Cleaning a garage floor is a skill for all car enthusiasts. You must keep this learning in the best way. We show you how to clean the garage floor with household improvement lists. This guide tells you the secret of prepping a floor as a squeaky clean garage. You must be thinking of a nice clean garage, right? Hard contaminants don’t go even after several hard washes as the floor is mostly engineered with epoxy coating. Don’t worry! You’re a few steps away from a cleaned floor. For now, look around the floor if it is dirty through the concrete construction. People get it right through the process is as easy as eliminating odors from a washroom. 

Things to know more!

You can’t imagine how roughly clutter and grime build up on the garage floor. It happens due to a lack of cleaning and maintenance. If you want to get the solution immediately, click here to buy the ‘Hard-Surface Floor Cleaner’ on Amazon. You can apply it quickly, like cleaning a house. 

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Infographic How to Clean the Garage Floor

How to Clean the Garage Floor; 6 astonishing steps

You have to go through four unusual processes. A clean garage is meant to be preventing oils and residues from the garage floor. What the biggest immaturity of us is not maintaining the garage floor in a natural process. If you do it regularly, the floor is increased to a long lifespan. What are the procedures for cleaning a garage floor? Read below! 

  • Firstly, Sweep the floor around

If you intend to clean a garage floor, remove the accessories from the floor. Who likes getting interrupted in a cleaning way? Even if your garage is full of cars, bikes, and tools, move them out of the garage or receive unfortunate damage during the process. You need not remove the shelves (if it remains in a garage). 

How to Clean the Garage Floor

After removing all the accessories that may interrupt your cleaning process, jump to covering drywall and outlets successfully. You must tape the drywall and outlets so that the walls get not messy, and electrical outlets remain safe. As you know, the cleaning process is all about water damage and stains, and your walls should be protected with the tarp. Cover up the drywall for at least 3 feet up from the garage floor. 

At last, you need to sweep the floor gently as the floor needs to get ready for applying any cleaning solution. We are going to doing it next! Do the process with the help of a broom. You should throw away the dirt, dust, and existing debris out of the garage.   

  •  Clean garage floor with muriatic acid

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Once you finish sweeping the floor successfully, you’ve to go for removing stains in this step. Then, How to start? 

You should apply any of the best floor cleaners or oil solution in this process. It sets on the floor amazingly and cleans the stains later on. After applying the floor cleaner, you should start ragging the floor using paper towels. 

Be careful of applying the cleaning solution on the stain entirely. Then, use a scrub or bristle brush to scour the stain from the garage floor. You should follow the process for a more extended period. However, it results in the best! You can add Muriatic Acid to the process. Be mindful of mixing one part of acid with ten parts water.  

  • What next? Apply some cat’s litter on the floor

Most of the time, we see some residues or leftover even after scouring the floor entirely. The wastes are like a dried oil stain. You have to sprinkle some cat litter around the stain. Be noted that the litter you choose should be containing clay. Leave the litter there for a few hours. It absorbs the dried oil stain. After a few minutes, sweep it up. 

  • You must put ‘Grease Remover’ in an application

If you’ve not applied any cat litters on the floor, buy any oil and grease remover from Amazon. Then, use it on the label. Once you purchase grease remover, follow the instructions that are written behind the bottle. You should apply the solution across the stain. Then, let it dry for a few minutes. You can give several hours to the process. Wait till the grease remover is dry. At last, sweep the floor up. 

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  • Now, scrub the tough stains completely

In the meantime, you need a box of detergent powder and a bucket of water. You must use warm water for the process. Blend them off! When the mixture is ready, be continued sprinkling detergent over the floor. Then, scrub the stain like it’s going out of style. You will get rid of existing stains if you use rags and wipe up as much as possible. At length, let the floor dry again.

  • At last, use a power washer to clean the garage completely use a power washer to clean the garage completely

The cleaning process is almost done. Now, you have to use a power washer to clean the garage floor amazingly. Be mindful that a power washer is something most achieving products that need to be stored in your garage always. With the help of a power washer, you can clean your garage floor immediately. You can rent the power washer from a hardware store. But, we recommend you purchase one of them permanently. You will get the best power washer available on Amazon. We discuss our recommended power washer below. Take a look. When using a power washer in the garage, leave the doors open. It helps draining out the water.

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  • Can be used for garage floor cleaning task
  • You can store detergent in its removable tank
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With all our professional ideas, we provide you helping hand about how to clean the garage floor. The process is as easy as floor squeegee. You can clean the garage floor out of low spots. Follow all the steps successfully. Most importantly, buy pressure washer if you have not any of the best companies. Do you know? Mostly, we receive the question from enthusiasts how to clean the garage floor with muriatic acid? We have mentioned it in our 2nd steps. Have a look. The acid etching must be painted on the concrete made floor. In the process, you know how to clean away dirt from the garage floor. Be careful about treating the oil stains and surface contaminants effectively.

Best wishes!