from ‘High-grade manufacturers’

Our work is to make reliable communication with the top manufacturers, choose their products, and surround them with enthusiasts. We have kept these 6.4 Powerstroke tuners to help every live person. Don’t select from an automated menu hell. If you feel like purchasing the accurate tuner, we highly recommend our top-pick ‘Bully Dog 40417 GT Platinum Tuner.’ Fixing the engine’s errors and acceleration is not painful but manageable with the premium tuner. Using a top manufacturer’s product ensures you a never-ending cycle of the drive. 

  • Committed to Quality

We don’t pursue every local brand that promotes 6.4 Powerstroke tuners, but we encourage them to have more value to the clients. Fixing an automotive error needs a huge responsibility, and we take that responsibility very seriously. All our recommended tuners, programmers, and monitors are decided with solid teamwork. We know to handle our readers competently.

Best Tuner for 6.4 Powerstroke Compression Table

Products Brand Key-Features Check Price
Bully Dog 40417 GT Platinum Tuner Bully Dog Comes with ‘Heads up Monitor’
SCT BDX Performance Tuner and Monitor SCT Built-in ‘Diagnostic and Custom Tuning’
Bully Dog GT Diesel Tuner and Monitor Bully Dog Improves excellent ‘FUEL ECONOMY’
Edge (85400) Diesel Evolution CTS2 Edge Sleek case design CTS2
DiabloSport 7103-D Predator DiabloSport Built in a faster processor
New Superchips Dashpaq in-Cab Tuner Southwest Speed A performance tuning device
Hypertech 32501 Max Energy Power Tuning Program Hypertech A tuner for real engine tuning
GDP Tuning EZ LYNK Tuner Monitor GDP Tuning GDP Tuning monitor

The 8 Best Tuner for 6.4 Powerstroke Reviews in 2021

1. Bully Dog GT Diesel Tuner and Monitor

Bully Dog GT Diesel Tuner and Monitor

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Key features

  • Engineered to diagnose and fix trouble codes
  • The monitor is improved with a dynamic LCD
  • 10 custom tune files feature

‘Bully Dog’ is a renowned manufacturer worldwide, and the tuners from the manufacturer have excellent fitment for Ford, Dodge & GM Diesel Models. It would be amazing to get authorized with excellent ‘FUEL ECONOMY.’ Through the fuel-saving preloads, it is possible to enjoy long-haul and around-town driving. This time, ‘Bully Dog’ keeps the monitor with over 15 performance parameters. The monitor has a dynamic LCD through that you’ll be notified when to diagnose the engine, fix the trouble codes, and ensure proper engine operation. You will get lots of options for changing things as performance needs.

Professional’s Thoughts:

I have read lots of reviewers that were praising the ‘Bully Dog GT Diesel Tuner.’ Most of the reviewers said that the tuner improves MPG. I want to say I love horsepower for days. This tuner adds a ton of power and lots of gauges and doesn’t bug when driving your vehicle. You’ll get essential data, read the errors, and fix them accurately. Experts recommend this thing to ensure proper engine operation.

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2. SCT BDX Performance Tuner and Monitor

SCT BDX Performance Tuner and Monitor

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Key features

  • Developed for ‘Maximum tune flexibility’
  • Constructed with Large Backlit LCD Screen
  • Error Code Clearing

Purchasing from SCT will be a good idea as the manufacturer’s performance tuner is featured with ‘Diagnostic and Custom Tuning.’ As like our Top-pick, the SCT performance tuner is made for complete make & model fit. You can make the tuner compatible with Ford, Dodge, Chrysler, GM, and Toyota applications. You’re recommended to verify applications and compatibility. Let’s talk a bit about its specifications. The SCT Performance Tuner has 20 custom tuning files, and they can be optimized for maximum tune flexibility.

Professional’s Thought:

The latest technology helped the tuner with its ‘Cloud Delivery’ feature. You can download necessary updates and tunes through Wi-Fi and record real-time stats on a full-color display.

