If you are a parent, then you know how fast kids grow. They grow right in front of your eyes, and you have to adjust their lifestyle as they age up. One main thing that a kid has to use throughout their childhood is a car seat. You need to buy one that will have excellent security features and is comfortable too.

Around the age of 5, kids start getting picky about their choice of a car seat. You must buy a product that is good for them in all regards. This is what this article is all about. In search of the best car seat for 5 year old, I found these seven products that you will appreciate.

1. Graco Tranzitions 3-In-1 Harness Booster Seat

If there is one brand that you can trust blindly, it is Graco. The company has been earning the top spot on every single one of my articles. Their products are not only superior to the competition, but they are also extremely popular.

For example, this Graco Tranzitions 3-In-1 Harness Booster Seat has more than 25000 happy buyers. Let’s dive into the details and see what it has to offer.

This car seat is available in five different colors. You can choose the one you like, or in most scenarios, the one your five year old does. As you may have seen in the title, this is a 3-in-1 seat. It can be used in a forward-facing fashion or a backless one.

If your kid is in the 22 and 65-pound range, then you can put him in the seat in the forward-facing mode. If he is anywhere between 40 and 100 pounds, you can shift him to the booster seat.

If you are one of those parents that are constantly on the move, then you will love this car seat. Thanks to its light and portable design, you can transport it anywhere you like. Adding to the convenience factor, the car seat also has an 8-position adjustable headrest that can be set according to your child’s comfort level.

The manufacturer has also added 2 cup holders. This is a great addition and useful for when kids get snacky or thirsty during long journeys. The cup holders are easily cleanable, so you won’t have to worry if the kid dirties them.

Buyers complained that this car seat is not easy to install. Some forfeited because they could not get a snug fit. It is possible that these consumers received faulty units.
  • 3-in-1 design
  • Lightweight and portable
  • 2 easy to clean cup holders
  • 8-position adjustable headrest
  • Installation issues

If it is true that a percentage of buyers is receiving defective units, the manufacturer must look into it and tighten its quality control. Other than that, there is nothing that can be closer to perfect than this Graco car seat.

Graco Tranzitions 3-In-1 Harness Booster Seat
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2. Graco Turbobooster LX Backless Booster Seat

Five is the best age for transitioning a child from a harness seat to a booster one. Most kids will have comfort issues with their new seats, so you need a product that will help.

So, arriving in second place is yet Another Booster Seat from Graco. This time it is a backless booster seat, with well over 7000 ratings. You can already expect excellent performance from it, but let’s still see what it has to offer.

Like the previous one, this booster seat has been designed for kids in the 40 and 100-pound range. Kids start entering this range at around 4 years old, so 5 year olds will not have any issues. The seat has a one-hand latch system that can be adjusted from the front.

The single-handed motion can secure the seat to the vehicle seat, making the process quick, easy, and efficient. You can be sure that the connection is secure, and it will not move whether it is occupied or not.

A kid at the age of five must be taught a bit of independence. This Graco car seat helps you in that process. The child can easily self-buckle and unbuckle himself. The seat will stay steady; that is a guarantee.

Let’s talk security. This car seat has been engineered using Graco Protect Plus tests. These tests make sure that the seat will protect your child from impacts from all sides. These rigorous car tests ensure that the seat is perfect for everyday usage.

Although buyers were content with the seat, they stated that they would have benefited more if the seat was a bit wider. One or two did complain about missing cup holders, which is a very rare occurrence.
  • Easy installation
  • Easy self-buckling
  • Graco ProtectPlus engineered
  • Secure fit
  • Missing cup holders

Out of 7000 buyers, only two did complain about not having cupholders on arrivals. So, I think it is pretty safe to say that you will not have an issue like this Graco has produced an excellent seat that you will surely love.

Graco Turbobooster LX Backless Booster Seat
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3. Chicco KidFit 2-in-1 Belt Positioning Booster Car Seat

Earning its rightful third place is a booster seat from another highly reputable brand, Chicco. The manufacturer has earned a spot on almost all of my articles, which is more than enough to tell you about the quality of the company’s products. Let’s inspect this KidFit 2-In-1 Booster Car Seat and see if it is worth it.

With eight different color options, Chicco has not hesitated in giving parents and kids a say in which type of car seat they want. You can choose one that matches your vehicle’s interior or choose something like the Vapor option if you want something different. The manufacturer has used its very own DuoZone system in this car seat.

The system provides protection and padding for the head and shoulders, with ten adjustable options. This ensures that your child will be comfortable and won’t have any strain on his or her neck.

The manufacturer has also used its SuperCinch latch system, which not only keeps your child securely in the seat, but it also keeps him or her ready for easy in and out.

