Who loves unpleasant odors? I don’t. If you want to know what is responsible for such odors in a car’s interior, the carpet mold produces mephitis through the underneath furniture regularly, including the car seats. Sometimes, the mold reaches deeper to the carpet, and then you ask Google for the solution on how to remove mold from the carpet! You can quickly get rid of carpet mold. In this context, we show you both basic & intermediate ways, including: 

The solutions are written in this guide are proven through our professionals. You are requested to try these remedies. The professional treatment is the best way to get rid of carpet mold in a car. For this step, you have to invest some money for additional machines and treatments. You can even hire machines from tool rental services. But, we highly appreciate you to buy Mold cleaner & Professional Carpet Cleaner permanently. If you kept them in your home garage, you could use them shortly when required. 

Now, let’s jump into the solutions!

infographic How to remove mold from carpet

How to Remove Mold From Carpet With ‘Home Supplies’

Firstly, you have to inspect the carpet in your car. The mold in a car reaches the carpet’s base and cannot be adequately removed if not taken instantly. For being that case, you need to hire a professional carpet cleaner. It costs you some money too. To get rid of hiring a professional, you must be removing carpet mold with Home Supplies. Do not let the mold go to the backing of the carpet. You won’t love your car’s interior being smelly, right?

Technique 1: Ventilate your home garage naturallyVentilate your home garage naturally

You have to ventilate the room. If not ventilated properly, your car is not ready for the moldy carpet cleanup. At first, leave the car open by its windows and doors. Natural ventilation is considered to be the best way to reduce the humidity of a vehicle. Besides, the ventilation helps lessen associated odors. During the ventilation process, you can use a chemical cleaner. Continuing the ventilation process is appreciated to do in a home garage. At least, open the garage’s windows and doors even toward a doorway.

Technique 2: Then, heat the molded carpet by the sun! 

In the second step, the carpet must be increased in temperature. You can sun the rug for the best result. Mostly, the car’s carpet is removable. You can hang the cover outside and keep direct to the sunlight for 48 hours. The process is helpful to kill mold spores. Besides, the carpet is reduced with moisture and mold growth. 

Sometimes, the carpet gets its mold through the backing and upper fibers. In case, be careful of drying the mat for much longer than 48 hours. Direct sun improves the mold from carpet within several days.

Technique 3: Use’ Baking Soda’ or ‘Talc-free power’ in this processRemove Stickers From the Windshield with baking soda

After having sun for a minimum of 48 hours, you need to wash the carpet mold with ‘Baking Soda.’ The first two steps get your car’s carpet rid of indefinite odors, but this step will absorb the carpet’s moisture and eliminate the lightest mold problem. 

Now, sprinkle the affected area with ‘Baking Soda’ and then vacuum it up. If you don’t have baking soda at home, try any Talc-free baby powder or Cat litter as a substitute.

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Technique 4: Remove mold from carpet with vinegar

Most of the time, people ask Google how to remove mold from the carpet with vinegar. Are you one of the enthusiasts? You must then know that vinegar doesn’t work with every mold species, but it kills stains if used with a stiff brush. In the process, you have to apply the white vinegar lightly to the molded area and keep with washing with a stiff brush. Then, hang the carpet in a well-ventilated area. You probably get replenished the mold.

Technique 5: Use bleach and water solution

Another great way to remove carpet mold is by having a mixture of bleach and water. The combination is used as a household solution. You can buy the best bleach formula on Amazon. Then, mix a cup of bleaching solution with a gallon of water. Choosing from color-safe bleach is beneficial against discoloration.

How to Remove Mold From Carpet With Professional Treatment

How to Remove Mold From Carpet With Professional Treatment?

  • Anti-mold spray is a powerful option
Bestseller No. 1

Concrobium 25326 Mold Control Spray, 32 oz

Concrobium 25326 Mold Control Spray, 32 oz

Use to eliminate mold, mildew, musty odors and prevent regrowth; EPA-registered formula crushes mold spores as it dries and leaves an invisible, barrier

It must be surprised, but you must try Anti-mold sprays for once in a lifetime. You get this kind of showers available online or supermarkets. How to apply anti-mold spray on the carpets anyway? Check the instructions that are written behind the spray bottle. One-third of the professionals love to do Antifungal treatments for their vehicle cleanup. 

Cons: It may damage the carpet’s color. 

Some of the carpets are made in humid conditions. For them, you can apply “encapsulate” treatment. The solution works like a clearing barrier on the carpet fibers.   

  • Try a carpet cleaner

You must choose a carpet cleaning product. In case we suggest you buy Spot & Stain Remover from Resolve Store. Most of these cleaning products have deodorizers themselves, and the treatment removes the mildew smell and stain gradually. We get positive reviews from car enthusiasts that say about their success with Vanish detergent products. The main work of such a carpet cleaner is fighting against the mold itself.

Best Car Mold Removal Products

Resolve Spot & Stain Remover

Resolve Pet Carpet Spot & Stain Remover Spray Refill, 60oz, cleans pet...

Resolve Pet Carpet Spot & Stain Remover Spray Refill, 60oz, cleans pet…

Stain & odor remover that provides amazing stain removal the 1st time!; Patented Odor Stop Technology eliminates pet odors

The Resolve store is trustworthy worldwide, and they inaugurate world-renowned Carpet Spot & Stain Remover recently on Amazon. The product will remove odors and stains from a car’s carpet shortly. You can use it in your steam cleaner and applied by a bristle brush. You may accommodate with unpleasant odor inside your car. Please get rid of it! The Resolve cleaner is an appreciated product that has been formulated with organic ingredients. You will be benefited from its mold removing ability. 


  • Patented Odor removal
  • Removes Fecal and vomit residue
  • Use with a refill spray bottle

Click here to check this fantastic mold remover on Amazon.

  • Using Chlorine Dioxide is amazing 

Maximum mold removal solutions are made on chlorine dioxide. What you should do is using chlorine dioxide cautiously. Using the solution heavily will damage the carpet’s color. So, be gentle in the process. 

Things to be noted: You should work in a well-ventilated area when using chlorine dioxide products. Or, it may harm the lungs and eyes and makes you short of breath.


  • What is the surprising way to remove mold from a car?

You can remove the molded area easily by cutting out the carpet. You should do the process if you face major mold colonies in the carpet’s backing. It is a time-saving way to do. Later, you can stitch similar cloth in the affected area.

  • How do you get black mold out of the carpet?

In this process, you must apply ‘Baking Soda’ in a spray bottle of water. Keep the Baking soda and water in ¼ percentages. You can use vinegar in place of the Baking Soda. Spray the mixer to the moldy area, and then scrub the area thoroughly. At last, it is possible to speed up the drying process using a vacuum.    

  • Will Lysol spray kill mold?

Killing mold from a carpet is considered to be the toughest process. Few people claim that spraying Lysol onto the mold growth kills mold from carpet. It is true! You should spray Lysol on the area and keep it for 30 seconds. Then, wipe the area with a bristle brush till you get the carpet thoroughly cleaned.

Things to be noted-

Cleaning mold from carpet is a later process. At first, you must know how to prevent mold from matting eternally. The molds that happen due to flood or emergency water damage can’t be avoided easily. You must know preventing carpet mold with few tactics. Do not let your pets get inside a car. Though keeping the carpet of a car clean is a challenge, with all our techniques above would be the best effort to keep your car’s carpet spotless. However, the question of ‘How to remove mold from carpet’ is not too much hassle now!