Are you planning to go for a drive on a cool summer day, these convertible tops will let you enjoy whether you want it with the cover or not. These are not only a vinyl covering but much more than that. Once you undo the latches, you simply have to push a button, and the top will be set.

In today’s article I’ll be focusing on the best mustang convertible top replacement that you can buy in the market. Read the entire article to find out which one is your best option to go for. Moreover, I have tried to answer some questions in the buying guide to make this procedure easy for you.

1. Sierra Auto Tops Convertible Top Replacement

This Sierra Auto Tops Convertible Top Replacement is produced in the USA with original material and design and can be used for 2005 to 2014 models. Its window is made up of heated glass and DOT-certified with a bonded window.

They have used a new window bonding system that does away with the need for piping, stitching, or heat marks generally found on most other mustang tops.

The window interior has vinyl lining with a back bow retainer. The fabric of the top is made of premium sailcloth vinyl. It is a single texture vinyl made of 2-ply composite with a PVC sailcloth outer layer and a cotton lining cloth. Sierra tops are the best in the market, thanks to their high-quality products.

Moreover, they are made from original materials like canvas or sailcloth vinyl. This cloth is usually easy to clean and also has a finished OEM look. Plus, this material is mold-resistant, and they save the car from Ultraviolet damage.

Besides, this product has sewn-in retainer attachments and finished trim that you may use as a rain and snow guard.

One of the reasons it comes first on our list is that it is top quality and comes from one of the leading brands in the market, and its products are built using reinforcements that result in a high-end convertible top.

What’s more, it has heat-sealed reinforcements to avoid the shrinking of sides and give more strength. Like many sierras auto tops glass windows, this one also is produced with high-quality material. The seams are sewn from the inside and are properly heat sealed to better look and reliability.

The only drawback I could mention about this top is that it needs a professional install. You cannot install it yourself, and if you try to do, you can damage the product making it leak in rain and snow. Otherwise, this product is great and can be called high quality.
  • Best quality
  • Very quiet
  • Very neat and quite soft
  • You may need professional installation

Other things that make this top preferable are modern OE style plastic and classic design rubber extrusions and back quarter brackets. These are used to lock the top over the glass door and easily lock to frame.

Sierra Auto Tops Convertible Top Replacement
Sierra Auto Tops Convertible Top Replacement



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2. AutoBerry Ford Mustang Convertible Top

When searching for a quality mustang convertible top replacement, go for AutoBerry Ford Mustang Convertible Top because it is made with sailcloth vinyl and a heated glass window, and I would say it is the best choice for your car.

It weighs only 20.6 pounds. The outer layer is made of single sailcloth vinyl material, and the inner lining is 100% polyester. Plus, there are many reasons why most people like to have this product.

It is manufactured within original sailcloth vinyl material that is easily washable and quite dependable for beginners. The heated glass window is fastened to the cover using a modern bonding system.

The glass window has a defroster that clears frost and condensation. The window saves from any leakage during your daily car rides.

Secondly, the installation is quite trouble-free, though it is not very easy to install. Still, the company has provided holes in the attachments. It is thick because thick tops do not make noise on main roads and are damage-resistant. Its main features are different colors and the back window options.

There are many options in color, and the back window can be either glass or plastic. They can be heated or non-heated. The company has provided holes, but it is recommended that you get a professional to install it because you may need some tools.

AutoBerry Ford Mustang 2005-2014 has protection against ultraviolet rays and has resistance against mold. These features make sure that the top is good for many years if used carefully.

It is worth mentioning that this is a high-end product by a leading brand, but the instructions on the manual are poorly written. The company should pay attention to this issue because most of the buyers have complaints about it.
  • A high-quality product
  • Good pricing
  • Very good looking
  • Instructions are written very poorly
  • Need a professional installation

Although it is an affordable and high-quality product, its instruction manual is not written well. If you go for good looks and a reasonable price, this product may be great for you.

AutoBerry Ford Mustang Convertible Top
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3. Sierra Auto Tops Convertible Top Replacement

Another soft top that is DOT-certified and tempered heated glass with rubber weather seal and original style extrusions. This Outstanding Product is Manufactured by Sierra, which is a leading brand. So its name suggests that this convertible top is ideal for your Ford Mustang car model 1994-2004.

The top comprises colored defroster windows. You will get a top and a window part hooked to the cover with the help of improved, modern window bonding technology. Other than this, the top is cut with the help of a computer to make sure that it fits accurately.

So you do not have to care whether the top will fit perfectly for your car or not. This system reduces the need for bad-looking press marks that can be found in silicone bonded convertible soft tops. Additionally, the top is heat protected to provide great strength and improve its longevity.

