Are you wondering which one is the best cold air intake for C6 Corvette? There are a few different cold air intakes available for different types of drivers with different handling techniques.

While researching cold air intakes for a Corvette, I learned that many different ones are available with different price points, shapes, and capacities.

So which one to choose is a difficult process. Considering the Corvette is a high maintenance car with bold specifications, it does not stun me that the perfect cold air can ensure the perfect driving experience; hence, I will discuss below some of the best.

1. K&N Cold Air Intake Kit 63-3073

The first cold air intake to mention would have to be the K&N Cold Air Intake Kit 63-3073 that is convenient and easy to install with the engine system of the C6 Corvette. It gets rid of any airflow problems from the engine, and it is efficient.

Their installation process is just too easy and any one can go for it easily with the help of their manual. Its design makes it so it does not require any cutting and fixing. All one needs is a few simple tools and the know-how of how to install the product.

Upon installation, if one takes a test drive before and after the installation, they will notice the immense difference in the Corvette between this specific cold air intake and any other. Moreover, the comparison will show how efficient and fast accelerating this cold air intake will make the engine.

The cost of this specific intake is also reasonable, considering the price point related to a Corvette, this is neither too expensive nor so cheap that one might be in doubt and leave the working up to fate instead of this intake is an asset to the car owner and an investment.

The only minor inconvenience that might occur is the fixing of the intake tube with the silicone hose, it can be a tad bit annoying, but nothing that cannot be tackled, and this type of minor inconvenience can be overlooked easily because the cold air intake is the best for a Corvette.
  • Provides the excellent protection of the engine
  • It makes the engine sound a lot better
  • Not difficult to install at all
  • Easy to maintain and provide upkeep
  • Increases the horsepower of the engine
  • The silicon hose and intake tube can be a little tricky to install

This product is highly recommended because this specific intake places first in the list of some of the top cold air intakes to install in the engine of the Corvette due to its efficiency, convenience, ease of installation, and no other intake can come close to this one.

K&N Cold Air Intake Kit 63-3073
K&N Cold Air Intake Kit 63-3073



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2. CORSA 45860151 Closed Box Air Intake

Up next, on the second spot, I’ve deemed it necessary to mention the CORSA 45860151 Closed Box Air Intake because of its remarkable intake ability that has a very flexible system to ensure good performance; silicon connectors are included in this category.

The air ducts provide more room for engine breathing which is the source of a tremendously working intake system that leads to better driving experience and vehicle performance.

With the aid of this cold air intake as well, the engine has increased capacity to improve horsepower, just like the K&N Cold Air Intake Kit.

Moreover, the price of this closed box air intake is also good and is lesser compared to the K&N cold air intake, but this one is just as good. The excellent thing about this intake is that it does not require any additional tools or equipment to install the item.

Everything is already included in the kit, and once bought, one can just get to the installation process straight away without having to purchase a new tool or look for an old one. So everything being already present in the kit related to the installation of the item is a huge plus.

A drawback, however, is unavoidable no matter what because this specific cold air intake due to its unordinary shape can very rarely be damaged in the packaging as a few customers have complained about this, but this is on a rare occasion and does not happen all the time or too often.
  • Its box-like structure makes it easy for the air to be stored inside and avoid getting inside the engine
  • It improves the efficiency of the engine
  • It can last up to four years
  • The package can arrive damaged sometimes or rarely

This item has its rightful spot in the second place because, after the K&N, this is the easiest to purchase and install, as everything comes already included in the kit; one just needs to know how to fix it in the system.

CORSA 45860151 Closed Box Air Intake
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3. Vararam Snake Charmer Cold Air Intake CAI

Next up, what I have is the Vararam Snake Charmer Cold Air Intake CAI, although the name is a mouthful I can assure you that the product is not, it’s a simple easy to install intake device. However, it is slightly different compared to the rest of the intakes mentioned above.

This specific cold air intake follows a plug and play system, meaning everything is easy to put together, just like click on; all the pieces are easy to put together by simply hooking them to one another like attaching Legos.

The construction of this item is top grade; the materials used in the manufacturing of this product are durable.

It contains some remarkable features like the billet air meter, the filter, and the redesigned air scoop. All these components work together to improve vehicle performance. The difference this type of cold air intake makes is tremendously remarkable and quite astonishing once tested.

The price, just like the K&N, is also pretty good. Upon installation, this intake does not require unnecessary tuning all the time. In fact, I would go as far as to say that it does not require any tuning for a long period of time.

