If you are thinking of upgrading your car battery and looking for an option which ticks all the required points. Well, look no further, because I have listed some great options for you to look at and this guide will help you choose the best battery for your car.

Let’s not wait and dive in!

When I was looking to replace the Group 31 battery for my RV, I did a lot of research. These batteries are very powerful industry-standard commercial batteries. With so many makes and battery options, it is hard to decide the right one for your vehicle.

But, I have personally picked the best 6 Group 31 batteries for you. I have personally compared their performance, sturdiness, value, and user review to make it easier for you.

Top 6 Best Group 31 Deep Cycle Battery Comparison

1. Odyssey 31M-PC2150ST-M TROLLING Thunder Marine Dual Purpose Battery

I was looking for massive starting power and extreme durability; I got it all in Odyssey 31-PC2150S. The Odyssey brand speaks for itself and that is the reason this battery is on top of my list.

If you are looking for a heavy-duty battery to power all your gadgets in your vehicle, then this is the right choice. The Odyssey 31-PC2150S can produce up to 400 cycles and can maintain high stable voltage for long lengths of time.

With a larger surface area of pure virgin lead plates, this battery delivers maximum power and a strong starting current. This battery is simply unbeatable in performance and power.

With the AGM type battery to prevent spill-offs and vibration check, this is an all-in-all highly productive and powerful battery. The best thing is that the CAA of the battery is 1150 which is way above the Group 31 battery 1000 CCA.

This is an AGM design battery therefore you don’t have to worry about any acid spills. You can also mount it in any position you like, unlike traditional acid batteries. It is also very easy to install and resistant to shocks and vibrations.

I also bought a Group 31 battery box for my battery and it helped in keeping the battery safe. It helped me in protecting the battery against any cracks and temperature variations. If you are buying for your truck, then this is a good choice for Group 31 truck batteries.

If you are buying a replacement of an older version of Odyssey 31M-PC2150ST-M you must keep in mind that the position of the terminals has been interchanged. Therefore, if you have an old car with old cables that won’t work with the current version of the battery which we are listing here because the battery design has completely changed.
  • 3-6 years of service life
  • 4-year warranty
  • Rapid recovery
  • Good discharge
  • Expensive than others
Odyssey 31M-PC2150ST-M TROLLING Thunder Marine Dual Purpose Battery
Odyssey 31M-PC2150ST-M TROLLING Thunder Marine Dual Purpose Battery



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2. Battle Born LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery – 100Ah 12V With Built-In BMS

I brought this powerful Battle Born LifePo4 Deep Cycle Battery for my solar panels and it worked beautifully. These batteries are very light-weight and have a continuous output of 100 amperes. Not just for off-the-grid applications, but you can also buy them for your RV, boats, or motor vehicles.

This battery comes second in my list due to its light-weight. This sleek battery only weighs 31 lbs and does not need any temperature compensation which makes it second on my recommendation list. The output voltage is higher than lead-acid batteries and has a high current capability.

The battery usually runs at 13 volts instead of 12 volts. It makes it more desirable as there is a lower current requirement. This also saves power from the voltage drop occurring due to wiring. It has a very fast charging time and is extremely powerful. It has an almost 40% Ah rating even at a high discharge rate.

It has the added advantage of a Built-in BMS (battery management system) which makes it prone to ground faults or any kind of temperature volatility. It can be mounted in any position because it does not have any acid/liquid for spill-off or leakage.

But in some cases, the battery discharged completely and did not recharge. It also started oscillating going back and forth between 4.5 volts and 13.5 volts. Even under the warranty, it is a hassle to ship the battery back to the company; they will examine it and after scanning it, will either repair it or will send you a new one. This whole process will take at least 2-3 weeks during which you will be completely stranded unless you have a battery backup waiting for you.
  • Lightweight
  • Fast recharging time
  • Lifetime cost is much lower
  • Low self-discharge (It can hold acharge for one year without load)
  • It is a bit on the expensive side
Battle Born LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery - 100Ah 12V With Built-In BMS
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3. VMAX MR137-120 AGM Sealed Marine AGM Battery 12V 120AH For 50lb

The VMAX MR137-120 is an AGM Sealed battery that weighs around 75 lbs. It is the best Group 31 deep cycle battery, you can find. It has a CCA of 900 Amperes and an HCA of 1740 A.

