Buying new running boards for your Toyota Tundra can be quite confusing, as, with all of the marketing and advertisement, you might not be sure which one is the best quality. Well, do not worry, because there is a list of the best running boards for Toyota Tundra.

In this article, you will find the most durable and strong products with the most weight capacity, which not only look good but also have received the best customer feedback. Make sure to check the details of each one before choosing the right product for yourself, and find the one you and other passengers will find most convenient.

1. Tyger Auto TG-AM2T20208 Star Armor Kit

The number one product on the list today is the Tyger Auto TG-AM2T20208 Star Armor Kit. This is a very strong running board, made of very sturdy material. Therefore it will help protect the truck’s sides from any damage from, for example, door dings.

This material involves heavy-duty metal tubes, and the metal is extremely strong. Not only this, but this will also make the running boards last longer.

In addition, these running boards have a textured exterior. These running boards have coats that are doable, along with an elegant black finish. This will help improve the grip on these products, help keep everything safe, as slipping will be avoided.

This is useful in case anyone is in a hurry. In addition, this textured exterior will also make the truck look much classier, enhancing the look of your truck. the bars have a width of around 2 inches.

Even though it is not very large, it will help to climb the car pretty easily, especially if compared to not having running boards at all. Moreover, these coats have rust-resistant coats. This is great as the product will not rust, giving it an advantage over many others because customers usually complain about running boards rusting after only a short time.

These bars will not only give assistance but also protect the truck against any impacts and containments. Also, the installation process is pretty easy as well, including only the usage of a few hand tools and not much effort. The packages come with instructions, so you must not have a problem or need to go to a professional.

It is important to note, however, that these boards will only fit the crewmax cab trucks and no other ones. In addition, these will need some extra bolts, which you will have to buy for the installation process.
  • Sturdy material
  • The textured exterior gives good grip
  • 2-inch wide metal bars
  • Rust-resistant coat
  • Installation is quite easy
  • Will only fit crewmax cab trucks
  • Need extra bolts for installation

Due to the heavy-duty feature and protection for your truck, this product comes at number one and will last you pretty long.

Tyger Auto TG-AM2T20208 Star Armor Kit
Tyger Auto TG-AM2T20208 Star Armor Kit



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2. Rough Country DS2 Drop Nerf Steps

The second best product on today’s list is the Rough Country DS2 Drop Nerf Steps. These ones are made for your Toyota Tundra. This product is very stylish, enhancing the look of your truck. Therefore it will be a great addition aesthetically.

Moreover, these running boards are made from a very strong material which will help with the weight capacity as well as keep the vehicle safe from any impacts.

This is a very reliable product and will last you pretty long, so you don’t have to go purchase new ones anytime soon after installing these running boards. The unique thing about this product is the fact that you can adjust it closer to the body of your truck. This will allow you to customize it however you want in case you want a more put-together look.

The design is very eye-catching, making a lot of customers look towards this product. These ones actually have unique drop steps which will assist the feet when coming inside the truck and getting out of it.

These drop steps are also made with much care, keeping in mind the strength, reliability and durability. Therefore, these will be sure to not wear off after just a short time.

Even the material used in the construction is top quality. It is an all-steel construction, is solid and one-piece. Because of this, these boards are very strong. Therefore, you can always depend on them to take care of any weight put on them.

Corrosion-resistant steel is used for the build. This will make these running boards very long-lasting and will not start rusting after a short time. The black powder coat finishing is just the best part out of all of this, making this product stand out so much.

This is also adjustable with mounting brackets that are adjustable. These will also hide any of the frames left exposed under the vehicle making the look so great overall.

However, the instructions that come with the packaging are not very proper, and it might be pretty confusing to install there for this reason, especially if doing so for the first time. You might need a tutorial video for that, then.
  • Unique look
  • Strong, reliable and durable
  • Rust resistant
  • Steel construction
  • Adjustable mounting brackets
  • Instructions for installation are not very clear

This product ticks all the boxes for amazing, high quality, long-lasting, strong and attractive set of running boards. Installing it will not leave you with any regrets.

Rough Country DS2 Drop Nerf Steps
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3. AMP Research 75137-01A PowerStep Electric Running Boards

So the next product is the AMP Research 75137-01A PowerStep Electric Running Boards. This product is actually very comfortable and convenient to use, which is a plus if you have any family with children and adults, as these people usually find it harder to climb, and children are more likely to sprint. These running boards have a very attractive and stylish look.

This is because of the special design that has the running boards mounted at a height that is just perfectly placed between the road and the door. Then there are two linkage arms. This will help with assistance when getting in and out of the truck. These running boards can also easily fold and unfold however you like t, making it a very convenient feature.

