It could be quite a challenge when choosing car parts that will be most suitable for your vehicle and what will be beneficial for your engine.

Choosing the right metal part and size with correct dimensions can be tricky as different vehicles have different mechanisms. Large vehicles such as trucks and tractors have a completely different arrangement of interior mechanical parts.

On the other side vehicles such as cars race cars requires different parts for them to function. Aluminum heads are the most common and highly efficient to improve your car engine capability out of all the mechanic parts.

Here I have listed the best aluminum heads for small block Chevy that will surely improve your car performance.

1. Flotek Aluminum Cylinder Head

The first product that I have found to be highly useful for your car is the Flotek Aluminum Cylinder Head. One of the fascinating things I found about this part is that it fits universally, which means it can attach to any type of car engine that you have, including 350 engine block.

It also increases your engine’s horsepower up to 20-30%, which in turn causes your engine to reduce output power wastages in the form of heat or combustion.

In addition to that, this mechanic part also secures safety to your overall car as it prevents oil leakage and causes your vehicle to accelerate without negatively affecting the mileage. Furthermore, this part is extremely quick and easy to install, and once you are done, you will quickly notice an improvement in the header and power steering pump.

The overall aluminum cylinder head has no imperfections such as corrosion, bumps, etc., adding to its perfection for your car. As you may know, aluminum does not rust when it is in contact with water/moisture, which means that this part can work for a long time before requiring any replacement or maintenance.

If you are wondering about the drilling process, you do not have much to worry about as it can be easily drilled due to the already present holes in the cylinder. This auto part even works if the base of your engine is old or requires replacement as it can hold the immense pressure exerted without cracking due to its low malleability and ductility.

Although the auto part works universally on all vehicles, one drawback is that it is quite expensive to purchase. Some buyers might argue about the price being high since the part itself is quite small and compact.
  • No chances of leaking
  • Universally fit
  • Increases horsepower
  • It can be quickly drilled
  • High price range
  • Only has a hole for pre Vortec intake

The overall part brings more advantages than problems to your car as it improves the condition and boosts horsepower. The seller, however, should consider the price of the part to attract more buyers.

Flotek Aluminum Cylinder Head
Flotek Aluminum Cylinder Head



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2. 2Pcs Straight Aluminum Bare Cylinder Head

If you want to improve your car engine performance and combustion efficiency, then this next 2Pcs Straight Aluminum Bare Cylinder Head is just the right auto part of investing your money in. This part is specifically designed with high-quality aluminum, which prevents corrosion and reduces the likeliness of maintenance.

Besides the quality, this auto part has an advanced port design which allows for greater airflow and reduces the chances of your engine failing. This part can also retain compression as it comes with an exhaust and intake port, making it stand out from the other traditional parts out there in the market.

Another great advantage I believe this auto part has is its weight, which is lighter than iron heads and its three-angle valve, making it extremely suitable for your vehicle. The valve present with this auto part is highly crucial as it increases the overall horsepower and makes its exterior stand out from the rest.

Lastly, I believe one important aspect that makes this auto part stand out from the rest is its ability to improve the airflow and upgrade the efficiency of combustion due to the combustion chamber present in its interior. The strong aluminum, as well as its multiple striking features, makes it extremely suitable for your vehicle.

One important aspect to remember is that although it is technologically advanced, the pushrod holes are not entirely placed in the center and require overall polishing for a smooth finish.
  • Has three-angle valve
  • Improves combustion efficiency
  • Made with high-quality aluminum
  • Improves airflow in the engine
  • Needs polishing
  • Outer casting is rough

When thought of the overall mechanism and design, the outer part stands out the most from the other traditional ones. It is not only built in a complex modern way but also provides immense benefits to your vehicle.

2Pcs Straight Aluminum Bare Cylinder Head
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3. DNA Motoring CYLH-SBC-350 Aluminum Bare Cylinder Head

The company has been in the market for decades now and is now leading the market with efficient products and is proven to increase your vehicle performance.

The DNA Motoring CYLH-SBC-350 Aluminum Bare Cylinder Head features are designed with high-grade aluminum, bronze valve guides, and accustomed seats that will perform enhanced airflow in and out of the aluminum head and in fuel disposal.

