We often experience dirty car headlights during the rain, pollution, mountain drive, and dirt ride. It is a regular task for off-roaders to clean the headlights or replace them if needed. Pure maintenance will make your driving at night more accessible and safer. How to clean headlights and restore the headlights regularly or adequately anyway?

We include all great techniques such as WD-40, Restoration kit, toothpaste, and additional options; through them, it becomes easier to save a pair of headlights with a few bucks.

According to Salon Auto Sport, those premium headlights with protection film attached to them can perfectly handle road debris and UV rays. It is a solution to protect the coating on headlights. To fix the normal situation, you should follow some DIY methods. Our articles include all the following methods below:

  • clean oxidized headlights with toothpaste
  • restore headlights with a restoration kit
  • clean plastic/foggy headlights

Clean Oxidized Headlights With Toothpaste

Things needed:

Clean Oxidized Headlights With Toothpaste

  • Take all the tools related to the operation

Most of the time a toothpaste becomes your only friend to clean a car’s headlights. You need a few materials to clean the headlights. Including toothpaste, we recommend having Car wax, Masking tape, Gloves, a Microfiber towel, and a bucket of boiled water.

  • Primary wash with soap & boiled water

The headlight’s glasses should be washed with soap and a boiled water mixture. It would be best if you washed with a microfiber cloth or sponge gently. Then, wait until the headlight’s surfaces are entirely air-dried. If all is done, let’s jump into the next step!

  • Use masking tape to avoid extra surfaced damages

For an aesthetic & practical operation, be mindful of surrounding all headlight areas with masking tape. During the cleaning process, you may harm additional areas with accidental scuffing. Do you want it to happen? Besides, we recommend wearing hand gloves to save your skin from unexpected injuries.

  • Start cleaning with toothpaste/water mixture

The next step is to ladle toothpaste around the cloth, dip the cloth into the bucket, and clean the cloth in small circles. Be mindful of cleaning dirt or affected lights for up to five minutes.

  • Finishing up with car wax

Have you finished rinsing the dirty surfaces successfully? Well, now it’s time to allow the headlights to dry. After finishing the cleanup, you can use car wax for better protection in the future.

Restore Headlights With Restoration Kit

Headlights are the only thing to make your car’s side illuminated. Sometimes, the car’s headlight gets dirtier after a long drive. Then, it becomes necessary to restore them if you want to see the road with powerful beams. Now, I will show the method ‘restore headlights with a restoration kit’ easily.

‘Headlight Lens Restoration Kit’ is the effective formula to wash all oxidized, plastic, and foggy headlights. We recommend 3M Headlight Lens Restoration Kit if you focus on cleaning the hazy and yellowish vibe from the headlights.

Things you need when cleaning headlights:

  • A top-grade restoration kit (We recommended above)

Restore Headlights With Restoration Kit

Additional things- Masking tape, Microfiber towel, and Boiled water bucket.

  • After having all the required stuff in touch, please tend to get your headlights clean. The first thing to do is washing the headlight lenses with a soap-water texture. During the washing process, we recommend blocking the headlight corners with masking tape to overcome extra residues.
  • You should focus on cleaning headlight lenses rather than paint or rims. After the primary wash, you should wash the headlights with sandpaper. The value of the sandpaper should be between 1K to 3K grits. Be careful of using wet sandpaper to eliminate hard particles and residues.
  • Once you feel less dirt on the headlights, clean the headlights with boiled water and let them dry for a while. Then, polish wax on the headlights with a clean microfiber towel. Using wax restores your headlights and makes them look even clearer and protect the lens in the future from ultra rays.
  • You are almost done! It will be magnificent if you try UV sealant to your headlights as the protective layer. It saves your headlights from getting hazy over again. An instruction guide with the sealant tells you how to use it.
  • You’ll see a big improvement if you follow our mentioned steps successfully. Sometimes, you don’t get the result immediately. In case, please wash the lenses until they are worth more sanding.

Clean Plastic/Foggy Headlights: Remove Yellowish Vibe

You can follow our previous methods. Still, we have a great solution to clean plastic or foggy headlights with fewer supplies like WD-40, fresh rags or towel, gloves, a soft-bristled brush, and a mild cleanser.

  • The headlights go on debris, dirt, dead bugs, particles, and massive pollution every day. After returning to the home, the first thing you should do is remove dirt from the headlight surfaces. A cleanser will eliminate all accumulated pollution from the plastic/foggy headlights.
  • After cleaning with a cleanser, it would be recommended to remove the glass surface with a dry towel and then apply a headlight restorer on them. It would be a good task to distribute a fair amount of WD-40 to your headlight at a time.
  • Following the manufacturer’s direction, the cleaning process should be done for 15-20 minutes. While cleaning, you’ll feel rough spots over the wet headlights. Do the cleaning processes until you feel it fresh. Finally, along with a washer, wash the headlights entirely.

Final talk

This guide tried to show all the effective ways to clean and restore headlights with toothpaste, WD-40, and a headlight restoration kit. Let us know if it helped you even a little bit. You’ll benefit from cleaning both oxidized and plastic headlights. We hope you get your headlights cleaned and rid of all hazy and yellowish vibes in no time.