The dimensions are 12.9 x 6.8 x 8.5 inches. With a capacity of 120 Ah and an operating voltage of 12 volts, VMAX MR137-120 has a service life of 8 to 10 years.

If you want an affordable, durable, and performance-oriented Group 31 battery, then this battery is your best choice. The risk of corrosion and leakage is eliminated in this because it has a highly porous absorbent glass mat. This not only makes it durable but also resistant to vibrations.

With a boosted service life of 10 years and high performance, this battery is maintenance-free. You don’t have to worry about adding distilled water or any other maintenance requirements.

It has an electrolyte suspension system and lead-tin alloy plates. Optimal performance is guaranteed in both cyclic and floating discharge applications.

You should know that these batteries will not charge from a 15 Ampere charger. They will only be charged with a 10A charger. If you use a 15A charger on them, it will destroy the battery very fast due to bubbling. You should also not let these batteries get cold or they won’t last the service life they warranty. It is recommended to keep a maintenance charge on them during the winters. I also recommend you to buy a Group 31 battery box and charging cables for your battery if you are buying for the first time. The most important thing it does is to protect the accidental shorting of the battery terminals.
  • Low self-discharge
  • High power density
  • Good for floating discharge application
  • The long service life of 8-10 years
  • Short warranty of only one year
VMAX MR137-120 AGM Sealed Marine AGM Battery 12V 120AH For 50lb
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4. Optima Batteries 8052-161 D31M BlueTop Starting And Deep Cycle Battery

I was looking for a maintenance-free battery with a strong starting current when someone suggested Optima 8052-161 D31M Battery to me. I was curious about it so I thought about giving it a try and no wonder I am impressed.

It is a dual-purpose battery and has a reserve capacity. The shelf life is simply indefinite. It has a faster recharge time, so I was always covered on that front. Its sealed body ensures no corrosion or the fear of any leakages.

Further, you don’t have to worry about the acid levels or the water levels in the battery. It has approximately 155 minutes of reserve capacity which is high for Group 31 batteries.

The long shelf life and the low self-discharge rate is a bonus. Optimal starting, engine cranking, and vibration resistance are also some of the reasons I recommend using this battery. It can be mounted in any position and doesn’t have to be always upright.

Like other Optima batteries, it has a Spiral Cell design which gives high tolerance and control. There is no need to worry about acid spill-offs and makes it a suitable choice over others. The discharge rate is also impressively low. I used it for my boat. You can use it for your motor vehicles or even RVs.

But one of my friends did not have a great experience like me. His Group 31 truck battery died in just 8 months and did not maintain the charge. Although he took up the warranty and the battery was replaced. If you don’t have the right charger for this battery, you might not get the battery life, the company claims. So, I recommend buying an Optima D1200 Battery Charger for the best performance of your battery.
  • Maintenance-free
  • Fast recharging  and low self-discharge
  • Long shelf life
  • Strong-cranking
  • It is more expensive than the others. If you are looking for something economical, it is not for you
Optima Batteries 8052-161 Deep Cycle Battery
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5. 31 Series Marine Battery Replaces Blue Top D31M

Even in bad weather and wintry mornings, the Banshee 31 Series Battery will never lose you. It is the best heavy-duty battery for firing up your vehicle. This battery comes in the category of rugged batteries.

With a high reserve category and an amp-hour capacity of 105 Ah, the battery will meet all your power needs. It has more surface area so it has more power.

Even at low temperatures when it is freezing outside, the EFB battery will give you good engine cranking. It also has greater cycling durability and improved charge acceptance.

It’s Not a Battery, It’s a Banshee. The name is enough to speak for itself. It is the right choice for personal watercraft, marine, RV, and many more. It can withstand anything, whether it is over-discharge, overcharge, shock, or vibration.

This powerful battery is one of a kind. Its low-pressure venting system gives its high performance and efficiency. It is also very safe and easy to use.

This battery is not an AGM battery but works on the EFB technology. EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery) is an improved version of typical wet-flooded technology. I recommend this battery due to its better cyclic stability even when you are using it in a reduced state of charge.