Moreover, the company has thought about a problem for parents and has taken the appropriate steps to help them. The foam padding and the seat, with the contoured design, is called ErgoBoost. The company has given a name to every single feature they added to this seat.

Their ErgoBoost design ensures that your kid will be fully comfortable. The seat pad is also removable. It can be machine washed, just like the included armrest covers. You won’t have to worry if your child accidentally spills his drink onto the seat.

Buyers complained that the material used on this car seat is very flimsy. If this is true, then the manufacturer should do something about it to ensure that the seat can handle rough use.
  • Eight different color options
  • DuoZone system for comfort and security
  • SuperCinch latch system for convenience
  • Removable and machine-washable seat pad
  • Flimsy design

Although Chicco is a reliable brand, it should have used better quality plastics to reassure customers of its durability.

Chicco KidFit 2-In-1 Belt Positioning Booster Car Seat
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4. Cosco Topside Backless Booster Seat

Taking up the fourth spot is this Backless Booster Seat from Cosco. The company has gathered a decent number of ratings with the help of its products. They are relatively inexpensive and offer top-of-the-line features. This Topside booster seat is proof of the statement.

With four unique color options, you can choose from grape, Leo, magenta, and Turquoise. These are pretty bright and flashy colors, which your kid will love. The brand claims that the car seat has a secure fit and provides your child with more than enough height so you can keep the seat belt positioned properly.

This is a very common issue with booster seats that brands fail to account for. Well, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. The manufacturer has some great design choices.

One of those choices includes keeping the car seat lightweight and compact. This gives parents numerous advantages, one of them being easy transportation.

Whether you are at an airport or a busy street, the compact design reduces the chance of the car seat bumping into something or someone. The brand claims that the car seat will provide excellent comfort for your child.

There is extra plush padding that makes sure that kids will not get uncomfortable on long rides. This is another assurance many brands do not give.

Plus, the increased comfort level will also make it easier for the child when he is transitioning from a harness car seat. Perhaps the unique offering of this car seat is the one-year warranty.

Cosco is the only manufacturer on this article that provides any coverage at all. So, you will be eligible for a free-of-cost replacement if there are any faults in the product.

In contradiction with the company’s claims, buyers complained that their kids were uncomfortable in the car seat. They also reported that the padding is very thin, unlike what is advertised.
  • Secure fit in the vehicle
  • One year warranty
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Enough height for proper seatbelt positioning
  • Thin padding
  • Kids may find uncomfortable

It looks like Cosco has a quality control issue at one of its manufacturing plants. They must look into this matter and resolve it as soon as possible because comfort is something that cannot be compromised.

Cosco Topside Backless Booster Seat
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5. KidsEmbrace 2-In-1 Harness Booster Car Seat

If your child is a superhero fan, then I have got just the thing to please him/her. This KidsEmbrace 2-In-1 Booster Car Seat is perhaps the most different out of all in terms of its theme and design language.

With three options to choose from, you can pick from batman, batgirl, and even superman when you buy this seat. Let’s see if this car seat is only a show-off or if it actually has something to offer.

I can guarantee you that your kid will definitely love the design of this car seat. It has a two-mode design. You can choose from a front-facing design or a harness booster one. The front-facing mode using a 5-point harness security system. It is the best one out there and will provide your kid with maximum protection.

Let’s talk about security. The car seat exceeds all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. The IIHS or more commonly known as the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety has labeled this car seat as the best bet. All of this proves that it has excellent security features.

The car seat has a three-position adjustable headrest. The headrest uses EPS foam that is great at absorbing impacts. This ensures that your child will not only have the comfort that he needs he will also be safe and secure.

For convenience, the manufacturer has added two cup holders. This is perfect for when your child gets hungry and thirsty during long rides. You can focus on driving your vehicle while your kid can eat and drink to his/her heart’s content.

There are no real drawbacks to this product. The only thing that may keep you from buying it is the number of ratings, which is around 150. Other than that, the cup holders are not removable, but that is not an inconvenience for most people.
  • 2-in-1 design
  • Exceeds all requirements
  • Three-position adjustable headrest
  • Two cup holders
  • Fewer ratings
  • Non-removable cup holders

Talking realistically, there are no issues with this car seat. You and your child will surely love its offerings. The smaller number of ratings is something I would not worry about either because KidsEmbrace is a reliable brand.

KidsEmbrace 2-In-1 Harness Booster Car Seat
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6. Mifold Fit And Fold High Back Booster Seat

Foldable car seats are rare. Even if you do find one, the chances are that they are not only uncomfortable, but they lack a lot in their security aspects. That is about to change with the Mifold car seat. With over 700 positive ratings, it is clear that buyers love it. Let’s see if it is good enough for daily usage.

The brand claims that this Mifold Fit And Fold High Back Booster Seat is the world’s most adjustable booster. I definitely do not doubt that, mainly because of its unique design.

