It’s easy to customize the steering wheel covers with us! In this guide, we preserve some quick and easy way by our professional’s tips. Even if you have direct-fit steering covers, don’t miss this article. Acquiring knowledge is far better than doing nothing! All you need to do is stitching the wheel cover snugly around the vehicle’s steering. It seems too more natural to listen. Honestly, you have to do some work manually. Always keep your steering wheel measured so that whenever you need a new cover, you can easily purchase it. At length, the first condition of installing a steering wheel is purchasing the right sized cover. An amazing installment is possible when you sew the cover together and stretch the cover around the wheel. Probably, our experts make it more understanding to know how to install a steering wheel cover.

9 Professional’s Steps to Install a Steering Wheel Cover

In this following guide, we maintain nine steps gradually. All it says about ‘Cleaning & Preparing wheel cover.’ Afterward, it shows you the installation process wholly. At last, today is all about ‘How to stitch steering wheel cover?’ 

  • Clean the steering wheel & its cover by degreesHow to Install a Steering Wheel Cover

Firstly, buy Isopropyl Alcohol. Then, clean the steering wheel entirely. You can use a rag or spray bottle for the process. The process is helpful for the alcohol wipes down the steering wheel gently. Besides cleaning the steering wheel, it is beneficial to clean the cover. Be mindful of not getting the wheel cover wholly dampened. Sprinkling some Isopropyl Alcohol over the steering & cover removes the dirt or dust. If it does not happen, the steering wheel gets polluted under the surface.

  • Reminisce of the accurate fitment 

Most of the time, you get upset by an unexpected fitment. Don’t hurry & place an order instantly. Even if it takes a few minutes from your day, measure the steering wheel with diameter. For accurate fitment, it is amusing to use tape. Stretch the tape across the steering wheel. On average, a steering wheel is measured in 36 to 44 Centimeter.  

Also, the thickness must be measured as the thickness of the wheel is a big concern. When taping around the steering wheel, do it along. You’ll get to know the accurate fitment of the thickness. You can consider this dimension when purchasing a steering wheel cover. Include the grips within 2.5 to 4.5 inches mostly.

  • Have you purchased from Amazon or trustable stores?

We prefer Amazon! You’ll get various measurements of a steering wheel’s cover there. Click here to redirect to the high-grade Amazon products. The stretch style covers are always preferable. You also get stitch style covers available online. The difference between stretch style & stitch style is, a stitch style cover requires sewing them, whereas stretch style covers have a direct fitment. By the way, why choose from Amazon? Amazon helps you with a variety of designs and top manufacturers. A wheel cover is nothing but makes your car more aesthetic.

  • Remove the cardboard off! Have you purchased from Amazon or trustable stores

A brand new product is packaged with cardboard. It prevents a product from damage. You will see maximum wheel covers are engineered with this cardboard & it stays inside the cover generally. However, you have to remove it off. Then, you are ready to install it only!

  • You must soften the steering wheel cover (Before installation)

As a general rule, we recommend using a blow dryer. Even WikiHow suggests utilizing a blow dryer to soften the cover from the center. We are used to using a blow dryer by turning it high and move it across the lid gently. Be mindful of keeping the dryer at a distance of 2.5 cm. The more heat a cover consumes, the more pliable it gets for installation. You must follow the process for an easier installation.  

  • Read it before going to the process

You probably read the 1-5 steps entirely. Now, if you have a stretch style cover, start the installation immediately before the cover is cooling off. If you’re using a stitch-required cover, you have to read till the end. Most stitch-required products are to fit loosely, whereas the stretch style covers have a tight fitment.

  • Start installing from the top of the wheel 

See the measurement of the cover and fit it to the top of the wheel. If the steering wheel is puzzled, align it, and do the installation from the center. Try to attach the cover around the steering wheel gently. Slide the cover. Do it as much as you can. Note that, when a cover is positioned correctly, it gets centered over the wheel without hesitation. Start the process from the top of the wheel. 

