Are you ready this winter? Check the temperatures. You must be notified if your city will see massive drops of rain or some hail through the winter forecast! Last year, we had severe damage in our car as the town receives unexpected hailstorm suddenly. 

Most of the car enthusiasts are indeed used to be familiar with ice and snow. But, they rarely acknowledge the dangers of hail so that whenever their cars remain unprotected at the outside, they get hugely dented. You must be conscious of saving a thousand bucks of repair. So, do not ever take the hail damage carelessly.   

In this guide, we help you know how to protect a car from hail and show you how to drive in such a storm.

Infographic How to Protect a Car From Hail

How to Protect a Car From Hail 5 Furthest up Answer!

After severe thunderstorms, you can get hail in a car. The hail doesn’t happen for long. It comes for a real punch and heats the vehicles by windows and roofs. To be safe during the hail, you have to follow some precautions. The process lets you stay safe before, during, and after the hail storm.   

  • Turn the local weather alerts on the phone!

Turn the local weather alerts on the phoneYou must check the local weather if you feel some thunderstorms in your city. Through the process, you almost know when hailstorms will happen unexpectedly. Most of the time, the local weather reports accurately and give you a headline. Why missing an advanced knowledge like checking your local weather? However, maximum mobile devices let you know heading out immediately. For an instant, you should turn the ‘Weather’ alerts on! The advanced technology adds hail is in the forecasted opportunity. Thus, you can park your vehicle in a home garage or a covered area. Be mindful of canceling a trip if the weather is adverse.

  • Drive your car to a garage nearby!

After receiving weather alerts, you must take the vehicle in a garage or park in any covered areas. Even if you receive no alerts, be apt to park your car in covered areas during the (hailstorms) season. You must put your car in a sheltered area and get protected from such elements like unexpected hail, pollution, and, importantly, birds of prey! Who doesn’t want their car to be in a foremost condition eternally? Bring it back to a covered area. 

You may not own a home-garage. For being that case, make a carport yourself. A carport is meant to be a shelter that is supported on posts. This type of accommodation is made for a car and beside a house. You can get your vehicle protected through the carport also. You don’t receive unanticipated hailstorms anymore. 

Many of us get stuck on when out and about, right? In case you must look for a parking garage nearby. If you can’t find any, be in any tree’s shelter or covered areas.

  • Hailstorm’s unique cover! 

Hailstorm's unique coverAs we have discussed a few precautions of the hailstorm, the storm happens all of a sudden even when you’re on the way! Don’t be afraid. Be controlled and drive away for shelter nearby. It is easy to find refuge in developed countries, no matter wherever you are. Honestly, a parking garage is the best option. The hard situation is when you stay far from town or live in a tent! No matter what, always be equipped with portable hail protection such as unique hail cover. You must know a few tactics to follow in a highway, and they are:

  • Park your car under a freeway overpass
  • Park nearby a gas station
  • Park next to a park-shield building
  • You can use blankets emergency

Some of us can’t invest in a car cover even if it is necessary during the hailstorms. But, do you know a blanket saves your car from unexpected hailstorms? Sometimes, a dense blanket will be the most valuable part of a sudden hailstorm. You can use as many sheets as possible. It ensures safety reasons. For the process, you need to cover the whole area, including the side windows. You can add extra protection by comprising the top layer of a vehicle. It is surprised to know, but many car enthusiasts use the ‘BLANKET‘ technique as an added protection.  

  • Rent a covered parking area during the cold season

Many of us don’t have a covered area by our house. In case you should rent a parking slot even if a carport. People buy a carport permanently, and it is an overwhelming decision if you can do it! Keeping a car in a rented parking area is meant to be the determining factor. Do it even for a season!

How to Protect a Car From Hail

What’s the Best car3 Hail Cover? Our Experience

  • CAR3 Portable Cover

As per my experience, I got to be in this situation a few years ago! I was driving a Ford F250 truck and notified a hailstorm on the ‘Weather’ app. Luckily, I was by the side of our house. After parking the car in a carport, I have tried ‘CAR3 Hail Protector’ and got not fit in the garage as the truck was lifted up! However, the Hail protector is achieving for large trucks. Don’t be stressed out! You may feel hard to install the protector in your vehicle even though you can easily install it by seeing YouTube videos. CAR3 Portable Cover is praiseworthy for being World’s Only Patented Portable. You can use the cover as a Remote Controlled system. To be honest, this thing increases the VALUE of Your Automobile. 


  • Compatible to Coupe, Sedan, Wagon and Ford F250’s 
  • Safe in 10-15 minutes
  • Highly technological and remote controlled!

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  • 6 Layers Waterproof Autsop Car Cover For All Weather

Autsop Car Cover is featured of Waterproof technology. You can use this car cover during the hailstorm’s season. Plus, you can consider the thing for All Weather as the Autsop car cover brings your protection with zipper, Sun, Hail, and UV Dust. Honestly, we have used this car cover for a short time and got the car’s cover super thin and essentially a tarp.

KEY-FEATURES:Thin and protected to useFits greatThis stop huge hail

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  • ALTINDAL Big Size CAR Cover Hail Protector
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Hail Protector Car Cover for SUVs – 9mm Strong Guarding for External…

Length 6 M – Width 3.75 M; 16 Fixing Straps; No Metal Material That May Damage The Bodywork

It is a premium product to have if you know! You can use this product for SUV’s and kinds of 4x4s. Get the cover to protect your car from Hail Storm and Stone Snow. Top professionals love ALTINDAL Big Size CAR Cover as a Very thick and well-made product.

KEY-FEATURES:Compatible to SUVs and 4x4sAn eternal hair protectorWeight is manageable

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Why should you invest in a Car Cover?

You have to invest in car maintenance, sometimes such as purchasing a car cover. It is an excellent investment to protect your car from hail. During the hailstorms, your car gets hurt by the hair damage. You can lessen some of the hail damage using a car cover. Why don’t you find the size of the right cover at a local shop or Amazon? You can take a look at our discussed product. It suits all the larger vehicles. Whatever, a good car cover brings you joy and prevents from hail damage.

Do you know? You can make insurance coverage! 

Some people let the hail damage unavoidable as their vehicle is comprehensive with insurance policy. Even if your car gets damaged through hailstorms, it is possible to cover a loss. You must keep the insurance active since you need it, especially in the winter here. If you have a running insurance carrier, ask them if your car is backed up with hail damage. 


To be honest, a garage is an eternal method to keep your vehicle safe and parked. Not only hailstorms but also your car is free of any damage and pollution. You can also protect your vehicle from hail without a garage! For that, you can make a temporary carport or buy portable car protection. We mentioned the superior protector in this guide. You can purchase for a long-lifespan clarity. If you read how to protect a car from hail from our experience, your car is no more unprotected. Thanks for stay tuned!