Getting smoke smell in a car produces an undesirable scent that lasts longer. It is also an odor that none likes without the chain-smokers. What if you’re on a family trip and your partners do not like it? In this guide, we show that way how to get rid of the smoke smell in the car. You can do it in a home garage with no professional help. The best way to ever consider is interior cleaning. Our experts write on several steps that will mitigate unpleasant smell instantly.

Sometimes smoke smell comes through the debris too. The debris includes leftover ash and cigarette butts. Put the trash out of the car and try a Premium Air Freshener and Odor Eliminator available on Amazon. Be careful about cleaning the headliner, carpets, and dashboard using a vacuum or steamer. It makes the car’s interior dry and more odor-absorbing. Thus, you’ll get a permanent solution after using the air freshener we’ve mentioned above.   

Is it possible to remove smoke smell from car

In the U.S.A, hiring a professional is a common issue. Those who don’t want to use their own elbow grease can budget at least $150 to $220 for a complete (interior) cleaning. The budget mostly depends on the size of a vehicle. Besides, the location is a big concern about the cost of getting the smell out of a car.

Best smoke odor eliminator spray to use today

Zep is a commercial Smoke Odor Eliminator. It is used to remove smoke smell, which is produced from cigarettes, cigars, fire, and the relevant source. Besides removing the smoke smell, the Zep spray is significant to neutralize garbage odors. The best feature of this spray is being created with non-toxic formula. Get it automobile compatible.  Click here to buy it on Amazon. 

6 Pro Tips to Get Rid of Smoke Smell in Car

A great air purifier and sterilizer till now! Enerzen is a reputed manufacturer to bring you a powerful odor eliminator. The machine is constructed with a larger unit and design. It produces over 6,000 mg of ozone, and a larger fan sterilizes the remaining odor from the square footage. Undoubtedly, the Enerzen generator is made to fulfill Commercial and Industrial requirements. As far as our experience, the generator works well and permanently eliminates the smells out of the car. Now, come to the odors the machine stops. You get destroyed by any mal-odors such as cigarette/cigar smoke, pet odors, smoke damage, and all airborne odors. Get one year warranty with this product. Ozone is maintained to bleach for air and controls the purification time at length. Purchase this if you want to eliminate bad smells very immediately.

Organic Cinnamon Powder

Organic Cinnamon Powder is our recommendation. Who doesn’t love the smell of cinnamon? It is not always used to bake and cook goods, but sometimes you can use cinnamon to eliminate smoke odor from a vehicle. Let’s tell you the secret we tried. First, open the packet of cinnamon powder and blend some of the powder in a small pot with water. Do it gently and start boiling the mixture. After a boil, take out the mix to the Glass Spray Bottles. Spray the boiled water over the car’s interior and ensure if the windows are shut. Then, turn the AC on until the boiled cinnamon starts producing a sweet smell. Yes, it’s an instant and valuable process.

Perox-C PlusThe Perox-C Plus (All-purpose Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaner), we usually use hydrogen peroxide to get rid of upholstery odors. Maximum of us realize an excellent solution using it, and I prescribe the Perox-C Plus cleaner to be used in the same method. You can complex the filter with the white vinegar. For compelling the mixture, using a glass spray bottle is essential. Therefore, you can apply the mixture in the car interior as well as in the fabric. Get enough time to dry it. Definitely, Perox-C Plus is an all-purpose cleaning solution. 

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  • Deodorizer

You must deodorize the interior surfaces of a car. Before using a deodorizer, please ensure removing cigarette particles and fallen ash. Detect the odor source and clean those surfaces using a vacuum. If the car looks much cleaner, try the deodorizer best on the market. Spray all over the seat, floor, and windshield and do it while windows are completely shut. We’ve found ‘Chemical Guys’ as the premium air freshener. 

You can use any of the baking soda if the concern of removing smoke odors. We personally recommend ‘Arm & Hammer’ for both all-purpose-cleaner and deodorizer. It works spilling off the particles and smells in the car. As an immediate process, just make a mixture of water and spray it in the car. No worry if the carpet and seats are wet through the process. Once it is dry, you’ll see the difference. It takes several minutes but works like magic.

  • An entire bag of coal

Believe it or not, Charcoal works magically ever. You’ll love the formula for a daily purpose. I am not saying for one or two briquettes but an entire bag of coal. Keep it in the backseat. If you’re a smoker, keep it permanent. As we’ve tested the method oneself, it masked the smell of smoke just in few hours. Charcoal doesn’t cost so much but featured to absorb the smoke odor like magic. For the traveler, Charcoal brings the best result, both as consuming smoke smell and grilling meat in the night.

How to get smoke smell out of a car quickly (A dealership’s work)

The source of smoke smell in a car is usually the cigarette, and it’s but, liter, etc. Your partner won’t like the scent, probably or call you ‘messy.’ No worries, you’ve not to consult a professional and cleaning out ashtrays for $100-$200 budget. Follow the solution we’re showing you. It’s a 100% effective and money-saving strategy. Start implementing: 

  • Clean out the ashtrays, cigarettes, and butts. Check the cup holders and floors if it has no odor source. Replacing the interior cabin air filter will consume smoky smells and cleans the interior air of a car. You can do that too. Now, be concern about cleaning the particles and ashes.
  • Once the interior is cleaned, we prescribe Vacuuming to delete a smoky smell. Using a premier vacuum, you can settle the odor source. It wipes down all surfaces and brushes out the particles that exist in the material. You must take care of the seats, Air Conditioner, Carpets, and door panels. The more vacuum to be used, the more smell to be deleted.
  • After a complete vacuuming, eliminate the smoke smell using air fresheners. Car seats are combined with some dryer sheets in them. For being that case, you must use Chemical Guys’ deodorizer. The dryer sheets consume much fragrance of this deodorizer and freshen the air like magic. You can also use baking soda and cinnamon spray after the process. It creates a 10X result.


  • Can you get the smoke smell out of a car?

Why not? The smoke smell in a car mainly happens from upholstery and carpet. We have written about the best products; through them, you can wash and eliminate them. Baking soda and a vacuum are enough to do this sometimes!

  • Do air purifiers get rid of cigarette smoke?

Top-grade air purifiers would eat cigarette smoke and existing particles thoroughly from your car. Check out the best HEPA-rated air purifier on Amazon.

  • How do professionals get smoke smell out of a car?

Sometimes, they use white vinegar, and sometimes they use Baking soda to get rid of the tobacco smell from the car. You can take a look at what we have mentioned starting in the article.

  • Does boiling vinegar remove odors?

Quora answer the question to be ‘YES.’ More potent odors usually considered to be the smoke smell. For an instant solution, simmer white vinegar works perfectly. You should ensure the boiling for 30-40 minutes so that vinegar becomes more absorbing as the de-stinking tool.  

Final Thoughts

The guide to ‘How to get rid of smoke smell in car’ is an ultimate prescription from our experts. You can see various solutions on the Internet, but we include those solutions that benefit from our experience. I see an article that is talking about the Ozone machine. Yes, many people go to professionals and get rented the machine for 100$/24 hours. If you have a handsome budget, the Ozone machine is a big concern. But, we personally don’t recommend it using oneself as it contains toxic gas that is harmful to the lungs. Now, it’s your choice. Jason Kallansrud, a reviewer, says that the homemade solution is healthier and more affordable than a professional’s guide.