People often ask the reason for Ford’s ambient lighting failure. Well, it happens due to a burnt-out bulb. You will have to replace the bulb. It’s easy. Also, a bad fuse causes the lighting section. Please find the fuse through the fuse box. The fuse box is related to the steering wheel and the dash. Open the fuse box to invent lots more fuses. If you have your owner’s manual, you find a diagram that shows each fuse’s specification. Have you detected the correct fuse for your ambient lighting system? Then, pull the fuse out of the strip of metal connection. If the fuse’s metal strip is damaged, you’ll need to repair or replace the fuse. As opposed to the bulb’s issue, if the bulb is broken, you need to replace it.


New fuses cost you almost $15. Get it on Amazon.

Check the ambient lighting for the Ford. Click here!

Ford fusion ambient lighting not working; What professionals say?

Shimmy asked me last week- Why did my Ambient lighting stop working? Remembering this fact, I decided to write an explanation on it. I gathered lots of answers from forums, my participants, and my experience.

I have specified two main reasons in the introduction;

1) Having the main bulb burst out, and

2) The lousy fuse.

Moreover, such a situation happens if you don’t bump the brightness knob down.

Rhiannon, an expert, discussed that. We experience the ambient lighting getting dark outside, and it happens due to fluster between the settings in broad daylight. The ambient lighting doesn’t turn ‘ON’ until the light sensor detects just the headlamps.

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The important reason Ford’s ambient lighting is not working if you accidentally turn the knob for brightness off. It would help if you tripped to the dealer to know more about the cause.

What is ambient lighting in a car?

The ambient light is the beauty of a car and is known as interior lights. A Ford truck also can be developed with interior lights mounted. Using ambient light enhances the interior design in a car and makes an eye-soothing atmosphere for both driver and passenger. The ambient lighting is installed on the door, dash, speaker, car ceiling, and near the climate control vents. The ambient light works only when the headlight is on. It rarely works in the daytime, but tinted windows may create the option to tailor the color.  I like how the ambient color turns to life as you drive.

A quick pick of few ambient lighting that you can surely check once:

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Let me share my experience!

Since I owned my new Ford, I couldn’t get the ambient light working. I started finding the car’s reason, the car off, lights on, lights off, car running, car not running! I failed. The miracle happened all of a sudden when I went over to a club with my wife. My wife was goofing around with the lighting interior, and she hit the color palette button. Fortunately, the color changed beyond any expectations. I was so happy and didn’t even sit in the park, and I liked sitting in the car. I can change the lights even the vehicle is not moving now. Never-forgetting experience!

The ambient light’s specialty is they turn on only if there is dark outside and you have your engine working, car moving, and car not moving. You can turn the headlights in auto mode. The headlights must be on! Be mindful of switching the brightness control knob to the highest setting.

Ford Ambient Lighting Not Working

Does the Ford Edge have ambient lighting?

Yes, a Ford Edge model has ambient lighting opportunities. If you own such vehicle’s specific, you can not only have the lighting opportunity as well as you can turn different accent colors. Almost all standard Ford models allow ‘Ambient Lighting’ technology. Different brightness settings will give you a chance for red, purple, orange, green, and various shades of blue color.

How do you turn on ambient lighting on a Ford f150?

Switching the ambient lighting on Ford F-150 is easy. Almost every Ford vehicle is featured with ambient lighting features. It’s easy to turn certain parts of the interior very quickly. Let’s see the step, How to turn on / off ambient lighting on Ford F-150?

  • The setting option is included on the touch screen
  • Find it!
  • Touch the ‘Ambient Light’ option there
  • You can ‘On or Off’ the light at the moment

ford ambient lighting replacement

The Ford ambient lighting is often set on the left side on the front passenger floor. What if the bulb is burnt out? You’ll have to replace the bulb or work with the harness in case to access the housing.

  • You find two front footwell harnesses
  • If you have a problem with the ambient lighting box’s left side, you need to work with 9A8Z-14A318-MA. You get it with the female connector.
  • Remove the valence away from the center stack! Then, please access the LED and the harness. Please don’t remove them all except the front portion. It’s easy to remove the cover holding the cup holder, do it.


Well, we have discussed the reason why ambient lighting control doesn’t work in your Ford vehicle. The main reason I found the lights unavailable during the daytime or when headlights are not ON. Ambient lighting is standard on all Ford’s models and works in a pretty dark area. You can turn the ambient lights in a complete brightness setting. It overcomes your heart. The great thing about ambient lighting is producing different lights. Hopefully, it’s easy to solve the lighting puzzle for you. Thanks for reading.