Shopping for a replacement for your Group 65 battery? Are you looking for the best option available for replacing your old battery? Need some help in choosing the right one for your car?

Well, you don’t have to search any further. There are a lot of Group 61 batteries available in the market but not all are worth it. To make it easier for you, I have exclusively selected the best options available in the market for the best group 65 battery.

I will be reviewing the best ones for you, so that you can choose the right one according to your car brand, model, make, and needs.

Top 6 Best Group 65 Battery Comparison

1. ODYSSEY 65-PC1750T Automotive And LTV Battery

Undoubtedly, Odyssey 65-PC1750T Automotive And LTV Battery is the best Group 65 battery available in the market today. This battery is invincible in terms of power and quality. Odyssey may not be the most affordable brand available, but it delivers in quality of its batteries.

Even on a freezing winter morning, when your regular car battery refuses to start and you are getting late for work, the Odyssey 65-PC1750T works smoothly. The 950CCA gives you the required power to start that frozen engine back to life.

Further, it uses the AGM technology design which makes it all the more weather-proof. May it be piping hot or cold, this monster battery has it covered. The absorbent glass mat (AGM) also ensures that there is no fear of any kind of corrosion, leaks, acid spills, or even maintenance.

Once you buy this battery, it will last you about more than 3 times the life of an average battery. I was modifying my car into a high-performance car and was suggested this battery by many. I thought I might give it a try and this battery gets 5 stars.

I assure you this battery will never disappoint you in any way. You never have to check for any venting, spilling, or corrosion. It’s completely maintenance-free and it can handle all the different electronics of your car or truck which you need to power.

Nothing adverse can be said about the performance or make of this Group 65 battery but some people have reported issues with its warranty. So, make sure you buy from the authorized dealers of the battery only. Also, these batteries can be a bit expensive, but the cost is easily compensated by the quality.
  • Very powerful due to pure virgin lead plates
  • Self-regulating relief valve
  • 40% more reserve capacity
  • Massive stating power and high CCA
  • People have reported issues with the warranty
  • Expensive than other batteries
Odyssey 65-PC1750T Automotive And LTV Battery
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04/16/2022 06:46 pm GMT
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2. NORTHSTAR Pure Lead Automotive Group 65 Battery NSB-AGM65

Northstar is a brand name that has been making batteries for ages. It comes at second place on my list due to the fast charging rate. If you are impatient and you want a very fast-charging battery, then Northstar is your best choice.

The next best thing about the Northstar Group 65 Battery is its excellent backup. Its high reserve capacity will never leave you stranded in any situation. You can easily drive your car for an hour before the battery completely wears off. Made in the USA, these batteries have the highest quality delivered to you.

In severe weather conditions like very hot or very cold conditions, if you have a Northstar, then your vehicle will start instantly. You don’t have to worry about the starting of your vehicle even in extreme conditions. Also, the terminals are made of very high-quality brass which is an added plus.

You never have to check the terminals for any corrosion and check the water levels in the battery. The AGM design ensures that you don’t have to worry about anything. This battery cycles over 900 times to 50 percent depth-of-discharge (DoD). There is absolutely no dip in the voltage even when using at full load.

This battery is known for its performance, charging time, and durable construction. It is definitely worth the extra bucks.

But, you have to be careful since the battery is a bit heavy and weighs about 65 pounds. You will definitely have to get some help to lift this battery. In comparison to other Groups 65 batteries, Northstar comes in the expensive category.
  • High cold cranking amperes
  • High reserve capacity
  • Durable and safe
  • Fast charging system
  • Heavy and bulky
  • Does not comes charge
NORTHSTAR Pure Lead Automotive Group 65 Battery NSB-AGM65
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3. Delphi BU9065 MaxStart AGM Premium Automotive Battery, Group Size 65

The Delphi BU9065 MaxStart comes third in my list of recommendations due to its affordable pricing. I was looking for an affordable battery but with a trusted brand name and came across Delphi.

The battery is just right for regular use. It is the AGM design that ensures no spills or maintenance. With nil to zero maintenance and high resistance to shocks, It is a very popular option for diesel car daily drivers.

Not only vibration resistance but also optimized component compression is its unique feature. You get a good 750 CCA with the Delphi. It is not so heavy and very easy to install. Boasting of maximum power delivery and more cycle life, Delphi AGM batteries come as my third top pick.

It is also very easy to install and it takes only 10 minutes to replace your old battery in your car. It is 100% leak-proof and is completely sealed due to its AGM design. The absorbent glass mat makes it safe to use and it can be mounted in any direction. Further, this battery is also very charge receptive.

