Those who have been reading this article will be familiar with a jack kit. Am I telling the truth or a lie? If you know or want to know about jack back in Silverado a bit more, this guide is for you.

The jack is like part and parcel of the Chevy Silverado vehicle, and it is often located in the vehicle’s back or under the passenger’s seat. You’ll see it during the wheel installation time. It is easy to remove them and reinstall them on a Silverado. It seems to be a critical task, but it’s easier.

When the jack remains under the passenger’s seat, it often makes dirty noises if loose by the jack assembly. Who wants to make their journey cranky? If you feel such noises, we recommend reinstalling the jack kit yourself and tightening the bolts or the jack assembly’s tire iron.

Where is the Silverado jack located?

The jack is often structured under the passenger seats. You can go into the rear passenger’s door and find the location below the seatback. Raising the seat will help you find a metal box recessed into the vehicle.

It’s easy to put jack back in Silverado; 5 steps

We have already confirmed the jack kit’s position. Have you found it? In a Silverado, the jack kit is located under the passenger’s seat (right side). Your owner’s manual shows the position in the guide. If you are a mechanic, you find the jack more easily.

Step: 1

Once after locating the jack’s position, be mindful of going for it under the passenger seats. Do you see the jack there? Some brackets, knobs, or handles from the manufacturer catches the jack in its place very strongly. The handle on the jack is yellow-colored. You can move the handle to detach the jack kit from its current location.

Step: 2

Can you remove the jack kit from its house now? The handle on the jack kit, also known as the yellow screw should be moved clockwise. It will release the jack kit out of the end. When you take out the jack, you see a jack cup part in that area. Don’t take out the cup from the box; otherwise, you’ll be in trouble when putting jack back in Silverado.

Jack Back in Silverado

Step: 3

When you reinstall the jack pack, you’ve to play with some extra hardware like the recessed angle. Removing the recessed angle is easy. You need to unscrew the nut from the back. Also, unscrew the jack cylinder from the recessed angle in the same manner. These things should be replaced with new or refurbished jack things.

 Step: 4

Before putting or reinstalling the jack back in Silverado, be mindful of changing the jack cylinder successfully. You can do it as you uninstalled it before. After the cylinder, our main task is to install the jack back, and for that, you need to ensure the connection between the jack and the tire iron. If they are set under the passenger’s seat appropriately, jump to the final task to put the jack back in your Silverado.

Step: 5

Now, it is essential to connect the jack with the recessed angle correctly. You should set the jack in its specific position to make it jiggle. What’s next? The famous yellow handle on the jack, remember it? Rotate it to fix the jack and tire iron more correctly. You’re all done!


After installing the jack back in Silverado, you should make a drive to see if the vehicle has been cranking or making noises. The noises do not always happen for the jack; it also happens due to broken wheel chocks and damaged tire iron. Consulting an expert will do the rest of the work! 

Recommended Jack for Chevy Silverado Truck



Pro-Lift B-004D Grey Hydraulic Bottle Jack – 4 Ton Capacity

Adjusts to accommodate Silverado back height

BIG RED T820014S Torin Hydraulic Trolley Service/Floor Jack

Fits right under the back seat of your Chevy Silverado truck

Pro-LifT F-2315PE Grey Hydraulic Trolley Jack Car Lift

Large steel casters and grade lift to maintain from 5.25″ to 12″

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In this guide, we have tried showing the steps ‘How to put the jack back in Silverado.’ This is easy! You can also consult a professional if you feel major cranking or noises from the jack terminal. A reliable or non-jiggling jack kit ensures you the best driving experience indeed. Thanks for reading us.