Therefore, if you won’t be using these bars always and want to fold them in, you can always do so. The unique feature of this product is its LED lights. These lights will improve the look of the truck, making these running boards stand out. Moving on to the installation process, that is also pretty easy, especially if you’re familiar with the process a little bit.

Even if you’re not, you can still easily install these at home within a short time. The material used for construction is a mixture of aluminum and steel, making it strong and durable. The linkage arms, in addition, are made from die-cast aluminum. This will prevent any corrosion from happening. The two bars are constructed from extruded aluminum.

However, the instructions for the installation inside the packaging are not very clear. If this becomes a problem, you could watch an installation tutorial, and some might actually need to go to a professional.
  • Perfectly placed between road and door
  • Can fold and unfold
  • LED lights for the look
  • Easy installation process
  • Aluminum and steel construction
  • Instructions are not very clear

Because you can fold and unfold these whenever you like, this set of running boards with a special LED feature is just different from the others.

AMP Research 75137-01A PowerStep Electric Running Boards
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4. Tyger Auto TG-AM2T20018 Star Armor Kit

Here is another great quality set of running boards from Tyger Auto. This Tyger Auto TG-AM2T20018 Star Armor Kit is made for the Toyota Tundra Double Cab. This set of boards is almost the same as the other Tyger Auto set of boards. However, some things do set them apart. This set of running boards is actually compatible with the double cab trucks.

These running boards have 2-inch diameter tubes. These diameter tubes are very strong. Therefore, these will be able to withstand a lot of weight when put on them. Moreover, because of this reason, these are also not very likely to break, bend or deform even in extreme conditions, leaving them the same over time and after impact.

A very durable set of boards, these will therefore last pretty long. The manufacturing process for this includes three steps. These are the pre-treatment, thee coating and the dual-stage black powder texture.

Due to this, these running boards will stay rust-free for a really long time. These boards are attached using very strong joints, helping with the weight capacity, which is up to 500 lbs, pretty insane actually.

Furthermore, these boards are corrosion-free as well. For this reason, you won’t have to deal with any rust or corrosion, so enjoy the product over a long time. Because the tubes are sealed really tightly, no water or dust can ever enter these. Lastly, these are also pretty easy to install.

However, these running pads are a little bit heavy, which might weigh down your truck and affect the fuel mileage negatively.
  • Strong tubes
  • Three-step manufacturing process making boards rust-free
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • 500 lbs weight capacity
  • Easy to install
  • A little bit heavy

With a massive weight capacity and rust-resistant qualities, these running boards are built to stay intact for as long as possible.

Tyger Auto TG-AM2T20018 Star Armor Kit
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5. APS Premium 4in Black iBoard Running Boards

These APS Premium 4in Black iBoard Running Boards might just be the attractive new addition your Toyota Tundra needs. These boards have a wide design and are very stylish, leaving your truck looking even better than before.

The width is just perfect for assistance to feet because of the size. They also have a slim profile, helping enhance the look as well as the convenience. Moreover, these running boards will mount on both sides of the truck, therefore giving assistance for getting in or out.

The top of these boards is also non slip. This is very helpful in many conditions, for example, if the passengers are a bit wobbly or if it is raining, as it won’t make the board wet and slippery, causing danger. The length of these running boards is also pretty much, and this covers the two front doors as well as the back doors.

For this reason, you can easily climb into the truck as well as the roof from wherever you’d like. The material used in these running boards is aluminum. This makes them very strong and durable. In addition, this aluminum has a coated black powder coating. Because of this reason, any rusting or corrosion will be avoided.

This will help the bars last you very long before starting to look ugly. Cleaning this product is also pretty simple using a hose and water. Apart from this, installing these is also very easy, and you can easily do so at home.

The problem with this product is its lower weight capacity, which is not more than 300 lbs. when compared to other ones with more capacities, this one has a disadvantage.
  • Wide stylish design
  • Slim profile
  • Non-slip
  • Rust resistant
  • Easy cleaning and installation
  • Low weight capacity

Overall, this product, with its stylish look and very convenient design, could be the favorite of some customers who prefer the longer length.

APS Premium 4in Black iBoard Running Boards
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6. Tyger Auto TG-RS5T50168 Riser Running Boards

Another one of the popular running boards is the Tyger Auto TG-RS5T50168 Riser Running Boards. These running boards make it so much more convenient to step on because of their comfortable design.

This product is actually a single piece of stepping bar. The material used makes it very strong. The mild steel construction makes this set of running boards able to withstand a lot of weight without breaking, bending or deforming at all.

In addition, the design is triangulated into a low profile design. This also increases the strength of the product. The best part about this bar is that it is blank inside. This helps to keep it much more lightweight than the other bars.

The other heavier bars affect the fuel mileage negatively, but this set of running boards will not affect engine performance in a bad way. Both sides of these bars have rectangular end caps.