The car seat has a multi-fit design that allows for up to 243 individual settings. It is designed for kids above the age of 4, with a weight range of 40 and 100 pounds.

When I was talking about the different seats’ portability in the previous products, they are incomparable with this one. The seat is the most portable boosters’ seat on the market. This is possible, thanks to its folding design.

The multi-fold design allows you to fold the seat completely in seconds, making it ready for transportation or storing. It is also lightweight, which also adds to the portability aspect.

There are four different adjusting points on this car seat. These points are the seat itself, the body, the head width, and the height. All of this ensures that your kid will get the comfort level he or she desires.

You may be skeptical about its security features. Well, this car seat meets and sometimes even exceeds NHTSA standards. It is ready for global usage and can be taken anywhere except for Australia and Taiwan.

As expected, buyers complained that the car seat is not steady. There is no latch system, and it just sits there. This makes it difficult to use and operate. This is clearly a design flaw and a trade-off which the brand thought was worth it. It clearly is not.
  • Extremely portable
  • Extreme adjustability
  • NHTSA approved
  • No latch system

Although Mifold had a really unique idea that is clearly loved by consumers, it is not very practical. Unless you find a way to hold it up properly, you will have issues with it. There is no doubt that it is comfortable and secure.

Mifold Fit And Fold High Back Booster Seat
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7. Hiccapop UberBoost Inflatable Car Seat

If you really want to try something different and want to make sure that it is as reliable as other options out there, I have got just the thing for you. Taking up the seventh and final spot is this Inflatable Car Seat from the Brand Hiccapop. Yes, that’s right, this is an inflatable one. Let’s see if it is worth spending your money on.

The brand’s point of view is that car seats are unnecessarily heavy and bulky. Plus, they take too much space, whether they are in use or not. This is actually true. This inflatable car seat is their answer to this issue. The best part about it is that it does not even need a machine to be inflated.

You can do so using your breath and it will be ready to use within 20 seconds. That is actually quite impressive. When deflated, it can fit in a travel bag, making it more portable than the Mifold car seat. You may have guessed that it is not a full-fledged car seat.

Instead, it is a backless booster one. You really didn’t expect to blow that much air, did you? Some of you may be certain that this seat may not be good in security terms. Well, it passed all federal safety tests for the USA. It has been declared safe for use.

The car seat does not have a latch or anything to keep it in place. Instead, the manufacturer has opted for a non-skid base that is quite effective on all surfaces. It will not move, even when there is an accident.

As expected with any inflatable product, buyers complained that the car seat started leaking after a few days of usage. They had to blow it again after every few minutes, which is not very practical.
  • Inflatable within 20 seconds
  • Non-skid base
  • Passes all safety tests
  • Leaking issue

If you want to try something different, there is no car seat similar to this one. It works decently, but it will leak one day. That is why I advise that you check out the other six products I listed above.

Hiccapop UberBoost Inflatable Car Seat
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While I was searching the internet for the top-of-the-line car seats available, I took a look at a few forums where questions were being asked by parents. I thought that they needed to be answered, hence this short FAQs. I hope that it will answer a few or all of your queries.

So, without any further ado, let’s get straight into it.

When Can My 5-Year-Old Child Use A Booster Seat?

Most five-year-olds already meet the weight and height requirements for booster seats. Just to clarify, they must be between the 40 and a 100-pound range, and their height must be between 40 and 60 inches.

If they do meet these requirements, then you can use a booster seat without any issues. It is recommended that a child be transitioned to a booster seat only when he or she grows out of the requirements of a harness seat. This is to ensure the safety of the child.

What Are The Different Types Of Car Seats?

Mainly, there are two types of seats. They are called harness seats and booster seats. Harness seats are designed for toddlers and kids up until the age of 6.

As for youngsters between the ages of 4 and 10, it is advised that they use a booster seat. Booster seats do not have a dedicated harness. Instead, they use the vehicle’s seat belt to secure the child in place.

Is A Booster Seat Still Safe?

You may be worried if a booster seat is as safe as a harness one. Unfortunately, it is not. But it does come quite close. They meet all the same requirements that harness seats have to pass. So, they are pretty similar. You can use one and be sure that your child will be many times safer in a car seat, booster or not.


As you may have seen by these seven products, choosing the correct car seat is an extremely important job. Even if you compromise a bit on your kid’s comfort, which I strictly advise against, you cannot roll the dice on safety and security.

So when it comes to best car seat for 5 year old, I found these seven seats that provide both comfort and security. You will not find products better than them.

Out of all of them, I choose the Graco Tranzitions 3-In-1 Harness Booster Seat as the undisputed champion. The Tranzitions won in all regards. You can buy it with the complete assurance that it will exceed your expectations.