We seek a frequent question the most, and it is ‘How long does it take to tint car windows?’ The method is entirely dependent on the window requirement how carefully you’re detailing it. People go to the tint shop or DIY road as a solution of tinting windows. Thus, it results in the best. 

In this context, you get the procedure of adding good-looking tint for a variety of seasons. Besides, you get to know how much time it takes to accomplish the tint job. Going to rush when tinting car windows let the glass bubbled and misshapen. Take a glance below to read more over the subject.

How Long Does Window Tint Take?

The method depends on several factors, and five of them considered being major. It includes:How Long Does It Take to Tint Car Windows

  1. Size of window surface area
  2. Type of window shapes
  3. If old tint needs to be removed
  4. Number of windows 
  5. Steep window rake & complex curves

On average, the more windows need to be tinted, the more time it costs. When testing the procedure at our garage, we found an estimation of one-and-a-half hours it takes for the hatchbacks cars. Six or more door cars are consisting of steep window rake or complex curves, and they could take around three hours in this process. You’ll be surprised to know that Two-door coupes take a longer time than a standard vehicle as it has not much room for tinting the back and rear windows shortly.

How Is Window Tint Applied?

People love to tint car windows to avoid ultraviolet sunlight rays. It doesn’t feel delightful in the meantime of a long drive. Besides, the sunlight is harmful to the skin. As a mandatory task, we bring a few complications that show you how to window tint is applied in a vehicle. You’ll get an idea about the time-consuming process also. To know more about maintaining the windows for privacy, read our other content about

Part 1: Get the car windows prepared Get the car windows prepared

Clean and dry workspace is essential if you’re ready to tint car windows. You can even do it indoors. Removing stickers from the car and windows can be done easily, so do it. The process cleans all the sticky things that create trouble with the film sticking. Not only the adhesives but removing the obstructions inside a car needs to be taken off, for it doesn’t restrict the cleaning process. Get the windows and interior rid of dust.

The windows cleaning process is the same as clean the ceiling of a car. You can be benefited through the process. We recommend using multipurpose steam for an effective result. Besides, we highly forbade using Windex, or cleaner with ammonia. It turns the tinted windows purple after being used. 

The window side is facing you need to get tinted as this side determined to be more adhesive and longer lifespan.

Part 2:  How should I use the tint?How Is Window Tint Applied

Adhering the tint is essential. For this, prepare the interior of the window with glass cleaner or soapy water. Peel off the tinting film and keep it adhesive stable. Use the top half of the release liner and two fingers to get the sticky layer off. 

Now, spray water around the windows and line up the tint on this. You can slide the tint around through the wet surface and match the edge perfectly lined up in the windows.

At last, keep squeezing the bubbles of water out of the tinting surface and make it smooth. If you’re still not sure how to do it correctly, please watch the tutorial below. 

What to Do After Tinting Car Windows? Three Steps to Know


You’ve to wait for the first few days as you may face trouble when rolling down the windows. Choosing a quality window film is important in the case. It is proven to be durable. You need to consult an expert for the installation process if you’re not sure. Sometimes, window tints are vulnerable to the tint bubbles. Even if you decide to tint car windows oneself, using BUBBLE REMOVER can be significant during the LCD laminating process. Besides, if you’re having a problem with the friction caused by rolling down the window, leave it open for two or four days.

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We’ve faced the question the most, “Should I wash my car before tinting windows?” YES! It can be done before the process, but your answer is ‘NO’ for the opposite question- “When can you wash your car tinting windows?” Though the tinted window film is applied in the interior, you’ve no risk of washing the dirt or mud. But, a complete car wash includes the window too. Thus, it is amusing to hold off until the tint is dried thoroughly.

  • Drive a car without rolling down the tinted windows

You’ll need a little patience as the windows let the tint dry for two to four days. During the winter or rainy days, park the car in direct sunlight, or else, it takes about even 15 days. Don’t roll down the windows till they are tinted though you can drive and turn up the music.  

Things to Be Noted

Professional window tinting is done in a reasonable time. It is no hassle, even at the home garage. If you’ve read the whole content, you probably know how long it takes to tint car windows. You can also find the tint shop around your place. Using high-quality tints for the installation process brings the best result.