On top of this, there is no stitching around the glass, which makes the edges of the window look neat and clean. The outer layer is made of sailcloth vinyl, and the inner lining is made of polyester. A rubber seal is stitched and added to the top to minimize highway noise and protect against rain.

Installation of this product can be done with basic tools, but if you do not have a proper set of tools, you should get a professional.

Let’s face it, looking for quality rooftops for your mustang is not easy. However, this Sierra convertible top is surely a high-quality product, but it can take a long time to install; the company should resolve this issue as soon as possible for customer satisfaction.
  • Looks good on your mustang model 1994-2004
  • With basic tools, it can be easily installed at home
  • Reasonable price
  • It takes a very long time to install

Firstly, this top is budget-friendly but cannot be installed at home without basic tools. Secondly, it is available in black, beige, and saddle colors. So, go for it in the color of your choice.

Sierra Auto Tops Convertible Top Replacement
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4. AutoBerry Convertible Soft Top & Plastic Window Black Sailcloth

If you want a great, classic design convertible top for your car, then look no further. AutoBerry Convertible Soft Top & Plastic Window Black Sailcloth is a high-quality choice.

With a heavy 40 gauge plastic window that is polished, this item is the perfect option for your Mustang because it is a one-piece cover that has holes on the edges that makes installation perfect and easy.

The top is cut with the help of a computer to make sure that its fitting is accurate. So you do not need to worry if the cover will fit your Mustang car or not.

There are four colors for this AutoBerry top, back white, saddle and parchment. You go ahead and choose a color to match your original roof, or you can replace it with a new color.

Hence, you have a choice of shades and can choose the one that matches your needs. This item is not extremely difficult in terms of installation, but if you choose to do it yourself, you must have a proper set of basic tools. Otherwise, you may go and seek help from a professional mechanic.

You may note that your car will have to be left under the sun after installation for the sake of fitting the sides perfectly.

This is a budget-friendly option, but the brand does not compromise on quality and original styling. This is the first product you can choose from our list that has a plastic window instead of a glass one.

You must have noticed that AutoBerry Mustang convertible top model 1994-2004 does not have a glass window. This can be a problem for some buyers because plastic is not a very good choice. The company must fix this issue as soon as possible.
  • Good price, good quality
  • Not very difficult to install
  • It has a great look
  • Plastic window
  • Non-heated

Although this product has original sailcloth vinyl material with a textured finish and its weight is only 12 pounds, it has a plastic window that can be an issue for some customers. Otherwise, this heavy window product is a good option for Mustang 1994-2004.

AutoBerry Convertible Soft Top & Plastic Window Black Sailcloth
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5. AutoBerry Ford Mustang Convertible Soft Top & Plastic Window

Another soft top that may be a good replacement for your Mustang is this AutoBerry Convertible Soft Top & Plastic Window for models 1983-1990. It is made with material that is cut by computer and has back and main sections.

It is DOT-certified, non-heated glass that is tempered. This product comes with no-fade polyester material lining, thanks to the brand’s high-end products.

Another good feature of this item is that it is already assembled and ready to install. So, no stitching is needed. If you want to know about this top’s reliability, you should know it has good longevity.

Furthermore, this top is manufactured with great features. One of those is mold and mildew resistance. It is also a safe ultraviolet product.

Like most AutoBerry products, the windows in this top are also joined with a modern bonding system. Therefore, strength is added to the product that gives it a neat original equipment look.

The advanced bonding technology prevents leakage when driving in rain or snow. This product is best for those who have been waiting for a soft convertible top with non-heated glass.

Moreover, this one will allow you to have a great ride with or without a convertible top replacement. They are made with original sailcloth vinyl, and the fabrics used are usually washable and UV resistant.

It gives protection from rough weather. Better yet, it gives insulation from different temperatures. It has a great look and easy to maintain durable material.

This product is computer-cut for the perfect installation, but it does not have a heated glass which is a problem for many customers. The company should consider this issue for customer satisfaction.
  • Good defroster wiring
  • Easy installation with basic tools
  • Cut with computer
  • The glass is not heated

Although the glass is not heated, the edges of this item have factory-style original, and they also prevent leakage when you drive in the rain. The defroster wiring done by modern technology is also a good feature that makes this product a great option for your car.

AutoBerry Ford Mustang Convertible Soft Top & Plastic Window
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6. Sierra Auto Tops Convertible Top Replacement TwillFast RPC Canvas

The Sierra Top Replacement for Ford Mustang (2005-2014) is the best convertible top for customers that want a replacement with a soft canvas. It has a DOT Rated heated glass window; therefore, it meets all the required standards. This heated glass window is tinted.

In addition to this, this top replacement has an embedded glass window, with a defroster wiring. The window also has a super bond, with an advanced, high quality bonding system.

Because of this, you won’t find any ugly seal marks that may appear in case other bonding methods were used, like silicone and heat sealing bonding.