The display also includes parameter effectiveness. It is possible to erase PCM diagnostic trouble codes and boost acceleration immediately. People love the SCT tuner for being designed with a dynamic color display; through that, you can monitor your vehicle’s performance at a glance. The monitor can be installed on the dash. An individual will love to solve adjustable warnings, alerts, and vehicle parameters. I highly recommend this combo.

Click here to check ‘SCT BDX Performance Tuner’ on Amazon.

3. Bully Dog 40417 GT Platinum Tuner

Bully Dog 40417 GT Platinum Tuner

  • Capable of 10 custom tune files maintenance
  • Diagnose the engine and fix trouble codes
  • Improves fuel economy
  • Ensures proper engine operation
  • Can be mounted on pillar, window, or dash

It’s a reliable tuner for ‘Gas Applications.’ Purchase from the Bully Dog Store if want fitment for Ford, Dodge, Nissan & GM Gas Models. Being a premium tuner and this thing can be used as ten custom tune files. Your vehicle will be provided with all performance needs. One attractive thing about the Platinum Tuner is being constructed with its ‘Heads up Monitor.’ The monitor helps to preload 15 performance parameters at a glance. The LCD of Bully’s Monitor is dynamic and can be mounted on a pillar, window, or dashboard. A driver can notice the fuel optimization for his vehicle, whether for the long-haul and around-town driving. If the vehicle’s engine is not properly working, it means the engine has some trouble codes. The ‘Bully Dog GT Platinum Tuner’ will help diagnose the trouble codes and fix them to ensure proper engine movement.

Professional’s Thought:

The engine tuner is a mandatory task to improve the vehicle’s horsepower through diagnosing all vehicles’ stuff in a single unit. What are you waiting for more than having features and diagnostic functions for 6.4 Powerstroke in 2021? I have received an engine tuner, diagnostic device, monitor, and gauge as a single unit in one purchase. By diagnosing the engine comprehensively, you can fix your engine’s trouble codes and ensure a proper engine operation. Get an increase in horsepower and torque at a time. Highly recommended!

Click here to check the ‘Bully Dog 40417 GT Platinum Tuner’ on Amazon. It’s our top pick!

4. Edge (85400) Diesel Evolution CTS2

Edge (85400) Diesel Evolution CTS2

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Key features

  • 5-inch full-color swipe screen
  • Download stock files and improves Edge calibrations in vehicle
  • Available for both gas and diesel vehicles

The attractive feature of this Edge product is its slim, sleek case design. What’s the Edge CTS2 brings us? This Edge programmer/monitor is established with fully customizable backgrounds. 5-inch full color of the swipe screen will help you with its high-resolution strategy. The Evolution CTS2 is for reprogramming your vehicle’s stock computer. Through the kit, you can download the stock files and install the Edge calibrations to the vehicle. The manufacturer announces that the Edge CTS2 is available for gas and diesel pickups and SUVs. The product features multiple power levels that help installation in minutes. The Evolution of CTS2 is extensively used to increase horsepower and torque. You can mount it in the cab. Besides re-tuning your vehicle, the CTS2 helps monitoring of vital engine data.

Professional’s Thought:

You’ll be benefited from the number of monitor ‘gauges’ such as transmission, coolant, fuel level, load, and a host of others. Undoubtedly, it is Edge’s super monitoring device. All you need to do is get tinkered with the programs and take a few minutes to load the program. You can set the programs for the towing and fun with the extreme. Cheers, all!

Click here to check ‘Edge (85400) Diesel Evolution CTS2’ on Amazon.

5. DiabloSport 7103-D Predator

DiabloSport 7103-D Predator

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Key features

  • Built-in memory with a faster processor
  • Ultra easy to operate
  • Great performance tuner for ‘Extreme Tuning’

Who doesn’t want a performance upgrade for the GM Truck? Consider purchasing from the ‘DiabloSport’ manufacturer. This time, ‘DiabloSport’ brings its predator to the enthusiasts who need elimination of downshifting and speedometer correction when climbing hills. This product will help you to change the tire size and gear ratio more correctly. The DiabloSport Predator is structured with a 2.8″ color screen (High-definition). Also, you’ll be benefited from an improved tuning and updating speed through its memory with a faster processor. Why not get the stuff for Economy, Towing, and Daily Driving? Indeed, DiabloSport brings perfect and extreme tuning.

