Installing an intake manifold can help improve the engine’s performance, even improve the horsepower greatly. It is a solid cast component consisting of numerous cylindrical tubes and will help give the engine a mixture of fuel and air. As the air is distributed evenly, the level of performance can be greatly improved.

The benefit to buying an aftermarket intake manifold is to deal with the throttle valve restriction in spark-ignition piston engines. These will help improve performance and torque.

Some of the latest manifolds in the market use newer technologies for the highest quality, and today I will talk about some of these best LS3 Intake Manifolds.

1. Holley 300-135 LS3 Mid Rise Modular EFI Intake

In the first place, I have the Holley 300-135 LS3 Mid Rise Modular EFI Intake which has an RPM of 6,700. The design of this manifold is mid-rise, and the height is around 40cm.

Holley is a well-known company for manifolds and produces some of the highest quality products loved by everyone. This particular manifold, for example, will give you a horsepower of up to 560 HP.

This is a great increase in horsepower, which proves that your engine is performing greatly. In addition, the torque when using this manifold will be up to 500, which is also proof of the product’s amazing performance. The RM range, in addition, can be as much as 6,700 when using this.

Holley’s mid-rise manifolds are an amazing choice in the market; these are the best ones for hood clearance and excellent performance in town. The installation kit is not a problem either; you can easily get it because it is a well-known brand. Hence, you can easily install this product whenever you wish.

Even if the manifold does not come with all of the parts, because the brand is a popular and reputable one, you will easily find any missing parts in the market without having to search too much. It is a good idea to get this manifold along with a carburetor because when paired with it, you will get the best result out of it.

Moreover, this manifold will fit your engine perfectly without creating any problems during installation. The installation process is also pretty easy and can be done at home quickly without needing to go to a professional.

The material used for this product is cast aluminum alloy. The entire kit can be bought in either a 105mm throttle body or a 92 mm one.

However, compared with other high-quality manifolds in the market, this one does not improve horsepower as much as they do.
  • 6,700 RPM
  • 560 horsepower
  • 500 torque
  • Easy to install
  • It does not improve horsepower much

As Holley is a reputable brand, any manifold you buy from them will surely deliver the best performance and quality.

Holley 300-135 LS3 Mid Rise Modular EFI Intake
Holley 300-135 LS3 Mid Rise Modular EFI Intake


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2. GM Genuine Parts 12580420 Intake Manifold Assembly

The second top manifold on my list is the GM Genuine Parts 12580420 Intake Manifold Assembly. This one fits the GM vehicles perfectly. The intake is 92mm large to help make the gas transfer as smooth as possible.

This product will distribute all of the air equally without any problems. The air will be distributed equally in the best way possible; the manifold will help the engine deliver the best performance possible.

It fits all GM vehicles, but it is still better to check whether it is compatible with your vehicle’s engine before buying this. This product will give the same performance as the original factory manifold. For this reason, this product is more like a replacement of the factory product.

The installation process will require gaskets you will need to buy; apart from that, all of the other parts of the engine and the manifold will fit perfectly without any issues, so you won’t have to go through a hassle.

In addition, this product is also very durable. Therefore it will last you pretty long without wearing off, and you won’t feel like replacing it for a long time. This is made possible due to the high-quality aluminum material, which makes the manifold long-lasting.

This product will fit your engine perfectly without creating any issues during installation. It will ensure that the right amount of air mixes with fuel by evenly distributing the air.

Lastly, it comes at a very affordable price compared to the other products in the market. Therefore it is great if you’re on a budget and need to replace your manifold.

The issue with this product is that you might have to buy new hardware for the installation process if you don’t have any. This will increase the cost and can be an unnecessary hassle for some people.
  • Distributes gas evenly
  • Same performance as original factory manifold
  • Aluminum material
  • Affordable
  • You have to buy hardware

This manifold is a great replacement for your GM engine, giving the same performance as the factory product and making the gas transfer as smoothly as possible.

GM Genuine Parts 12580420 Intake Manifold Assembly
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3. Edelbrock 2701 Performer Intake Manifold

The Edelbrock 2701 Performer Intake Manifold comes with a low-rise dual-plane design. This product can improve the RPM range up to 5,500. This RPM can even increase more than this.

However, the 5,500 is more than enough. It has a single carburetor. This manifold can easily adjust with the original equipment inside the engine. Hence you don’t need to go and buy anything new just to fit it in.

In addition, this ensures that the fit is a perfect one, just like the factory manifold. As it is made of aluminum, the manifold is strong and durable, and very resistant.

This will help the product last as long as possible without the need for replacement. Not only this, but it also comes at a comparatively affordable price, so you don’t have to worry about spending too much money on this product.

Even though it is cheap, it delivers excellent performance for the price range compared to the other ones costing the same, making it very cost-effective. The installation process is also easy to figure out.