Moreover, these will prevent any water or dust from entering inside the tubes while also giving the bars a smart OE look. The manufacturing process of this product includes pre-treating it in the beginning.

This will remove any impurities. After this, the bars are e coated. In the end, a dual-stage matte black powder is used to give the top finishing. Because of this, the bars become rust-resistant.

These bars will, for this reason, last you a long time without you feeling like having to replace them after a short while. Moreover, these running bars are also non-slip and UV resistant in the step pad area. The pads have a Tyger logo and a smart design on them. The installation process is also bolt on and pretty easy and will take around an hour.

However, these pads will not perform well in the rain as they get slippery when wet, which is inconvenient as well as dangerous.
  • Strong material
  • Lightweight
  • Rust resistant
  • Non-slip
  • Slippery when wet

This set of running boards is another durable and long-lasting item you should consider purchasing.

Tyger Auto TG-RS5T50168 Riser Running Boards
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7. DNA MOTORING STEPB-ZTL-8247-SS Stainless Running Boards

The last product for today is this set of running boards by DNA motoring. These DNA MOTORING STEPB-ZTL-8247-SS Stainless Running Boards will help reduce any stress which will be placed on the back and the neck when using these.

In addition, climbing in and out is made pretty easy thanks to this product. The installation process is also really easy, and it will take less than an hour, which is really quick.

In case you’re getting a professional to do it for you, the installation will take only a few minutes. These boards are replacement boards. Therefore they will match the Toyota Tundra truck. The bolts on these running boards will match the mounting points perfectly. The design of this product is also unique and special. You need to check it out.

These boards will not only provide assistance but also protect the sides of the truck because of their sturdy qualities. The durable aluminum used in the construction also makes these running boards rust-resistant. The pads on each running board are anti-slip, which will help avoid any slipping in case anyone is in a hurry or in wet conditions.

Moreover, the Styrofoam underneath the stepping pads gives them the perfect grip for anyone climbing. The width of these boards is around 5 inches, which is the perfect size for placing feet. The product also comes with all necessary bolts and brackets for the installation process.

However, these step pads are not very durable. Therefore, they can wear off after some usage, making the whole item look old.
  • Reduces back and neck stress
  • Easy installation
  • Durable aluminum
  • Non-slip step pads
  • Step pads are not durable

Overall, this product is built to give you a good grip and safe usage even in risky conditions such as the rain.

DNA MOTORING STEPB-ZTL-8247-SS Stainless Running Boards
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Are Running Boards Worth It For Toyota Tundra?

Running boards are definitely very helpful to install in your truck. This is because these will keep all the dirt and debris outside the car that might come from the passenger’s shoes. Therefore, your interior will be much cleaner with them installed.

In addition, these give assistance to step in the truck. As Toyota Tundra is a huge truck, some passengers might find it quite hard to step in. by installing running boards and giving assistance to them, you’ll create much more convenience.

Can I Add Running Boards Aftermarket In Toyota Tundra?

Yes. Luckily, there are many great quality aftermarket running boards available for Toyota Tundra. You can either go to a professional to install these, but the best part is that you can even install these at home yourself.

Most of the time, the installation is easy and bolt on, and these boards easily attach to the truck. Some trucks do come with running boards initially, but that is not the case with all of them, in which scenario you can always do so yourself.

How Do I Choose The Right Running Board For The Toyota Tundra?

The best way to choose the right boards for your Toyota Tundra is to get one that is much more durable and strong than the others. In addition, it should have a high weight capacity as to not break or bend when weight is put on it.

Moreover, you should check the anti-rust properties so that they don’t start to look old pretty soon. A non-slip step pad is also essential. This will make sure that your feet have the best grip, and no unfortunate event will occur in case someone is in a hurry.

You might also wish to buy running boards most suitable for the look you want for your Toyota Tundra as well, which is up to you.

Do Toyota Tundra Trucks Look Better With Running Boards?

When running boards are installed, they make the Toyota Tundra appear closer to the ground from the side, giving it a more streamlined look. Because of this, your Toyota Tundra will look sleek and stylish.

Not only this, but these also come in many styles with different step pad styles. Therefore, you can choose whichever style suits you best, helping customize your truck. Apart from the looks, there are many additional benefits to installing them, such as ground clearance, assistance etc.


Getting running boards will improve not only the exterior but also the interior of your Toyota Tundra, keeping it clean. Therefore, they are more like a necessity. Make sure to check for any negative feedback before purchasing any one product. However, all of the ones mentioned on the list today are of great quality and carefully packed.

The best running boards for Toyota Tundra are, however, the Tyger Auto TG-AM2T20208 Star Running Boards coming right on number one. The excellent build quality and customer feedback have made this the best option to pick, and you will not be disappointed for sure. All the other products are also worth checking out.