Professional’s Thought:

The Predator material comes preloaded with programs for 6.4 Powerstroke. Now, it’s possible to ramp up a vehicle’s performance in a big way! The predator’s performance tuner helps to gain up to 25 Horsepower and Torque. Besides getting enriched with the truck’s account, you’ll be blessed with all flexible options such as positioning the tire size, gear ratio, and top speed limiter. The installation is simple. This stuff is considered to be the real running legend among the top performance tuners; highly recommended!

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6. New Superchips Dashpaq in-Cab Tuner

New Superchips Dashpaq in-Cab Tuner

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Key features

  • Compatible With 6.4l Power Stroke
  • 2.4″ color screen
  • Tunes for extreme performance

Purchase from ‘Southwest Speed Store’ as the manufacturer brings the BEST IN-CAB TUNER for 6.4 Powerstroke. The tuner works as Dashpaq Diesel with 1994-2019 Ford Diesel Trucks in a professional’s view. Using the tuner will add vital engine parameters on your Powerstroke and increases power functions. This tuner is made as a performance tuning device. Besides, you get all functions watched on a 2.4″ color screen monitor. It would be helpful for easy navigation. What are you waiting for more capability than ever before? Get this product adjusted for 6.4 Powerstroke and build an excellent user experience.

Professional’s Thought:

Indeed, it is a performance tuning device with a fabulous ‘Graphic Interface.’ An excellent user experience is usually created with daily driving and extreme performance. I have noticed the stuff manages real-time MPGs so well. Depending on the application, the tuner adjusts the speedometer for tire size. I have received it with a Custom gauge mount. You can set the tuner on the dash or window. No matter what, you’ll receive the logs routine maintenance ever before. Recommended for easy navigation!

Click here to check ‘NEW SUPERCHIPS DASHPAQ IN-CAB TUNER’ on Amazon.

7. Hypertech 32501 Max Energy Power Tuning Program

Hypertech 32501 Max Energy Power Tuning Program

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Key features

  • The no-1 power tuning program
  • Diagnose Trouble Codes
  • Optimized for ‘Maximum Power & Performance’

Thanks to Hypertech for bringing us such a tuner for optimized engine tuning. I have noticed people saying that this stuff increases the maximum power and performance of a vehicle. The tuner is structured with a ‘Speedometer Calibrator.’ Through this, the non-stock tires and rear end gears are easily maintainable. Get it compatible with most applications. The tuner reads and identifies trouble engine codes and fixes them accurately. The fuel acceleration is improved for all transmission functions. Maintaining cruising speeds is now easy!

Professional’s Thought:

One of the Hypertech users said that its program for his vehicle came out nicely throughout the years. I am pleased with this stuff! I bought this tuner to adjust the speedometer for 35″ tires on my vehicle. It’s easy to adjust the shift points and accelerate transmission shifts at almost 300 RPM’S higher than stock. I felt the truck in the right gear. Absolutely worth the money!

Click here to check the ‘Hypertech Power Tuning Program’ on Amazon. Throttle response is standard with this stuff!

8. GDP Tuning EZ LYNK Tuner Monitor

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Key features

  • Ready to use (Tuning Monitor)
  • Built-in navigation
  • Withstand the extreme temperatures

This product is compatible with ‘Cummins Duramax Powerstroke Diesel.’ The LYNK Tuner Monitor is designed to withstand extreme road conditions and temperatures. Now, it is possible to attach GDP stuff to the cab of your truck. You can monitor vital engine parameters with this GDP Tuning monitor. The built-in navigation, dashcam with 1080P camera, and SD card slot is the best mentionable functionality. Get the GDP product if it needs compatibility with EZ Lynk Auto Agent App. You’re requested to use the GDP Tuning Monitor with EZ Lynk Tuning.

Professional’s Thought:

Got to have a positive review! This stuff works as designed and announced. GDP manufacturer builds this ‘Tuning Monitor’ with maximum functionality. You get easy installation for larger hands. To exceed in towing mode. Good luck!