This bonding system also makes the product very strong and durable as well, therefore, this will last you long. The material that this product uses is 3-ply improved TwillFast RPC canvas.

The 3 –ply canvas includes an inner rubber layer, a weave outer fabric and a polyester lining fabric. Its canvas material is very beautiful too look at, giving the replacement a stylish and aesthetic look.

Moreover, this top replacement also has attachment retainers which are pre drilled and sewn in. The edges are also made with precision and keeping quality in mind.

These are factory style trims, and they will protect from the rain and avoid any leakage. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about any water dripping in even during the heaviest rains. This shows that it has been installed accurately.

However, this top replacement does not come with any instructions with how to install it. For this reason, if you don’t have any idea on how to install this product, you might feel like having to go to a professional to get it installed. And going to a professional to get it installed will cost you a lot of extra money.
  • DOT approved heated glass window
  • Embedded glass window
  • Super bonding
  • 3-ply improved TwillFast RPC canvas
  • Precise, rain proof and leak proof edges
  • Does not come with any instructions
  • May have to go to a professional – expensive process

With the 3 ply TwillFast canvas and the precisely fitted edges, this product is another great top replacement, especially if you prefer soft canvases.

Sierra Auto Tops Convertible Top Replacement TwillFast RPC Canvas
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7. KEE Auto Top Convertible Top Cloth Black

This last product on the list today is for the older versions, the 1967-1968 Ford Mustangs, so if you have a 1967-1968 Ford Mustang; this KEE Auto Top Convertible Top Cloth Black is the best option for you.

Not only this, it actually fits all Ford mustang models, so you can fit it in whichever model you own. It is a customer favorite and has received very good feedback.

Like all KEE convertible tops, this comes with an 8-year warranty to supply your needs.

This product has been made by using high quality computerized cutting machines; therefore the size of the replacement is precise and will not cause any problems with fitting it properly. The one-piece design prevents any fitting problems and size problems.

It is a direct replacement, without much hassle. This will make it easier to install the replacement without getting into much trouble.

The installation process is also easier than of the other top replacement models, you can install it by yourself at home, which will save your money as you will not have to go to a professional to get it installed, which could cost you extra money.

In addition to this, you will not have to spend hours trying to figure this out. Moreover, this replacement is trimmer tested.

Trimmer testing makes sure that the replacement is the perfect fit for your car, so you never have to worry about that. It also comes with dielectrically sealed seams; these will prevent any water and hazard penetration.

Now you can take your Ford Mustang out in the rainiest of days without fear of getting your car wet, as this will prevent that from happening. In addition, the top replacement also meets or even exceeds all OED specifications, ensuring, it is high quality.

KEE Auto Top has been manufacturing high quality convertible tops for almost fifty years, and is a trusted brand. This top, which weighs 3 pounds, has been made by a team of highly skilled craftsmen for the best quality product.

Lastly, this is an old product which is best for 1967-1968 Ford Mustang models. If you have a newer model, which is more likely, then it is best to purchase some of the higher quality newer top replacements.
  • 8-year warranty
  • One-piece design
  • Direct replacement
  • Easy installation
  • Meets OED specifications
  • Best for older versions only

if you own an older version of the Ford Mustang, then this is the best option for you, as it is loved by customers everywhere, and you won’t regret buying this.

KEE Auto Top Convertible Top Cloth Black
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What Is Mustang Convertible Tops Made Of?

They are made of sailcloth vinyl material, stayfast and twillfast. Their material is treated with a coating that is UV resistant. There is a pump to power the top along with the frame and a header panel. There are stay pads. When you replace the top, the frame does not need to be replaced.

How Much A Mustang Convertible Top Last?

It should last 10-15 years, depending upon how you use it and what material your top is made of. If it is used roughly and if the material is not leak-proof, then it cannot last many years. Modern top materials are good but not enough to make sure that water will not enter the cabin.

Is It Hard To Install A Convertible Top?

One important thing to bear in mind is that replacing a convertible top can be a difficult task, and if you want to do it yourself, it’s not a good idea. Reason-being, if it is not done correctly, you can cause a leakage problem that cannot be repaired, or you can damage the interior.

Do Mustang Convertible Tops Leak?

The most common problem with convertible tops is the leakage from the window. When the glass separates from the top or when it breaks, it becomes impossible to prevent the window and the top from leaking, leading to a moldy top.


Choosing the best Mustang convertible top replacement depends upon your desire and also the car model. There are so many options available in the market that makes the choosing process more difficult. You need to search for a product that is leakage-proof because that is what replacements are for.

If you want my recommendation, I would 100% recommend the number one product Sierra Auto Tops Convertible Top Replacement. It has excellent safety and is available in different options. You should think more about quality because the looks won’t help if there is an unfortunate incident.