The battery is a great choice but it needs to be vented. Due to the lack of venting, it might become inappropriate for some applications. Another disadvantage to this battery is the mounting position. It is a liquid battery so has to be mounted in an upright position only. The battery posts are larger than other batteries. You might have had to drill your boat terminals to connect the battery to the boat wiring system.
  • High reserve capacity
  • Very powerful and durable
  • EFB technology
  • Completely  maintenance-free
  • It has a short warranty period compared to others
  • Can be mounted only in an upright position
  • Battery posts are larger
31 Series Marine Battery Replaces Blue Top D31M
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6. Exide XMC-1 MEGACYCLE AGM-200 Marine Battery

The Exide XMC-31 is a Group 31 deep cycle battery that works well under high cycling operations and extreme vibrations. It is stable under all conditions and provides superior element compression. The high reserve capacity of 200 minutes is a big bonus for this Group 31 deep cycle battery.

Last but not the least, It is highly recommended due to its 24 months free replacement warranty which is very rare or deep cycle batteries. I used this battery for my small fishing boat and it worked well.

It provides good power and is stable even at low temperatures. It is also maintenance-free like most AGM batteries.

The recharge time of the battery is really fast and the battery is dependable. It requires no maintenance, so you don’t have to worry about adding water or acid to the batteries.

After over a year of use, there are no noted problems and no degradation. These batteries are completely shock resistant and work impressively even in low temperatures.

Unlike flooded cell batteries, where you have to constantly check the water levels and keep them upright, this battery is maintenance-free.

The only thing which makes it my last recommendation is its bulkiness. These batteries are large and hefty but they hold their charge. So, if you are looking for something light-weight, then Exide XMC-31 Best Group 31 Deep Cycle Battery is not for you. You also need to have a good charger for these heavy-duty batteries. It requires a very powerful charging source. If you are planning to buy this battery, first make sure you have the right charger and the power source to charge this monster battery.
  • 12X more resistance to vibration
  • Works well at low temperature
  • 2 years free replacement warranty
  • No spill-off, leakage or corrosion
  • It is very bulky
  • Need strong charger and charging cables
Exide XMC-1 MEGACYCLE AGM-200 Marine Battery
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1. Flooded Cell Batteries

Flooded Cell Batteries are the cheapest batteries. They have vertical plates of lead and lead oxide, through which sulfuric acid passes to produce an electric current.

Since the acid is runny, you have to keep these batteries in an upright position. Also, these batteries require a lot of maintenance. You will have to add distilled water and battery acid to keep them in operation.


  • Least cost
  • Not vibration resistant
  • Heat sensitive
  • More maintenance required
  • Prone to electrical shorts

2. AGM Batteries

Have you heard of AGM batteries? Well, AGM stands for Absorbent Glass Mat. As the name suggests, they have fiberglass mats between the lead-oxide plates and lead plates to absorb the excess sulphuric acid.

They are similar to Flooded Cell batteries in their construction but are completely sealed. Thus, they have a spill-proof design and no chances of ever having a short.


  • No-spill design
  • Completely sealed
  • Lightweight
  • Highly reliable
  • Mounting in any direction
  • Vibration resistance
  • No maintenance
  • Fast charging
  • Higher upfront cost
  • Heat sensitive

The absorbent glass mat also ensures that the batteries are vibration resistant. These batteries are light-weight and highly reliable. You can also mount them in any direction. If you have a motorcycle or ATV, then you should go for AGM Group 3 batteries.

These batteries are recommended to be mounted away from the engine because they are heat sensitive.

3. Gel Batteries

Gel batteries are similar to flooded cell batteries, but just contain a gel in the open space instead of liquid sulfuric acid. They are very sensitive and can be easily overcharged.

It doesn’t mean, they can’t be used. You should the right application for the gel batteries. They are good for certain applications like emergency power supplies or solar panels.


  • Silica additive
  • Easily overcharged
  • Highly sensitive
  • Off-the-grid applications
  • Solar equipment
  • Deep cycle application

Final Thoughts

When choosing your batteries, make sure you have all your requirements listed beforehand. The brand and the make must be trusted by everyone.

The main reason I recommended Odyssey 31-PC2150S Battery as my first choice is not just because of its features but the trust maintained by the company over the years.

Researching and shopping for the Group 31 battery can be very exhausting and often a daunting task. I hope the above choices have helped you to clear your dilemma and make a suitable choice.

Try to look for the features according to your requirements and only then choose. In this way, you will never get it wrong!