We often listen to the question from people ‘What does a bad water pump sound like?’ Most of the time, it makes a whining, whimpering, buzzing, and high-pitched sound that comes from the front of the motor and happens due to a loose water pump pulley. The belt becomes loose, and the water pump assembly wears out by days. Once the bearings fail inside, the water pump needs to be repaired and replaced entirely.

Note: A bad water pump doesn’t sound loud and makes whining sound always. The sound gets increased as you accelerate your vehicle. If you’re not an expert, consult a mechanic ASAP to inspect your vehicle.

How to tell if your thermostat or water pump is bad?

Who doesn’t want to run cool? Your engine needs to have a consistent flow of coolant to the engine on hot summer days. The water pump is known as the essential component for maintaining this constant flow. When a water pump works efficiently, your car keeps the proper operating temperature and runs smoothly. However, some things can still lead to the complete water pump as well as engine failure.

Coolant leak under the center of your car

The first sign is to see the ‘Coolant Leak’ at the front-center of your car. A water pump is made of multiple gaskets and seals that contain coolant flow to the radiator consistently and deliver to the engine. With time, the gaskets and seals wear out entirely and make coolant leak from the water pump. You’ll see the coolant leak is dropping to the ground from the center of the motor’s location. Once you notice a leak of coolant under your car, it means your water pump is bad. Contact a professional mechanic to diagnose this problem.

Is your water pump pulley loose and make whining sounds?

Secondly, you’ll hear an unusual sound coming from the car. Mostly, if the water pump’s pulley is loose, the sounds are created from the motor’s front. The sound is like buzzing or whining, as we said in the introduction. The more the vehicle runs, the more sound it does make. Check through a mechanic. If you have to diagnose skills, check the pulley if it is loose or wearing out. In such cases, the bearing fails inside the water pump. For being a result, you will need to replace the water pump entirely.

Engine is overheating

What’s the next thing to tell your water pump is bad? Have a quick check if your vehicle’s engine is overheating! A bad water pump can’t circulate coolant through the engine block and results in an overheating situation. It would help if you repaired this ASAP, or it will cause extra damages like burnt cylinder heads, head gaskets, and pistons. Mostly, the engine temperature runs hot frequently. Replace the water pump if needed!

Steam comes out from the radiator

You’ll notice steam is coming from the front of the vehicle. It happens after a long haul. Our experts describe it as a sign of an overheated engine. An engine must maintain the consistent temperature of a vehicle, and the water pump circulates water to function the radiator and engine’s coolant. After noticing steam coming from your radiator, you should pull over to a safe area. Then, be mindful of contacting a mechanic ASAP!

Unhealthy Circulation

The water pump is essential to move coolant through the radiator and then around the engine to eliminate maximum heat buildup. When a car moves, the engine and all metal parts generate a lot of friction. A bad water pump or thermostat results in too much heat, and your vehicle ends up with warped, melted, and fused components. The impeller is situated inside the pump. If it’s broken, the entire system circulation remains off. You need to replace it with the new one. 7 Best Water Pump for 5.9 Cummins in 2021

Bad Water Pump Sound Like

How far can I drive with a blown water pump?

It’s nothing like you can’t drive your car with a bad water pump. You can drive a vehicle even with a bad water pump but temporarily. We won’t recommend going for long because it can cause more problems and lead your vehicle to costly repairs. Do a favor! Drive your vehicle to an auto repair shop and after having the water pump fixed, keep driving a car for long. We don’t want to damage your vehicle’s engine.

  • Will water pump leak when engine is off?

People often see it leaks coolant near the belt a lot even after they turn their car off. Simple, there is a leak somewhere in your cooling system or water pump. A significant or significant leak in your cooling system can cause such damage. Mostly, the damage involves the water pump or a hose connection. But without consulting your car to a local repair shop, you can’t guess the problem anymore. Don’t wait to have your car checked!

  • Can a bad water pump cause loss of power

I am familiar with Audi engines and got to go inside their water pump driven by the camshaft belt. The water pump fails the camshaft belt and causes severe damages to the engine valves and pistons. It results in complete engine damage. Be aware of changing the water pump or the faulty water pump will cause loss of power very shortly.


A bad water pump is the source of many problems, even the buzzing sound of your vehicle. We discussed the question ‘What does a bad water pump sound like?’ Having a bad water pump is like bearing failure in your engine. It wears out much more quickly. Get a professional’s suggestion in case. Remember that- a car’s water pump is the KEY to the entire system work.