The slight issue this item holds is that the instruction manual that comes with the components can be a tad bit difficult to understand. Personally, when I looked it up online, I was able to understand most of it, but for a beginner, they might end up having to mess around a bit before getting the hang of it. This can even damage the product or its components.
  • The company provides a 100% payback guarantee
  • High-quality components
  • The components are durable
  • Fuel improvement
  • The instruction manual can be difficult to understand

Despite the instruction manual, this product is highly recommended by many customers or vararam with giving and takes of few suggestions but all over this is a good product.

Ideally, it is necessary to consider whether the guidelines are practical. If they aren’t, chances are you’d have to look for help elsewhere like the internet.

Vararam Snake Charmer Cold Air Intake CAI
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4. K&N Cold Air Intake Kit 63-3052

Next up, what I’ve decided to mention is the K&N Cold Air Intake Kit 63-3052 that is a superior product due it its airflow system. More air means more efficiency in the performance of the engine. For better performance of the engine, this type of intake uses cotton gauze in the air filter.

These filters provide great services for the engine because it keeps out any sort of impurities or bacteria and dust particles or any other sort of material that might cause distortion in the working of the engine and cause hindrances.

The upkeep of this type of intake, just like the one mentioned in the first spot, is easy, and the filter does not require to be cleaned often so as to avoid the annoyance of the maintenance that comes with any new products.

The aerodynamic system of this device makes it superior, and not to forget that the installation process is easy; no extra tools or tuning is required to get the job done.

So I can easily say anyone can install this product with facing any problems. The filter is also an easy clean if ever needed to be cleaned. This is by the best in the business, the brand K&N and the price of this device is also not far off from other intakes; it lies in a similar range to the ones mentioned above.

It has a large filter which is super beneficial for the C6 Corvette engine. Depending on the brand, you may get a complete kit or the main parts only. Consider this information before purchasing to avoid buying extra tools unnecessarily.

The only drawback that has come to light so far is customers complaining that often the items in the kit come not properly packaged, the airflow filter can get soaked in oil which can be annoying to clean up or get rid of, but other than that, there isn’t too much damage that cannot be dealt with.
  • Large filters that improve airflow
  • An aerodynamic system that benefits the engine tremendously
  • Cleaning the filter is an easy process and does not need to be repeated often
  • Some parts might arrive damaged

This cold air intake is highly recommended by customers because of its airflow improvement filters that are large enough to accommodate the engine and keep away from disaster or, in cold air intake cases, bacteria and impurities.

K&N Cold Air Intake Kit 63-3052
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5. CORSA 44108 Open Element Air Intake

Next in line, I want to mention is the CORSA 44108 Open Element Air Intake. This specific intake is made with carbon fiber material and this one is easy to install and carry due to its lightweight material.

It has a fix-on approach meaning the parts can simply be clicked on together to form the intake to improve engine system performance.

No unnecessary cutting or fixing is required to install this cold air intake so the overall installation process is quite easy.

Like the cold air intake mentioned above, the filters in this one are washable, meaning they’re easy to clean and provide upkeep to and to prevent bacteria and impurities from entering the filters and causing problems for the engine performance.

A plus related to this type of intake is that before every twenty-thousand miles, it does not require oiling. The shape of the intake tube is such that it increases horsepower and torque easily without any problems. This type of system is not just simple but also highly beneficial for engine performance.

This is also manufactured by the company CORSA which is an esteemed company, and the price of this intake is pretty much in the budget which is not much compared to the other; in fact, it comes in close to the price point of the other intakes.

The drawback related to this one, like the other CORSA cold air intake, is that it also needs a better instruction manual as the ones that come with the intake itself are difficult to understand and poorly printed and explained.
  • Made with carbon-fiber material
  • The filter is easy to clean and washable
  • Easy to install
  • The poor instruction manual that is difficult to understand

This type of intake is recommended for its easy to clean and wash capabilities and that the filter can work long terms to keep the impurities out of the engine before being needed to be cleaned, which does not occur often.

The installation process is easy and efficient; I would personally recommend this type of intake because of its ease of access and fixing.

CORSA 44108 Open Element Air Intake
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6. Airaid Cold Air Intake System

Second, to last in line, I want to mention is the Airaid Cold Air Intake System; this one also contains an aerodynamic intake tube which makes it simpler to install, and no tuning or cutting is necessarily required to fit this intake in a C6 Corvette.

This splendid-looking intake also improves the airflow system that comes in handy to improve the working and performance of the engine.