For this reason you will be able to do it by yourself at home without having to go to and spend a lot of money at a professional’s.

This makes the product even more cost-effective, and it will not take too much time to do, especially as it will easily fit with all the original engine hardware; you won’t have to spend a lot of time trying to figure it out.

According to Dyno tests, the horsepower and torque gains are great compared to the other ones in the market. The power will increase at an average of 5+ ft-lbs of torque. The finishing of this product looks natural.

However, if you have vortex heads, you may find a problem doing the manifold work along with those.
  • Increases RPM up to 5,500
  • Low rise dual plane design
  • Aluminum makes it resistant and durable
  • Easy installation process
  • It fits with the original hardware
  • It doesn’t work with vortex heads

With the exceptional increase in RPM, torque, and horsepower, this product will give you an amazing engine performance after installing it.

Edelbrock 2701 Performer Intake Manifold
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4. Holley 300-117 EFI Hi-Ram Intake Manifold

The Holley 300-117 EFI Hi-Ram Intake Manifold is another high-quality product from this company.

As you already know, all the products from this company are trusted and deliver amazing performance, hence the brand reputation. This particular manifold increases horsepower up to 612. In addition, the increase in torque is up to 509.

This means that this product will improve the performance greatly by helping the airflow through and mix with the fuel as smoothly as possible. The air intake is 105mm for this product. Even though this intake is not the biggest one, it can fit the throttle body easily.

Because this manifold is made of aluminum, it is resistant and strong. Therefore, it can stand most situations it will have to go through.

In addition, it will not rust or wear off in the long term as the aluminum makes it durable. The design makes the manifold cost-effective.

This product is made with such precision that it will help fit the engine perfectly. It is High Ram and weighs 34 pounds. It comes with fuel rails; however, the throttle body is not included in the packaging.

The intake is a 3/192 square one. The High Ram intake ensures a high flow inside the engine, helping it to run smoothly. The style is aggressive, bold, and race-bred. Therefore, this manifold is fit for drag race, muscle car, marine, off-road, sand rails, track, sand rails, street-rod applications, etc.

Out of all the products on the list today, this one has the best look and it makes a great visual statement to help your engine look put together and stylish.

However, the hood clearance is not as good as that with some other options. In addition, even though it is said to be cost-effective, it is still quite expensive compared to some other high-quality manifolds in the same category.
  • Horsepower increase up to 612
  • Torque increase up to 612
  • Made of aluminum, resistant and durable
  • Precision fitting helps it fit perfectly
  • Great style
  • Hood clearance is not that good
  • Expensive

With the stylish look and the great performance increase, this product is a great option to choose especially considering all of the thought put in during the manufacturing process.

Holley 300-117 EFI Hi-Ram Intake Manifold
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5. SNIPER EFI Fabricated Intake Manifold

Another great quality product is the Sniper EFI Fabricated Intake Manifold. As the intake is 102mm, this helps the manifold to give great performance, just as good as the high-rated ones.

It has a dual-panel design. There is an open space between the runners. It makes a great improvement in the power. As the material used is a cast aluminum alloy, this product is not very heavy in weight; hence, it will not weigh your engine down.

However, this material is still very durable and resistant, so it will last you a long way, and you won’t have to spend money on getting a new one for your engine now and then. Compared to the original factory manifolds, this one will increase the RPM range by 1,000 than original manifolds.

The overall performance is improved greatly compared to the factory manifold; for this reason, buying it will improve engine performance. This product is designed in such a way that it will help cool it down. Therefore, this manifold will not cause your engine to heat up, which will help keep temperatures low.

This comes with the complete kit to help make the installation as easy and convenient as possible. Hence you won’t have to be looking here and there to purchase some extra parts. The performance increases with this product are very high, especially when compared to the other OEM parts.

Finally, this product does not deliver a good hood clearance, which is an issue as there are many in the market that does, giving them an advantage over it.
  • Dual panel design
  • Made of a cast aluminum alloy
  • Improves engine performance greatly
  • It comes with a complete kit for installation
  • It does not give a good hood clearance

With the high-performance increases and dual-panel design, this manifold is another great option to purchase if you want your car running smoothly and at some of its best performance.

SNIPER EFI Fabricated Intake Manifold
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6. FAST LSXr 102mm Intake Manifold For LS3/L92

The FAST LSXr 102mm Intake Manifold For LS3/L92 has a 102mm inlet, which is very large, helping it to deliver an excellent performance.

The intake will help the product easily distribute all of the air between the cylinders, giving the highest performance possible. The performance increases with this product are also fairly good; the horsepower will be increased 14+ whereas the torque increase will be 11+.

When compared to factor one, you don’t lose any of the benefits provided by that; instead, you get a better power increase and torque, which makes it a better option. It has adjustable runners included.