Some people have complained that the battery they brought was not in the best of condition. So, buy only from the authorized dealers of the battery. Sometimes, the battery wears off in only 6 months, so make sure you check the date of manufacturing of the battery when buying. This battery is vehicle specific so make sure you check that it will fit your vehicle before buying.
  • Affordable
  • Easy to install
  • Vibration resistant
  • Some people have issued about its make
  • Vehicle specific
Delphi BU9065 MaxStart AGM Premium Automotive Battery, Group Size 65
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4. Deka 9A65 AGM Intimidator Battery

You might not be familiar with the brand name Deka, but this battery is completely worth it. Manufactured by East Penn manufacturing and sold under the brand name of Deka, this company has been the manufacturer of batteries for ages.

This Deka 9A65 AGM Intimidator Battery comes straight from the manufacturers with an AGM design. The absorbent glass mat ensures the longevity and vibration resistance of these batteries. It is also highly durable and has high stability.

With 750 CCA (Group 65 battery amp hours), this battery is equipped for the toughest conditions you can throw its way. It is an ideal choice for tuner cars or if you are looking for back-road adventures, this battery will work for you. It is also made and manufactured in the USA which speaks for its good quality.

The performance of the battery is good and comes in an affordable price range. Resistance to vibration and no-spill designs makes it a good choice. The battery is powerful and also has a fast recharging time.

Some people have had a bad experience with the honoring of the warranty of the batteries. Some claim that even though they had brought it only 3 months earlier, they were unable to get a replacement or a refund. So, I recommend you buy this battery from the authorized dealers only.
  • Fast recharging
  • High cold cranking amps
  • Long service life
  • Affordable and economical
  • Issues with warranty
Deka 9A65 AGM Intimidator Battery
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5. ACDelco 65AGM Professional AGM Automotive BCI Group 65 Battery

Is your car not getting started smoothly with your present battery? Then, you should replace it with our firth pick, ACDelco 65AGMHR Professional AGM Battery.

The high 775 CCA (Group 65 battery amp hours ) is the reason it is suited for any starting issues. If you are a regular driver and need the additional power to power all your electronics i.e. air conditioner or car audio system, then you should buy this battery.

The best thing about this battery is that it comes completely charged. You don’t have to waste a minute in charging the battery when it arrives, just install it and you are ready to go. The AGM design ensures no leaks or spills. This battery also has vent caps to keep it ventilated.

The battery does not heat p and remains completely cool even after continuous use. the performance and the conductivity of the battery are enhanced with the corrosion-resistant terminals.

The price is also a major bonus for the ACDelco 65AGMHR Professional AGM Battery It is very affordable and is cheaper than the other batteries listed above. It’s a great price or the quality offered in this battery.

Maximum conductivity and low resistance of the battery are mainly due to Calcium Lead positive grid. It also helps in enhancing the performance and cycle life of the battery. ACDelco has a long service life, works well in all weather conditions, and has very good quality.

The only downside to this battery does not come with a lot of information about the warranty information. Check with the authorized dealers or the warranty information before buying.
  • Affordable
  • Maximum conductivity
  • High CCA and power
  • Long service life
  • Check the dealer before buying your battery
ACDelco 65AGM Professional AGM Automotive BCI Group 65 Battery
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6. Renogy Li 12V 100Ah Smart Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

The Renogy Li group 65 Battery is  the last pick on my list. Last but not the least, the smart Lithium Iron Phosphate Group 65 lithium batterys has more flexibility due to its auto-balance function.

It has an integrated BMS (Battery Management system) which manages the complete charging and discharging process. It also helps in protecting the battery against any tough or abnormal conditions.

The major advantage of the battery is its sleekness and light-weight. In comparison to the bulky flooded cell batteries, this sleek LifePO4 battery would seem like a feather to you. It does not require any maintenance and is completely sealed. It is safe to use under any conditions.

It also has a switchable shelf on/off setting which makes it safer to use. You protect yourself from any potential sparks when plugging the battery in parallel connections.

You don’t need to remove the cables to find the battery’s voltage when testing for the voltage. If you have more than one, you will notice that each battery registers its voltage separately, rather than as a clubbed voltage.

It is to be noted that the battery should never be used in series. It is made for parallel connections only. The only downside to this battery is its high cost. Also, the battery is somewhat fragile and not as sturdy as the AGM batteries. Sometimes, the integrated BMS system may not work and you will have to go for the replacement of the battery.
  • Light-weight and sleek
  • Completely sealed
  • Integrated battery management system
  • Safe
  • Very expensive
Renogy Li 12V 100Ah Smart Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
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04/16/2022 10:09 pm GMT

Final Thoughts

I hope this guide has been informative and clears your doubt about which batteries you need for your truck. All the above-mentioned batteries are worth their price. It is a final compromise between your requirements, price, and quality.

My first and foremost choice, Odyssey 65-PC1750T Automotive and LTV Battery is the best battery in terms of performance, quality, power, and workmanship. It is a bit on the expensive side but the qualities make it a worthy choice.

I hope that I have given you the insight you were looking for the replacement of Group 65 batteries in your car.