The fact that the intake can perform these tasks simultaneously means greater improvement in the functioning of the engine, which results in the longevity of the engine of the Corvette, elevating the overall feel of the car.

With the exceptional working of the filter, it can last many years without the need to get it fixed or checked.

It is easily washable, keeping any sort of debris or impurities from entering the engine and causing damage to the system.

You might not have the significant experience to attach or fix things, but I am here to assure you that this system is so easy to learn and mount that a beginner could read the manual once and get the hang of it easily.

So no worries when it comes to installation process. Moreover, the price of this intake is also quite reasonable and a bit less as compared to other intakes currently present on my list.

So if you are looking for a quality product that comes with cheaper price then this one is your top option. You can totally go for this one.

The drawback with this is that the screws that come with the kit are made of thread and can be tricky to fix in place; hence, patience is required when working with this type of intake because fixing it can take time depending upon the experience of the person.
  • Improves airflow system
  • Easy to install
  • Aerodynamic intake tubes
  • Easily washable filter
  • Thin and petite thread screws that are not so easy to install

This product is recommended by customers due to its performance based on its aerodynamic system, the filtering process, and not to forget that it is easy to install though only a tad time-consuming on one step but completely hassle-free.

Airaid Cold Air Intake System
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7. Volant 25957C Cool Air Intake Kit

Last in line but certainly not least, I present to you the Volant 25957C Cool Air Intake Kit, which has the best horsepower improvement system compared to all other intakes. It is made of polyethylene material, and the filter inside this intake is also like all the other, reusable, washable and easy to install.

Neither does it require constant upkeep to perform better. The design of this specific intake is really cool, in my opinion, because of how enclosed and protected it looks on the engine. Its sealed lid makes the filter works efficiently, keeping all or any dirt and debris out of the system of the engine.

Moreover, it also keeps the engine working at its full potential, and increasing the working and efficiency of the Corvette.

Unlike a few others, the guidelines or the construction manual related to the Volant cold air intake kit is highly profitable as the instructions of the manual are top-notch and easy to understand for anyone.

This brand Volant also comes in a very good price like other products in the article. Every thousand miles, the filter may need maintenance which includes oiling and cleaning the parts. Re-oiling is also required when there is less friction in the system.

The one and only drawback related to this one is that there are no instructions on how to take out the stock air intake in the entire instruction manual, which, if I think about it, is a slight letdown since the rest of the manual is a winner.
  • Increasing horsepower and torque
  • Attractive looking and well-protected filter
  • Easy to provide upkeep and maintenance
  • Easy to install
  • Contains no instructions on how to take out the stock air intake tube

This product is recommended by customers because of how to snuggle it look on the engine and because of how easy and less time-consuming it is to install. Not to forget, the sound is a splendid improvement that comes with this type of intake; it also improves engine capacity and performance highly.

Volant 25957C Cool Air Intake Kit
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Is It Beneficial To Install The Cold Air Intake?

It is definitely a good decision to install the cold air intake because it keeps the engine protected and working for a long time; the filters make sure to keep impurities out hence, improving the working system of the engine and all related units.

What Does Cold Air Intake Do For A C6 Corvette?

The cold air intake allows for the cold air to penetrate into the engine, thus providing combustion; the air that enters is thicker with oxygen which results in more fuel which ultimately means more power. During the installation of the cold air intake, the filter moves outside of the engine.

Does It Make A Difference To Install The Cold Air Intake?

The simple answer to this question would be yes because cold air intake improves airflow intake and reduces the air temperature, which results in better working of the engine.

The engine is the main working system of any car, so as long as the engine is working efficiently, the car has much value, and the cold air intake helps in just this very important process.

Does The Cold Air Intake Improve The Horsepower Of The C6 Corvette?

Yes, it does. The filters work to not just reduce but eradicate or keep out any sort of dirt particles from the engine, which increases the efficiency of the engine, resulting in increased torque and improved horsepower of the engine.


This just about concludes all the various, top working cold air intake systems that work to improve the working of the engine.

As I’ve discussed or mentioned so far, the only thing that might be keeping a C6 Corvette from working up to its maximum potential is a simple cold air intake system. This overview includes all the efficient, better working, and manageable cold air intakes for a Corvette.

The only thing you need to do is consider which one is in your budget and then purchase it online to get started on bringing your vehicle to a whole another level.

In all the ones mentioned above, in my opinion, the best cold air intake for C6 Corvette is the K&N Cold Air Intake Kit 63-3073, due to the fact that it is literally the easiest, most efficient one out of all to fix as it does not require any tools or guidelines to follow.