Click here to check the ‘GDP Tuning EZ LYNK Tuner Monitor’ on Amazon.

How to choose the Best Tuner for 6.4 Powerstroke

There are thousands of performance chips, tuners, and programmers out there in today’s market, but, How to choose from the best custom tunes for 6.4 Powerstroke? Here we include some factors that need to consider:

  • Vehicle’s type

Vehicle type is the foremost thing to be mindful of! All our recommended tuners are custom-designed for the 6.4 Powerstroke engine. Your vehicle will be given supreme performance through it. Whether your vehicle’s compatibilities, such as 5th wheel trailers or significant rig functionality, choose the right vehicle type. Almost every vehicle with 6.4 Powerstroke has the same finely-tuned parameters and settings. So, you have got the chance to purchase from the exact car or truck configuration. Once you’re confirming with vehicle’s make, model, and year, please go for the right tuner that matches your engine compatibility.

  • Better Driving Style

If your vehicle’s configuration meets Powerstroke compatibility, choosing from our top-pick will get you the desired performance. Once reading our guide, you’ll know how great our recommended tuners are made of! The real experiences come from fellow drivers often, even though purchasing from the Amazon platform gives you real-world testimonials along with the best products. We urge you to read our performance tuner’s reviews if you’re power-hungry enthusiasts. Once you start working for your vehicle and add something valuable to your engine for more acceleration and quicker performance, having a race-inspired tuner will be a great addition. Get to know to drive more efficiently!

  • Modifications

A real modification never loses your money; it somewhat will improve your vehicle’s maintenance and acceleration. A 6.4 PowerStroke tuner from our recommendation will help you modifying air intake, exhausts, gear ratio changes, and performance upgrades. A standard control tuner will inspire the stock vehicles and engine modification. People often choose a tuner to make significant changes to a vehicle’s performance and improvements. Why not turn your vehicle into a high-performance machine? Get equipped with your mechanical upgrades thoroughly.

How to Tune Your 6.4 Powerstroke Diesel

  1. People often get excited to tune their vehicle’s engine because performance tuners bring a powerful impression over a technical process. Installing performance tuners is like the easiest of all performance or vehicle upgrades. However, the main challenge is to receive the tuners in electronic boxes and appropriate for the ECU signal. How to access the ECU anyway? You can access it through the OBD II port that remains under the truck’s dash. Get to plug your programmer into the port accurately.
  1. If no mistake, the installation can be done that easily. No matter which truck you drive or you own 6.4 PowerStroke, the brand tuner you buy will come with an installation guide. The installation is always the same for every vehicle’s compatibility. Our recommended tuners have reliability with the easy instruction guide.
  1. If I explain the installation process in a nutshell, It’s like the following:
      • Unpack the tuner from the box
      • Get to plug into vehicle’s OBD-II port
      • Follow the instruction guide
      • Buckle the blacktop


  • Can a 6.4 Powerstroke be made reliable?

As per my experience, the 6.4 isn’t ensured of longevity but built-in power. Accurate maintenance of this Powerstroke can establish it as a great edition. Unlike the 6.0L, the 6.4L’s rocker arm has not the same amount of lubrication. The engine oil can be diluted with diesel fuel and excessive ball pivot wear.

  • Can you bulletproof a 6.4 Powerstroke?

The 6.4 can’t be bulletproofed, but I have heard 6.7 is the appropriate thing to do after 2007!

  • What is the best year for the 6.4 Powerstroke?

As per my research, the best year is 2010 for the 6.4 Powerstroke even though some individuals rewarded them as the least problematic stuff.


What’s now? Have you checked our products? Let us know if you did it! This article is all about the ‘Best Tuner for 6.4 Powerstroke.’ Thanks to the great manufacturers who availed the top-grade modification for 6.4 Powerstroke. Don’t worry! Our recommendation is full of original and influential tuners in 2021. You’ll get outstanding performance achieved through the tuners. Our experts did well-research on choosing the ideal fitment. They are validated!

Thanks for staying so much!