This will allow you to tune the engine as you want when you’re making your cargo at different speeds. The large intake means it can be used with a lot of different throttle bodies.

Therefore, it will fit in a lot of options. It is made of a high-quality polymer material. Its kit comes with all of the necessary hardware for the installation. For this reason, you will not have to go through the trouble of having to buy new hardware just to install this product.

In addition, as the installation can be done by oneself, you don’t have to go and spend huge sums of money to get it done at a professional’s, for as long as you know the basic stuff.

In addition to this, as this product has an adjustable feature, this will help this product fit on many different engines without any problem. So it fits a lot of different vehicles.

This product is pretty lightweight compared to the other manifolds. Weighing only around 20 pounds, it will not weigh your engine down too much.

This product is pretty expensive compared to the other manifolds, but the great quality is a good explanation for that.
  • 14+ horsepower increase
  • 11+ torque increase
  • Adjustable runners
  • Made of high-quality polymer material
  • It comes with all the necessary hardware for installation
  • It is very expensive as compare to other products

A lightweight manifold with adjustable runners and a significant increase in power and torque, this product is a convenient one and a great replacement for your engine.

FAST LSXr 102mm Intake Manifold For LS3/L92
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7. FAST LSXr 102mm Intake Manifold For LS1/LS2/LS6

Another FAST LSXr 102mm Intake Manifold, This One is Suitable for the LS1, LS2, and the LS6. This product is made to help it outperform the aluminum intake models.

It is made of a black-colored polymer material, making it high quality. In addition, as it is light in weight, it will never weigh your engine down, which, if it happens, could decrease the engine performance a bit.

The material also makes it very strong. Hence it will survive in a lot of situations. It also comes with new heat dissipating features; this will help cool everything when things get hotter.

Therefore, it will not be the reason for the engine to heat up. Along with the LS1, LS2, and LS6 engines, this can also fit the GM LS3 and LS7 engines.

Furthermore, the intake is 102mm, which is fairly large, and will aid greatly in distributing the air evenly to help increase performance and have the engine running smoothly.

With a unique modular design, this one is built to give you maximum performance increases. The design also allows you to disassemble it very easily and quickly.

In addition, you can also remove the individual runners whenever you wish. This manifold comes with integrated nitrous bungs and a bolt-on fitment. This fitment will allow you to easily install the product without any hassle or having to modify the engine.

The issue with this product is the high price, especially considering that a lot of high-quality options are much more cost-effective and affordable.
  • Black colored polymer material
  • Lightweight
  • Heat dissipating features
  • Unique modular design
  • Easy bolt-on fitment
  • It is pretty expensive

Even though it is expensive, this product does not fall behind at all in terms of performance and quality, and the stylish black design is just the cherry on top.

FAST LSXr 102mm Intake Manifold For LS1/LS2/LS6
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Can A Manifold Work In Every Type Of Engine?

There are some manifolds that will fit only specific vehicle engines. The reason for this is the fact that these manifolds connect to the engines, and as all engines are different, so will be the manifolds. Therefore, when choosing the manifold, make sure to check the engine type you have.

How Do I Know When I Need To Replace My Manifolds?

Manifolds are supposed to last you for a long time. However, they may stop working at some time. When they’ve stopped working, some issues will pop up. For example, the coolant used to decrease the engine’s temperature may begin to leak.

In addition, the performance of the engine will also dropdown. This is because these manifolds improve torque and horsepower. If you notice a high engine temperature, it may be due to the manifold not working anymore. Hence you need to check.

How Can I Maintain My Engine Manifold?

The first thing to do is install the manifold just like the original manifold was installed. You should also tighten the bolts properly and make sure that the cylinder heads are connected to the engine.

If any of the parts are loose, leakage may occur. Torque will be the best the tighter the bolts are, so make sure to do that. You should also keep the air ducts and the air filter clean at all times. In addition, the engine oil you are using should be the proper one for your engine.

What Does It Mean If My Manifold Is Leaking?

There are different types of leaks that will mean different things. One should be aware, however, that any type of leakage is not good. It could mean that the air flowing to the cylinders of the engine is too much.

As this happens, the engine will start having lesser fuel and more air. As burning will not happen in the right way, the engine will stop performing properly.


The best manifold is the one that will improve the engine’s performance the most. For this reason, check for feedback on how well the manifolds work before buying anyone.

When choosing one single product, you should also make sure to check what brand you’re buying it from and how reputable it is. In addition, checking the features and comparing them with the others is important.

The product should be high quality, reliable, and also durable; it should last you long. Most of all, checking customer ratings and feedback is the best way to check if a product is of high quality.

All of the LS3 intakes on my list are of great quality and will improve the engine’s performance greatly. However, the best LS3 intake manifold is the Holley 300-135 LS3 Mid Rise Modular EFI Intake. It is very popular and a customer favorite.