In addition to that, the high-quality aluminum material used in the production of this device can reinforce high pressure and high temperature, so it will be less likely to cause any damage to the engine. Furthermore, the product’s toughness makes it stand out more than its competitors as it cannot be deformed or cracked easily, which adds to the lifespan of the product.

As mentioned earlier, it can increase the efficiency of your engine and provide you with better performance, and increase horsepower. The material can disperse heat factors quickly and repairs easily. The technicians have worked closely and tested the material to fit perfectly in your vehicle with detailed measurements and accurate dimensions.

The intake valve is 2.02 inches and the exhaust valve is 1.60 inch which makes it easier to install and replace with basic hand tools without complications and restrictions.

The model is designed with a 200cc intake runner and 68cc combustion chamber that will improve your vehicle performance and protect it from heating up. It is also compatible with different kinds of model designed, such as SBC engines 302, 307, 350, 400 small block Chevy up to 1986, etc.

An important factor to keep in mind before purchasing is that pushrods’ installation process might be difficult as the holes are not centered. You should check before installing or contact a technician so they can help you with this problem.
  • Easy to repair
  • High-quality raw materials
  • Increased efficiency and performance
  • Need adjustable guide plates
  • No improvements in mileage

The overall design and features of the product provide you with greater performance without the stress of repairing. However, the technician might have to focus more on improving the mileage as it is one of the important factors for vehicles.

DNA Motoring CYLH-SBC-350 Aluminum Bare Cylinder Head
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4. Edelbrock 5089 Cylinder Head

Established in 1938, the Edelbrock Company has managed to rank up their position due to their high-quality Edelbrock 5089 Cylinder Head that serves to improve the overall condition of your vehicle.

When choosing the right product, I came to find that this outer part had many advantages that could boost your car’s efficiency. The outer part consists of a template pair for hydraulic flat tappet of various sizes that will fit with your vehicle accordingly.

Furthermore, the outer part also contains a combustion chamber of 64cc that is used to increase the combustion efficiency and airflow system. In addition to that, this outer part has an exhaust runner volume and exhaust valve of known diameter, which is entirely made of high-quality aluminum metal.

Lastly, another great aspect of this part is that it weighs 59 pounds which is the ideal weight required for your car to accelerate and boost its mileage system. Besides that, it also has a spark plug filament to reduce the chances of your engine being damaged or wasting output power.

This outer part is ideal to use for all types of vehicles. However, the high price and its chances of corrosion can be on the negative scale factor.
  • It can be bolted under ten minutes
  • Satin exterior
  • Contains combustion chamber
  • It contains a guide plate
  • Need hardened pushrods
  • Aluminum may corrode

Due to its high quality and numerous benefits that the outer part provides, such as increased engine efficiency, combustion levels, etc. This part is the right thing for you to invest your money in and improve the condition of your vehicle.

Edelbrock 5089 Cylinder Head
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5. Dart 127121 SHP Cylinder Head

The company founded in 1981, Dart is now the market leader for cylinder heads. They have evolved ever since and are committed to producing reliable engine parts, such as the Dart 127121 SHP Cylinder Head for your small block Chevy.

As the whole process of manufacturing, such as machining and assembly process, is done in their facilities. The main aim is to produce the components as efficiently as possible that provide you with the best performance and quality.

The device’s main feature has a torque that matches all vehicle types, so it will not be an issue fitting in as it is an easy process and requires less time to install and replaces easily without any restrictions.

It is a light weighted head that will be easy for you to install and simple to understand. The functions of this material are excellent as the intake and exhaust valves will offer you great in and outflow and improve the horsepower of your vehicle.

Moreover, the head is designed with an enhanced combustion chamber to maximize power and make your engine run smoothly. One of the important factors to consider is that the head comes with rocker arms studs and guide plates that will do your job to install easier.

Lastly, the material will offer an intake valve volume up to 180 cc, and the combustion chamber is up to 64 cc. It also comes with stainless valves, which is better for your vehicle as it will be beneficial in corrosion resistance.