  • Stretch out the cover and get it contoured by both sidesStretch out the cover and get it contoured by both sides

Hopefully, you have installed the cover successfully from the top of the steering wheel. Now, go underneath to stretch out the cover from both sides of the wheel. Do it with your fingers. The process is like packaging a gift with wrapping paper! Stretch the cover without hurrying. Finally, you get the entire cover attached to the steering wheel. You must pull it hard. Then, the wheel cover fits almost perfectly over the steering wheel. 

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  • Fit the cover from underneath 

You are almost done! This step tells you to pull the bottom of the cover. You must be sided the sheet successfully by the steering wheel. A maximum person says that they can’t match the bottom of the wheel entirely. In case we repeat about purchasing the exact-fitted product from Amazon. Even if you feel resistant with the exact-fitted cover, then force the shelter until it fits snugly. The process is nothing like a war! You’ll get it done anyway. You can ask one of your friends to hold the wheel straightly. It makes no trouble!

Infographic How to install a steering wheel cover

How to Stitch Steering Wheel Cover?

Step 1:  Check the requirement 

If you have a stretch style steering cover, install it over the wheel. Probably, you do it more easily. You must read our previous steps to install a steering wheel cover. However, you should notice if the steering cover is perfectly lined up with the wheel’s diameter. Sometimes, steering covers are structured with adhesive tape. It let your installation to better security. Don’t get shocked if you see the steering wheel covers fit loosely. Usually, most stitch-required covers have a loose fitment.  

Step 2: Tie the lacing strings end of the needle

You get stitch-required covers available on Amazon or any global platforms. These covers are packaged with lacing string. You get it along with a purchase. You should take about 3 to 5 feet of chain and a needle. Then, place one end of the string to the needle. Tie the knot & get the needle ready for sewing. 

[Note that some manufacturers don’t provide a lacing string with the cover. In case, buy it online. Click here to buy those lacing string from maximum durability]

Step 3: Now, start sewing! 

You have to start sewing from the spokes of the steering wheel. You will see some existing holes inside the cover; through them, you can accelerate the needle. Following the sewing holes will help you to go all the way inside the cover. Don’t create new holes!

Step 4: Adjust the thread from inside and under the cover

Sewing the string from inside the thread helps to tie both sides of the cover, including the steering wheel itself. Use the needle correctly by the hands of the cover. Keep sliding the needle under the thread and repeat the sewing process till the steering cover fixed together.

Step 5: Finally, try a knot 

After stitching the steering wheel cover properly, you must tie a knot at the end of the spoke. Cut the extra string once you have done everything correctly. Maintaining sewing holes help you get the installation successfully. Therefore, the process is lengthy but creates a premium vibe! 

You must continue the stitching process until the cover is entirely stitched. Although the process is time-consuming, professionals love to be in it.

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  • How to make a steering wheel cover fit tighter?

Firstly, you have to purchase, although better. High-grade steering wheel covers are molded nicely to the wheel. Stitching the covers to the steering wheel is considered to be the best idea. Besides, you get wheel covers with the adhesive requirement. We saw people wrapping the perforated along with the cheap wheel cover. The process is best for fat, feel vibes!

  • How to install lace on the steering wheel cover?How to install lace on the steering wheel cover

Do it in 5 following steps!

  • Keep the wheel cover in a touch of the steering wheel. Make sure if it has maximum fitment around the wheel.
  • Prepare the lace and insert the end of it into the needle.
  • Find the sewing holes from the steering wheel and start sewing through the holes gently.
  • Shortly, you reach the climax of your stitch work.
  • Finally, stop lacing behind the spoke. You’re almost done!

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As a driver, we know how comfortable it is to drive with hand-crafted steering wheels. You can turn your standard wheel to the next level steering wheels. All you need to do is customizing a steering wheel cover. You know it well! We receive questions from our audiences. Recently we found ‘How to install a steering wheel cover?’ as the most trending curiosity. In this guide, we show you the ultimate process of installing & stitching a steering cover. Probably, we help you with real information. Establishing a steering cover helps you with not losing the vehicle’s control. Besides, stitching the steering wheel covers doesn’t let your palms get sweaty; neither does it allow the wheel to get slippery. Thanks for reading us.