The head is designed to improve the efficiency of the vehicle; however, it is not a suitable choice for racer cars as the springs do not operate well with such vehicles, so it might be a risky option.
  • Build up engine efficiency
  • Suitable price
  • Good in and outflow
  • Inaccurate configuration of the pushrods
  • Springs do not operate well

As the head is designed to increase the power of your engine and make your vehicle run smoothly. Though it is not suitable for racer cars but works incredibly with other kinds of vehicles, so investing in this piece is beneficial for you at a reasonable price.

Dart 127121 SHP Cylinder Head
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6. Speedmaster PCE281.2010 Cylinder Head

Founded in 1979, the company is now manufacturing, designing, and assembling components in their facilities with top-class technicians to provide products with the best quality and efficiency to the end consumer, such as the Speedmaster PCE281.2010 Cylinder Head.

They now provide the highest performing engine for racer cars and any kind of vehicle you have. Moving on, this head is designed with advanced features that will maximize the entire rpm range and the horsepower of your vehicle.

With this feature, your vehicle with run smoothly and increase the mileage. It also includes the combustion chamber up to 205cc and intake runner volume of 205cc. Moreover, the hydraulic flat tapped cam is assembled for you, making the installation easier for everyone.

The component is designed for all kinds of vehicles, especially for old models, as old as the 2008 model of your car, so it will not be difficult for you to look around as much. Lastly, the springs of this head is designed to hold up to 650 lift cam, and the valve spring rate is 135lbs at 1.900 inches.

Although the functions it provides are remarkable despite that the head does not include rocker arm studs and guide plates, most people have complained that the price charged is not accurate for the components they provide.
  • Flexible machine
  • Great in and outflow
  • Improved engine power
  • Cheap head gasket
  • Do not provide complete materials

The services they provide not just for new vehicles but the availability for older vehicles makes it stand out more than other companies. However, one of the important elements to attract customers is by offering materials worth the money without cheap quality. This is something that the company must work on to increase the demand.

Speedmaster PCE281.2010 Cylinder Head
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How Do I Install Heads On Small Block Chevy?

Before start installing, there are a couple of things required to do, such as clean your head and gasket from all the dust and oils with a cotton cloth instead of paper. After cleaning, it is time you place your gasket carefully to its accurate position. Lastly, install the heads on very carefully and take your time; then, you can finally torque and seal them tightly.

Are Aluminum Heads Better Than Iron Casts?

To keep in mind, though, both kinds can damage the engine if it overheats. However, aluminum is easier to install and replace as aluminum heads are light-weighted than iron casts.

But when it comes to providing power, aluminum heads can preserve heat more than iron casts and provide more power to the engine as it has more thermal conductivity than iron casts, so it can dissipate more heat.

Does The Combustion Chamber Size Affect The Compression Ratio?

Yes, it does! The smaller combustion chamber will give you a higher compression ratio, but it can create clearance problems with pistons and valves. And a large combustion chamber will reduce the compression ratio, which will result in cooler burning temperatures, eventually leading to inefficient combustion.

Which SBC Head Is Best, And How Do I Choose?

This depends on your preference, but I believe that if you are choosing a head, mainly look for the one with the best combustion chamber, intake valves, great durability, high-performance rate, exhaust valves, as well as focus on the one that would not cause your engine to fail.

Moreover, one of the best ways to test the heads is to lock them and to make dyno pulls. This will enable you to see which one has the extreme power but not choose the one with the highest power. It will also allow you to see a confined rpm, which would not be a good choice for you. When choosing a head through this test, it is best to see inclusive energy and torque results.


Choosing the best aluminum heads for small block Chevy can be difficult work as they might have a lot of things in common and make it hard to choose the best one.

However, I would recommend the Flotek Aluminum Cylinder Head as it is one of the top brands with the best aluminum heads and guarantees to increase your engine’s horsepower. As a result, make your engine run smoothly.

It is important to choose the right aluminum heads, so it does not cause your engine any harm or worsen your car parts. It is also necessary that you do your research before making an investment into something that will have a big impact on your vehicle; I have listed down these for you so you can make the best choice according to your preference and budget.